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A social issue is one that affects a majority of the population. Factors beyond the control of the individual often contribute to it. Often, social issues are viewed as morally correct or incorrect based on what is perceived as interpersonal or personal social decisions. Each individual and society has a different perception of the world.


Types of Social Issues:

Health Care in Public issues:

Public health concerns arise from infectious diseases that are spread quickly and affect a large number of people. A modern public health approach is often devoted to improving the health of a population by addressing determinants of health.

Cause for Health Care in Public issues:

Harms caused by alcohol consumption.

Nutritional safety.


Overdose of drugs.

Pregnancy among teens.

Depression and Suicide among Teens issues:

Currently, teens are suffering from depression and suicide in large numbers. Many causes can be attributed to this condition, but the result is depression and suicide attempts.


Cause for Depression and Suicide among Teens issues:

Someone who suffers from depression in the family.

Mental illness bipolar

Problems related to alcohol consumption

Rejection, failure, breakup, and family problems faced by teenagers.

Violent behaviour among teens:

There is no denying that it is a heart-breaking issue almost everywhere in the world. According to the survey, 30% of the respondents claimed to have experienced physical violence, while 29 percent reported being subjected to domestic violence.


Cause for Violent behaviour among teens:       

Feelings of frustration

Violent media exposure.

Home violence or violence in the neighbourhood.

A lack of respect or attention

Being abused or neglected.

Economic issues:

The economic problems are caused by the lack of resources available to satisfy human needs and wants, regardless of how endless the needs and wants of people may be. Problems in economics arise from an allocation and distribution of resources in terms of what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce.


Causes for economic issues:

Wants are endless.

Limited availability of resources.

Resources used in alternative ways.

Social inequality:

A method for distributing goods and burdens within society is described in this area. Depending on the economic or social status of their parents, a person's ability to cope with challenges is affected. Positive things are Educating oneself, earning income, and finding employment are. Burdens are unemployment, and criminality.


Causes for Social inequality:

A form of discrimination based on a person's class, gender, or religion.

People's incomes are unevenly distributed.

Limited resources due to poverty.

Transportation issues:

People living in poverty have always had a difficult time meeting their transportation needs. An even worse situation may result from this.


Causes for Transportation issues:

A common transport challenge in large cities is the congestion of traffic and parking difficulties.

Since most public roads are free of charge and publicly owned, an increase in traffic has adverse effects on public activities.

Environmental impacts and energy consumption has dramatically increased as the urban population consumes more energy, causing health issues such as hair loss, asthma, and skin problems.


Poverty issues:

When an individual does not have enough material possessions or income to meet his or her basic needs, he or she is considered to be poor. Social, economic, and political factors may contribute to poverty. The list includes hunger, malnutrition, a lack of access to education, as well as other basic needs.


Causes for Poverty issues: 

Food and water are not accessible enough.

Racial, economic, and gender disparities.

Families with children can't afford to send them to school and need them to work to support their families.

There is no infrastructure or security to protect citizens in a conflict, which limits the capabilities of the government.


Homelessness issues:

Economic factors contribute to homelessness. Public resources are consumed heavily by those without housing, and the costs to the community will exceed their income.


Causes for homelessness issues:

The poverty rates

Housing is too expensive.

The breakdown of communities and families

A lack of employment

Mental and physical health is uncertain.

Education and Public Schools issues:

In the ideal world, all students should have access to equal education due to the misuse of opportunities and the inequality in the education system based on cultural affiliation and income level.


Causes for Education and Public Schools issues:

From business to schools, class racism is a social problem that affects every aspect of our lives.

Economic issues affect students in many ways.

Student addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substances is on the rise.

Individuals from smaller backgrounds have fewer educational opportunities.

Work and career issues:

The workplace is a common source of stress for many people, as they spend one-third of their lives at work. Roles, expectations, and personalities cannot all come together harmoniously and perfectly without causing conflicts.


Causes for Work and career issues:

Labour force.

Underemployment and unemployment.

Job preparation.

Structure of occupations.

3 Current Social issues:

Information is captured, processed, and communicated with new methods through the digitization process. As a result of digital technology, society requires a multidisciplinary approach while working on issues related to hardware and software.

In the transport sector, there are many trans-disciplinary approaches resulting from a close interaction between scientific disciplines.

Environmental issues cover a wide range of issues: products with low environmental footprints and respect of users, population growth, natural and industrial risks, and climate change, among others.


Human Rights and Social Problems:

Human rights standards and social issues are increasingly important to businesses, both as indicators of good corporate responsibility and in managing their risks and impacts.

Financial institutions have received guidance on how to address their impact on human rights through initiatives focusing on dialogues about finance and human rights.

With increasing frequency, the work will involve highlighting and consolidating the links between environmental issues and human rights in promoting sustainable finance and addressing social risks and opportunities holistically.

Equitable transition to a green economy is congruent with equity and inclusion.


Positive Aspects of Social Issue:

Diversity and inclusion of the workforce

Creating employment and training opportunities

Identifying and addressing complex local challenges such as crime, vandalism, and economic decline in local communities or among disengaged groups

Contributing to the growth and development of local economies by helping people become active members of their communities

Achieving the same opportunities for small, medium, and enterprise suppliers of social benefit.


Negative Aspects of Social Issues:

Conflicts and fights often arise between distinct groups of people because of various disputes.

Violating or going against societal values and ethics.

Different social issues also suffer from the disadvantage that they often hurt people's sentiments.


It is crucial to realize that not everything that happens in society can be classified as a social problem. Social issues are ones that are commonplace for the people in society, or when they burden the welfare system, violate societal values, and can be resolved by taking collective actions and using community resources. Human factors tend to be at the bottom of social problems, so the only solution to social problems is to address as many of them as possible.


I am Aradhya Jain, an experienced healthcare provider certified in natural medicine. Natural products are the key to healthy hair, just as nature is the key to a healthy environment. Every time I write an article, I try to share as much of my expertise as possible so that it will be helpful to my readers.


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