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You must have seen people weighing themselves on a weighing scale now and then, just to make sure that they are losing weight and are going in the right direction.

But what if I say, the weighing scale is not the only indication of your weight loss. Yes, many other signs help you to know about the weight loss journey.

Losing weight for the first three-four weeks is quite easier as compared to the later weeks. The body loses its water weight much faster than that of its bone weight. You might have experienced that the weighing scale showed a continuous dip in your weight during the initial days of your diet and the exercise which kept you going, but there comes a stage when the weighing scale stops working in your favour, which lets you down and in turn, you start losing your hope.

Instead of losing your hope, you should check out the other signs that will be helpful for you to know about your weight loss. Some other signs of weight loss are as follows:


✅ Loose clothes:

Notice that while you have started, you were not able to fit in your pants but now as you are losing weight you keep on adjusting your loose pants. The fitting of clothes is the best indicator of your progress towards the weight loss journey. Celebrate it!


✅ Changes in eating habits:

You started eating in portions and cut out on your snacking habits. You started eating less and stopped when feeling full. These are the signs that show you are on the right track to losing weight. Keep going!


✅ Compare your photographs:

While taking the first step towards your weight loss journey, take photos from all the angles, even if you feel conscious about it. Compare these photos with the recent photos and see the smile on your face. Yes, you are losing weight!


✅ Feeling energetic:

As you are cutting down on those extra kilos, you start feeling energetic. Apart from being high on energy, you will be happier and more vibrant in your daily life tasks.


✅ Choosing healthy food:

As you are losing weight and wish to maintain that weight, you will see that your food preferences are changing, you are opting for much healthier food items than those oily snacks. These foods help you to maintain overall good health and well-being. Be proud!


✅ No often cravings:

The cravings that you have had earlier and not there anymore. Cutting out on chocolates and other snacks is a great step towards your weight loss journey. No, often cravings is another indicator of your weight loss. Get going!


✅ Better sleep:

If you are getting a sound sleep and have great energy while waking up in the morning, this shows that you are losing weight. Waking up and not feeling bloated is an indicator of weight loss. Keep progressing!

While losing weight makes us feel energetic and confident, losing weight too fast can be dangerous. Some signs that you should look out for while losing weight are as follows:

You feel that you will not be able to maintain the right amount of calorie intake and exercise regime for a long period.

➤ Losing hair or thinning of hair.

➤ It is difficult for you to not think about food.

➤ Frequent headaches.

➤ You are cutting out on your protein needs.

➤ Feeling constipated, having stomach pain, or digestive issues.

Keep a continuous track of your weight loss journey and make sure that you are heading in the right direction.


Healthy Food: Expectations vs. Reality


At the start of a New Year everyone has a certain goal that they want to achieve; be it getting fit or staying healthy. Getting fit and stylish is the goals of most individuals at the beginning of the year. To do that, they try and find various means on the internet that benefits them the most. Some things work whereas some don’t, but it all depends on whether you try it or not.

Healthy Food: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations vs. Reality


✅ Expectation: Healthy Eating Will Increase Your Grocery Bill

One of the longest-standing misinterpretations about smart dieting is that it costs more than those excessively handled accommodation nourishments that can be so enticing. While the facts demonstrate that a pack of Ramen noodles will be less expensive than, maybe a stacking sack loaded with new products that are not exactly a reasonable correlation. Better nourishments can be extended to last more than a solitary comfort supper and there are a lot of minimal effort sound alternatives.


✅ Reality: Healthy Eating Doesn't involve a lot of money

How might you eat well without spending more? You're presumably used to seeing packs of oily nibble nourishments on sale, yet you're similarly prone to get an extraordinary arrangement on new produce, genuine meat, and solid titbits. Investigate strategies for safeguarding produce so you can load up when it's on sale and use it for quite a long time or months to come. By preparing dinners without any preparation with new meat and produce, you can cook in huge bunches and stretch one night's feast across a few days. There are a lot of approaches to rethinking extras into shiny new dinners.


✅ Expectation: Healthy Eating Means that you will always have to cook at home

We as a whole have occupied existences, and we comprehend that you don't generally want to remain over a hot oven by the day's end. While there are huge loads of flawless sound dinners you can prepare with new fixings, there's a lot of goodness to be had from pre-packaged nourishment as well. It's completely conceivable to eat well without beginning any preparation consistently. Truth be told, a few plans let you abstain from cooking altogether.


✅ Reality: Healthy Eating Can Be Convenient and quick as well

You may have been eventually told that frozen or canned foods grown from the ground aren't as great as the new forms. Frozen or canned produce actually packs huge loads of sustenance and is simpler to throw into plans. Try not to preclude other canned merchandise, all things considered. There are a lot of solid, super-quick suppers you can make with a basic container of fish. Yoghurt can be matched with different fixings (like frozen foods grown from the ground) for a morning meal that requires minimal movement such as opening a holder. Stowed or boxed things like beans (which are stacked with protein and fibre) and quinoa (which is anything but difficult to match with different elements for a sound, good feast) offer a lot of wholesome advantages and are anything but difficult to cook with. The opportunities for sound suppers that you can set and fail to remember are unending.


✅ Expectation: Healthy Eating Means No More Comfort Food

Of the relative multitude of fantasies out there encompassing smart dieting, this one makes us the saddest. Smart dieting is a phenomenal propensity. Any individual who rehearses it should feel incredible about their decisions, not denied. Even if you need to watch out for what you use to fuel your body it doesn't mean you need to surrender the delights of food. Have confidence; there are a lot of fantastic solid plans that cause dinnertime to feel like an occasion feast.


✅ Reality: Healthy Comfort Food Exists, and It's Glorious

Hardly any emotions are more noteworthy than eating a warm, fulfilling supper and realizing you don't have anything to feel remorseful about. You can remain sound and still eat treats, fats, soothing goulashes, and generous stews. The key is watching out for the fixings you use. Beans and squash are both stunning at adding haul to things like servings of mixed greens, soups, and goulashes. Solid fats like avocado are both slobber commendable and filling. By disposing of fixings like dairy and oil and consolidating leafy foods into your plans, you can focus on your wellbeing if your number one sweet treats and still enjoy.


✅ Expectation: Healthy Eating Means No More Dining Out

A lot of individuals have been there: your companions welcome you to an evening to remember, however as opposed to having some good times you're overcome with stress over how you'll figure out how to remain sound. You may imagine that gobbling better eating routine methods quitting any pretence of feasting out, however, it doesn't need to. A little care will help you ensure you're actually eating well when you're not at home.


✅ Reality: It is easy to eat healthy food at a restaurant

Most eateries post their menus on the web, so look at their determination before you actually take off from the house. Arranging what you're venturing out in front of time kills the pressure of picking rapidly once you're finding a seat at the table.

Try not to be reluctant to pose inquiries or solicitation replacements. Pick solid other options (like steamed vegetables) to normal contributions like fries. Stick to water rather than pop or other sweet beverages. Consider fish as a low-fat, low-sodium option in contrast to different meats. On the off chance that a menu depiction leaves you with waiting concerns, ask the server or server to portray how the dish is readied. Adhere to these tips and the outcome will be a fantastic, peaceful night out.



The things that we think will actually happen doesn’t happen all the time. It takes a lot of courage to maintain that routine and activeness in oneself. They do fasting thinking that they will become slim very soon which they expect and the reality comes up with eating favourite food that the person mostly craves after fasting.


Author Bio:

AK Jain, communication head at Misrii. Currently heading communication at Misrii - a healthy food ordering platform. offering healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks & sweets. That’s where you find your place for Diet Meal Plan.


The social story of compassionate and beneficent Doctor Govathi Nikhila

It was a moment of pride for Dr Govathi Nikhila when she received the prestigious Best Young Researcher Award at the National Gratitude Awards ceremony in March 2020. Her consistent hard work, grit, and determination were finally recognized. But she had never done it to fetch awards and popularity all that the motivated woman wanted was to articulately and holistically describe the reasons behind dysphagia. 

Apart from being a competent medical professional, Nikhila is a kind-hearted lady who believes in the power of social work and feels that no human being should be deprived of medical facilities because of their economic and social backwardness. Her magnanimous personality has come to the rescue of many people in need during the treacherous Coronavirus Pandemic, technically called Covid-19.

Helping during the pandemic

Days after she received the award, the Covid-19 pandemic began making inroads into India, and a Nationwide Lockdown was imposed to curb its menace. A sense of panic, disquiet, and fear prevailed across the nation. The novel nature of the virus had even experts stumbling for possible solutions. There was a scarcity of beds, ventilators, ICUs, oxygen cylinders, etc., and patients were running helplessly from hospital to hospital in search of vacancies. At that time, Dr Govathi was in Hyderabad and was approached by the families of many Covid patients for help. They were in dire need of oxygen cylinders and had her as their last hope. Though the lady doctor was not very influential, her determination to help was strong enough to fetch successful results. She rummaged through her contacts and, somehow, managed to get the required number of cylinders for the seekers. The experience moved her a lot, and she decided to assist the patients in need. Govathi purchased some oxygen cylinders with her own money and distributed them free of cost to the patients hailing from a poor financial background. She also provided PPE kits to nurses and other members of a nearby hospital. Her knack to be at the forefront in times of crisis made her travel to rural areas and conduct Covid tests free of cost. The benevolent woman has since then been trying to reach out to as many affected people as possible. With meals, clothes, and other necessary things, she has regularly been available to those without proper shelter. Her aim has always been to bring positivity in such trying times when people need to be overt with the humane values they carry.


Tips to stay afloat until the pandemic wanes

When the entire world is waiting for an effective vaccine for the virus, Nikhila feels people should take responsibility and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is imperative to focus on the prevention of the spread of the virus, which is only possible with the use of masks, sanitisers, and good hygiene habits. One must include a diet that can help in boosting immunity and avert future ailments. Though it is mentally tough to stay afar from loved ones, one must always maintain physical distancing until the situation improves. Only the advent of a vaccine won’t help the initiative has to come from the general public. We, as a society, need to take the task into our hands and complement the efforts made by the government, security personnel, and the Corona Warriors, as the medical fraternity has come to be popularly known. Only then could we overcome this disaster and do justice to the sacrifices made by them.


Intelligent, polite, selfless, and altruistic are the words to describe the personality of Dr. Govathi Nikhila. She has not only come out as a leading young researcher but also as a social pillar that the country needed in Corona times. Her benignant efforts have saved many lives while further motivating others to help those in need. She has created an opportunity out of adversity and reached out to the people at the last thread of our social structure. Moreover, her attitude has remained positive while dealing with difficult situations and limited resources. Surely, we need more people like the gracious doctor to keep the values of humanity alive.




Before going to start this blog, I would like to say whatever I am going to share in this post is not enough to explain the contribution of women in our life. It is next to impossible to describe the contribution of women in words. There are several forms of women i.e. mother, aunt, wife, sister, friend, etc. Whatever we do in our life, we get support from women in one or many forms. They always back us and encourage us to fulfil the life objectives.

We don’t get enough opportunity where we thank them for their contribution, but we all get at least a day in a year to tell them that you have a very special place in our life. I know that a mere day is not enough to celebrate the contribution of women in our lives, but it gives us the opportunity to appreciate all the efforts they regularly put to maintain a billion families across the globe.

This post is dedicated to discuss international women day, the theme of 2021 international women day, history, colours used for this day and many more.


Women’s day is an international global event marked annually on 8th March and it acts as a symbol of collective acknowledgement of the importance of gender equality.  It is a global event that celebrates worldwide to achieve the social, political, economic & cultural achievements of women across the globe.

International women day marked annually on 8th march is one of the most important days in the year to

✅ Celebrate women’s achievements.

✅ Raise awareness about women’s equality.

✅ Lobby for Accelerated for gender parity.

✅ Fundraise for female-focused charities.

The need for this day arose due to the continuous exploitation of women both at the workforce, by seniors, and at home, by family members. In the next section, we are going to share the whole idea behind the origination of this day. 


The idea of women day started in early 1900 when women started raising their voice against gender inequality & unbiased predominant in society. In 1908, 15000 women started protesting in New York City and were demanding for better wages, shorter working hours & voting rights. In 1909, the socialist party of America declared the first international women day on 28th February.  Women continued to celebrate the IWD on 28th feb till 1913. In 1913, the date of international women day transferred to 8th March and since then, the whole world has been celebrating this day annually on 8th March. We will cover the whole story behind the change of this date in some other blog.


3 colours i.e. purple, green & white are used as a symbol for international women day. Purple colour denotes justice & dignity, Green colour denotes hope & white colour denotes purity.



The theme of 2021 international women day is “ #ChooseToChallenge”. The main motto of this theme is

✅ To challenge the society wherever you see gender bias, discrimination, inequality, etc.

✅ Celebrate or praise the achievements of women.

✅ When you challenge the prevailing rituals or cultural of the society, it forces society to change.  Changes come in the society due to challenges so let’s start challenging.



As shared above, the idea of IWD started in the US in the early 1900 when females were treated unequally. They were getting lesser salaries while working equal numbers of hours like males. Also, their contribution was not recognized. Due to these inequalities, they started protesting and demanded to bring down working hours and provide fair wages. Due to their continuous protest, IWD came into the picture and since 1909, we have been celebrating the IWD.  Another goal was to bring down gender-based discrimination.  It is more than 100 years and we still find gender-based discrimination in the society but the positive aspect is that the whole world is moving forward and day by day, the discrimination is decreasing. Several initiatives have been taken at every level whether it is parents, family, government or nation. I stay in India, & I would like to share some initiatives taken across.

✅ Government has taken several initiatives for the study, nurturing, marriages of the girls. Owing to this, the gender ratio has been improved across the country.

✅ Government has made a legitimate age for marriages.

✅ In India, you may see women in the topmost positions in both government & private organizations. Certain seats in elections are also reserved only for females.

✅ Parents or family start giving preference to career, dreams or education of girls over marriage or household work.

Your thought on this: Why the education of women is important?


In a typical Indian household, from the first cup of tea for the day to the last meal, women of the house have a role to play. It is ironical how we have a mother, daughter, sister, wife, at home and still needs a day to honour their contributions. There are still many patriarchs who consider manhood to be the most superior thing, but the change is coming. The society is evolving and with the new generation growing up with an open mind, the day is not far when we would recognise people by their names and not by their genders. Resources like the internet, social media, electronic media, etc. have only furthered the progress.

I’m hoping that you surely like the post. Put your views, opinions, statement, feedback, etc. in the comment box. Share this post with your friends & family, put it on your Facebook walls, WhatsApp status, anywhere you want.

That’s it for today. We will meet you soon with the next blog, till then goodbye & take care. Don’t miss to share this post.



Shaheedon Ki Chitaon Par Lagenge Har Baras Mele Watan Par Mar Mitne Walo Ka Bas Yahi Ab Baaki Nishaan Hoga....!!! 

Vijay Diwas

Hello Dosto, today we have brought something very sensational on which every Indian feel proud. Do you know about Vijay Diwas and why this day is very important in our life? Here in this blog, we are going to speak about the history of Vijay Diwas.

Vijay Diwas is commemorated every year on 16th December in India to celebrate the Indian Army victory over Pakistan in 1971 for the liberalization of Bangladesh from Pakistan. The result of this war was the unconditional surrender of the Pakistani army to the allied forces consist of Indian Army & Mukti Bahini Led by Indian Army.

On 16th December, the whole nation remembers the sacrifices of the soldiers and pays tribute to the martyrs who gave their life for the nation. On the same day, the Indian minister of defence and the heads of all the three wings of the armed forces pay homage at Amar Jyoti, Delhi.

Celebrate Vijay Diwas

Being an Indian, we love Indian army, we respect the Indian Army because we know if we are safe inside our home today than it is because of them. Whether we talk about national security, counter international terrorism, protecting the LOC/LAC, a natural disaster like a flood tsunami, etc. You will find them everywhere. They are real heroes and inspiration for all.

Since independence, India confronted four wars, 3 times against Pakistan in 1965, 1971 & 1991 and 1 time against China in 1962. In all these wars, we have become the witness of the ultimate bravery of our Indian army. Recently, we have seen the valour of our Indian army again in Galwan Valley and Chinese army and their ministry had to kneel down.

Whenever we talk Indian army or watch movies based on the Indian Army, then you must feel sensation in your body. There would be goosebumps for sure. We can’t even imagine the sacrifice they and their family do.


ज़माने भर में मिलते हे आशिक कई ,

मगर वतन से खूबसूरत कोई सनम नहीं होता ,

नोटों में भी लिपट कर, सोने में सिमटकर मरे हे कई ,

मगर तिरंगे से खूबसूरत कोई कफ़न नहीं होता..


War could not be the solution of any problem but we want to remind all our enemies that we always talk about Akhund Bharat and whole geography of India belongs to every Indian only.

Social Posts salutes the Indian army and asking God to protect every soldier. 

Saare Jahan Se Achha
Hindustan Hamara
Hum Bulbule Hai Iski
Ye Gulistan Hamara

Jai Hind Jai Bharat



Hi Readers, we are here again with another post on the global event and this time we are going to cover the theme of World AIDS Day 2020.

This blog will cover everything about world Aids Day, history of world Aids Day, World Aids Day 2020 theme, World Aids Day 2020 Slogans, Red ribbon awareness symbol, information related to HIV/AIDS, etc.

Theme Of World Aids Day 2020


World Aids Day also known as AIDS day is a global event observed worldwide on 1st December every year to raise public awareness about AIDS. AIDS is the acronym of Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. It is a pandemic disease caused due to the infection of HIV.  On this day, peoples across the globe put on a red ribbon on their shirt/T-shirt to show their togetherness with the people living with HIV/Aids. WHO & several other health organization conduct public meetings, conferences, etc. to spread the information about HIV.



The idea of World Aids Day was first obversed by the two public information officers known as James W Bunn & Thomas Netter at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland in August 1987. They communicated their idea to the director (Dr Jonathan Mann) of the global program of Aids. Dr Jonathan Mann liked the idea, approved it and agreed with the recommendation that the first World AIDS would be observed on 1st December 1988. The theme of first World Aids Day was communication.

World Aids Day 2020 Theme

Owing to the mass impact of this disease, the president of the United States officially declared World Aids Day in 1995 and urged all the countries to come together and fight against Aids. Among all the health programs run by WHO, World AIDS Day has become the most recognized health day’s celebrations celebrated globally by government organizations, NGO, health bodies, civil societies, health officials, and it gives the key opportunity to all the stakeholders to conduct various programs like:

➤ Organize the awareness program in the School, Colleges, Office, etc.

➤ Make people aware of HIV and various methods of prevention & control.

➤ Organize the speech and discussion forum to discuss all the information related to AIDS.



HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system and makes the person more vulnerable to other diseases and infections. It mainly happens either due to unprotected sex or sharing injection drug equipment. If HIV left untreated, it leads to AIDS. The worst part is “the world does not have any cure for HIV so if you have, you have to live together with it”.

Do you want to know about this? please write to us in the comment box. We would cover it in the next blog.


The two major objectives of the World Aids Day is as follows:

➤ Raise awareness among the people about this pandemic disease.

➤ Mourning for those who have died due to this disease.



On 1st December, if you visit any city, street or any lanes, you will easily find peoples putting on Red Ribbon on their shirt/t-shirt. This Red ribbon used as a symbol of solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS.  This symbol was founded by the Red Ribbon International whose main purpose was to spread awareness to stop HIV/AIDS. Another organization is known as Mothers against drunk driving use the same symbol for drug abuse & stop drink driving.

Theme Of 2020 World Aids Day



The theme of World Aids Day 2020 is resilience. Here find the details related to Call to Action for World AIDS 2020

➤ Resilience to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global health landscape and to persevere in the face of uncertainty

➤ Resilience to insist on the fundamental human right to live with HIV in dignity and good health over a lifetime, to bounce back from adversity and to help each other in doing so

➤ Resilience to avoid fragmentation in the response and to remain united and inclusive to meet our common challenges

➤ Resilience to lead advocacy and programmed implementation until new infections are stopped and everyone has access to prevention, treatment and the social support they need

➤ Resilience to advance science to find an effective vaccine, develop new prevention tools, improve treatment regimens, including generic options, identify additional effective behaviour-change strategies and ultimately to produce an affordable and accessible cure for HIV

➤ Resilience to fight against laws that codify stigma, discrimination and criminalization that restrict gender equality and access to human rights-based responses

➤ Resilience to join with advocates and scientists working on other health challenges and find common cause to advance universal healthcare worldwide

➤ Resilience to demand the long-term resources needed to achieve global HIV targets in a comprehensive global health agenda and to push back against short-sighted cuts to national and international budgets.

Click here to know more about the theme of World Aids Day 2020.


➤ Fasten the progress in the response by advancing HIV science, research & policy.

➤ Shine a spotlight on the needs of the population left behind

➤ Renew & strengthen political commitment and resolve

➤ Promote & support the next generation

➤ Strengthen & underscore the commitment to an equitable HIV response.


Here find the top 5 slogans on the theme of World Aids Day 2020

➤ Give a child love, laughter & peace, Not AIDS

➤ Because of the lack of education on Aids, discrimination, fear, panic & lies surrounded me.

➤ HIV does not make people dangerous, so you can share hands with them and hug them.

➤ If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

➤ Never, never, never give up.



The theme of 2019 World AIDS Day is "Communities make the difference". Here, is the detailed list of previous year themes on AIDS day.

World AIDS Day 2019 theme was “Communities make the difference”.

World AIDS Day 2018 theme was “Know Your Status”.

World AIDS Day theme in the year 2011 to 2015 was “Zero for the New HIV Infections, No Discrimination, No Deaths due to HIV AIDS: Getting to Zero”.

World AIDS Day Theme 2010 was “Human Rights as well as Access Universally”.

World AIDS Day 2009 theme was “Access Universally as well as Human Rights.”

World AIDS Day 2008 Theme was “Stop the AIDS: Deliver – Empower – Promise and Lead.”

World AIDS Day Theme 2007 was “Stop the AIDS: Keeping the Leadership as well as Promise.”

World AIDS Day 2006 Theme was “Stop the AIDS: Keeping the Accountability and Promise.”

World AIDS Day Theme 2005 was “Stop the AIDS: Keeping the Promise.”

World AIDS Day Theme 2004 was “Girl, Women, AIDS and HIV.”

World AIDS Day Theme 2003 was “Discrimination as well as Stigma.”

World AIDS Day Theme 2002 was “Discrimination and the Stigma.”

World AIDS Day Theme 2001 was “Do You Care?”

World AIDS Day Theme 2000 was “Make a Difference Men: AIDS.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1999 was “Campaigns of the World AIDS with the Young people and Children: Live, Learn and Listen.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1998 was “Campaigns of the World AIDS with Young People: Change due to Force.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1997 was “Every Children living with AIDS in the World.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1995 was “One Hope with One World.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1995 was “Rights Sharing with Shared Duties.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1994 was “Family with the AIDS.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1993 was “React.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1992 was “Commitment of the Committee.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1991 was “Sharing the Challenge.”

World AIDS Day Theme 1990 was “Women and AIDS”.

World AIDS Day Theme 1989 was “Youth”.

World AIDS Day Theme 1988 was “Communication”.



Advertise With Social Posts

What is Advertisement

Advertisement is a marketing communication that helps in the promotion of products & services of the company. The ultimate purpose of the advertising is to increase the sales of the products. In the laymen terms, it simply means marketing.

As you are aware of a phasal verb: “Jo Dikhta Hai Wahi Bikta Hai (What is seen is sold)

Why Advertisement is important

There are several advantages of advertisement and most importantly, it is directly proportional to the sales of the company. The advisement helps the company

➤ To increase the sales of the product.

➤ To increase the market visibility of the product.

➤ To increase the brand recognition.

➤ To increase the brand loyalty among the audience.

➤ To increase the customer retention rate. 

How Digital marketing is different from Traditional Marketing

Marketing can be done in a variety of ways. You can put holding on the roads, distribution of brand banner, stickers, point of sale materials (POSM), advertising in the newspapers, magazines, books, etc. All these methods were the part of traditional marketing and now one more dynamic add in the way marketing occurs. 

The new dynamic is known as Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing means the marketing of product/services/idea over the internet. In the last few years, the number of internet users has become multifold. Owing to this, the impact of digital marketing has increased, and brand/companies move toward digital marketing and giving it preference over traditional marketing. 

The various ways of doing digital marketing are search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, YouTube marketing, and many more.

How Digital Marketing is better than traditional marketing

There are several advantages of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing.

Here, we are sharing some prominent advantages.

➤ By digital marketing, it becomes very easy to calculate return on investment (ROI).

➤ By digital marketing, you may target a large audience at an economical price.

➤ By digital marketing, you may target anyone sitting anywhere in the whole world.

Why should you do Advertisement with Social Posts?

Social Posts could become the right platform for the marketing of your brands. There are several advantages of doing marketing with Social Posts. The audience size of social posts is as follows.

➤ Facebook: Audience size 3,000,000+ (A network of 15+ pages managed by social posts).

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How do Social Posts do marketing?

We have several kinds of customized plans as per the need of the customer. 

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Sabarna Roy : Inspirational Journey from a Technocrat to a Bestselling Indian Author

Sabarna Roy is a trained Civil Engineer and passed out with a First Class Honours Civil Engineering Degree from Jadavpur University in 1988. He is presently working as Senior Vice President and is in the 25th year of his employment with Electro steel Group. Sabarna Roy is engaged in giving leadership to Business Development, Applications Technology and certain key Strategies in the Electro steel Group. Sabarna Roy is an author of critically acclaimed bestselling literary fiction of six published books. They are Pentacles; Frosted Glass; Abyss; Winter Poems; Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018, and Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020.

He has a technical book, titled: Articles on Ductile Iron Pipelines and Framework Agreement Contracting Methodology published by Scholars’ Press in the European Union with two of his Co-authors, which have been translated into 8 major European languages. He has been visiting national and international conferences to talk on various matters concerning ecology and environment. He is a firm believer in the Paris Climate Accord and believes in lowering the Carbon Footprint in the industry to reverse the climate chang ioe effects on the planet. He is an active participant in the multifarious activities of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Confederation of Indian Industries, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, and Indian Geographical Committee of the International Water Resources Association.


Q.1: How has been your journey from a technocrat to a Bestselling Author?

It is not as if I have abandoned the job of a technocrat and I only concentrate on writing literary books. I shuffle between my two professions of being a Senior Engineering Professional and an Author of literary books. Yes, life has changed after I started writing books since July 2007 when I felt if I did not write I would die. Life definitely has become busier juggling between two different kinds of professions. As a Senior Engineering Professional, I am also involved in writing research articles on the environment sector in peer-reviewed national and international Journals. During the on-going Pandemic, I have been busy in various digital conferences as a Senior Engineering Professional as well as a literary author. Before the Pandemic I had to attend national and international conferences and literary meets.

Q.2: What shift you find in your thought-process once you find yourself in the league of poets and authors in spite of a common human being?

I do not think there is a definite shift in my thought process. I write whatever ideas, thoughts, imaginations and intuitions flow through my mind. This happens to all human beings. The only difference is authors write about them and others do not write. Of course, somebody can sing or play an instrument or pursue some other talent. I am inclined to believe every human being has some kind of talent. Even a reader, who reads a book requires the patience and necessary understanding to consume a book. The same is applicable to the audience of any other art.

Q.3: The world knows you as a Bestselling Poet & Author. Had you been writing since your school days or poetry come to you in the prime of your youth?

I wrote during my university years between 1984 and 1988.

I have been a poet since the age of 18. The first book that was published by me was a slim book of English poems, titled: Pain, which created a stir in the student circle in Calcutta. I almost abandoned writing in 1989. I wrote a full-length play in Bengali in 1994, which was later published in the annual edition of the renowned Bengali Journal Bohurupee in 2010. Apart from this, I did not write, except occasionally, but did not publish them until July 2007 when I was almost bugged by a very potential virus to write. I felt I would die if I did not write. Since then, I have been writing very seriously and my first book got published in 2010, it’s titled: Pentacles.

Between 2010 and 2020, I have produced 6 Literary works. After Pentacles, came Frosted Glass, followed by Winter Poems, and thereafter came Abyss. In 2019, Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012-2018 was published and in June 2020, Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020 was published.

Q.4: How much of the thought-process of your school life has shaped your creativity?

The school has had an indelible effect on my life. I studied at Sacred Heart Convent School, Ludhiana in Punjab. It had one of the best campuses I have ever seen in my life. With beautiful playgrounds for various ages, libraries, auditoriums, clubs for pursuing all kinds of talents and various other things. I would say, my interests for literature was kindled by my teachers in school. We had a beautiful annual Journal, which was published during the Christmas time where I contributed regularly since Standard VI. Our teachers had lot of time to discuss books and our writings with them. The exhibition in school used to be fabulous. Once in Standard VIII, I made a model of Shakespeare’s original house at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK. When years much later I visited Shakespeare’s house at Stratford-upon-Avon, I felt very nostalgic about my display in the exhibition. I also played the role of Antonio in William Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice in one of the exhibitions. Likewise, the science exhibitions were also a treat to participate and watch. All these things put together went on to shape my creativity at an early age.


Q.5: What have been your favourite books during your school days?

The most favourite books during my school were as follows: -

➤David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.

➤The Bishop's Candlesticks by Norman McKinnel.

➤Dakghar (The Post Office) by Rabindranath Tagore.

➤The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Q.6: How much of your writing style has changed since you debuted as an author?

I do not think my writing style has changed much except for the fact that with increasing age I want to write more lucidly every day so that what I want to say is understood by everybody.

Q.7: What would be your advice to the school kids who wants to make their mark as an author and poet?

I can give a few tips, which can work remarkably well for aspiring authors and poets in school: -

➤Maintain a journal or a diary for yourself. This is a tool where you can talk to yourself most privately and later your journal or your diary will reflect back the way you have progressed in life.

➤Read as much as you can and reflect upon what you are reading. Also, jot down your book reviews, however brief they are, in your journal or diary.

➤Capture all your thoughts, ideas and dreams and let them flow through you in the form of written pieces in your journal or diary.

➤If you are inclined enough, create and maintain a regular blog and socialize it among your friends, family and relatives and seek their opinion about what you are writing. This is a process from where you will learn.

➤Try to be original and authentic, however immature you are, because in being close to yourself you will reconnect with your soul during the process of writing. This is very critical and significant to become a good author or a poet.

* Interview Credit: School Life 


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