What are the Best Tips to Reduce Air Pollution in Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India & with reference to the reports published by the WHO in 2014, Delhi is the most polluted city in the world & the quality of Air is very Poor in Delhi. The quality of air even become more worse at the time of winter in Delhi. The inhale of this air is very dangerous and it causes several types of problems such as irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath, asthma, heart disease etc. Sometimes, it also becomes the reasons for the death of several persons.

What are the Best Tips to Reduce Air Pollution in Delhi

The various measures that can be taken to improve the quality of air are as follows.

•  The first & foremost step is the plantation of trees. The Delhi Government must launch a campaign to plant the trees in the city. Only fresh air can counter the excessive amounts of pollutants that made the quality of air poor in Delhi.

What are the Best Tips to Reduce Air Pollution in Delhi

•  Promote the use of public transport by providing some incentives to the citizens of Delhi and also ensure to provide the last mile connectivity. Public vehicles like bus and metro can carry more people on one journey. A carpool is also a good option.

•  The cycle is the eco-friendly mode for traveling so if the government can provide lanes for cycling so it would help in minimizing the pollution.

•  Start awareness and education in schools & residential areas specific to environmental problems, and what each of us can do on our parts to add value to the environment.

•  Burning coals is one of the main sources in the production of electricity. Develop the infrastructure for renewable energies which are pollution free like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy etc.

•  Immediately ban the burning of crop residue not only in Delhi but also in the state of Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan.

•  Drink water in the adequate amount as it helps in flushing toxins from the body. Eat fruits that are loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, and fatty acids. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and help in boosting immunity. 

•  Keeps some air purifying plants inside your buildings to protect yourself from the pollution. Plant more and more trees must be planted everywhere.

What are the Best Tips to Reduce Air Pollution in Delhi

•  Made the strict traffic rules and in any of violation of any traffic rules, fine them. Increase fines as high as possible to create the fear of traffic police among all the peoples.

•  Use the electricity wisely and switch off the appliances in case of no use. It is highly recommendable to buy the high rating electronics appliances.

•  Smoking is very dangerous not only for the health of human but for the air quality as well. Stop smoking and encourage those around you to do the same.

•  It takes more energy and natural resources to make new things, increasing the environmental footprint of those products, compared with those products that are made from recycled materials.

•  Use eco-friendly products at your home. For example, opt for low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) or no VOC paints for your home.  


What are the features of T18 Train of India?

Do You know about T18? What is T18 and why it is called T18?

Indian Railway, the 4th largest network in size are doing several things in the last few years to improve the experience of the customer. The substantial steps are the cleaning of Trains and Stations, Improved quality of Foods, Inclusion of new trains, improvement in the IRCTC website, & so on. There is one more addition in the list and it is Train T18 that is the fastest train in India till date.

What are the features of T18 Train of India

It is the fastest Train of India having more speed than Shatabdi & Rajdhani trains of India. It is one of the main features of T18 Train of India. It is India’s much-awaited program and Central Government is ready to do the trial of T18, Semi High-Speed Trains of India.  This train has been built in the integral coach factory of Chennai under Make in India Initiative. It is capable of running 160 km/hr and does not have any engine. It will run on the technology of Self Propelled on electric traction like metro trains. The manufacturing of this train took place in the year 2018 and this is the reason behind the name of the train.

What are the features of T18 Train of India

After the successful launch of Train 18, the integral coach factory plans to start work on T20. The Train T20 would be launched in the year 2020.

Let’s see powerful features of T18 Train of India and there are important things about Train T18 that you should know about:

•  As this train would run at a speed of 160 km/hr, it will cut the travel time approximately by 12~15% in comparison of Shatabdi Trains.

•  This train is highly energy efficient and it uses the improved aerodynamic drag. It is made of Stainless-Steel car body and design of the coaches is LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch).

What are the features of T18 Train of India

•  There would be driving cabin on both ends of the train so this train does not have any requirement of engine reversal.

•  The trial of this train would take place on Delhi-Bhopal Route and hopefully, it would start on the same route. Apart from this route, other possible routes likely to be launched are Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Kanpur, Delhi-Lucknow, Mumbai-Pune, Chennai-Hyderabad etc.

•  The T18 train will be provided with free Wi-Fi and entertainment, Fitted with a CCTV camera, automatic doors, diffused lighting, bio-vacuum toilets and so on. There will also be a GPS based passenger information system.

What are the features of T18 Train of India

•  The fully AC train is designed in such a manner that passengers can see the driver's cabin.

•  It has been built in 18 months only under the Made in India Initiative of Modi Government.

•  The train T18 would be unveiled on October 29 and the trial would be conducted for a period of 3~5 days.  After the trials, it would be handed over to the RDSO (Research Design & Standards Organization) for further trials.

•  The Train will consist 16 coaches and out of these 16 coaches, 14 would be non-executive and 2 would be executive coaches.

•  The footstep in a coach's doorway slides outward when the train stops at a station enabling passengers to alight safely with comfort. The footstep would adjust to the variation in height between a train's floor and the platform.

•  The rack for putting Luggage is bigger in the T18 train, so travellers can keep more luggage easily.


The main objective of Make in India campaign of Modi Government is to encourage the multinational & domestic companies to manufacture their products in India. It is one more milestone added in this campaign and with the help of such strides, the day will come soon when India would become the manufacturing hub in the World.

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Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

The World’s Tallest Statue of Unity is a monument dedicated to one of great freedom fighter of India i.e. Shri Vallabhbhai Patel. He is also known as the Iron Man of India. The statue of unity is 182 meters tall monument located in the Gujrat. It is the world’s tallest statue & facing to the Narmada Dam (Sardar Sarovar Dam).

This Statue will remind every individual about the struggle of our nation in getting the freedom and inspire us to include the ideologies of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in our Life. The visionary ideologies of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel are Unity in Nation, Patriotism towards Country, Inclusive Growth and Good Governance.

Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

The project had been started in the year 2013 and would be completed in the October 2018. It would be inaugurated by the prime minister of India Shri Narender Modi on 31 October 2018, the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

Who is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is the well-known name in the Indian Politics and freedom movement of India. He was a great political and social leader of India. He is also known as Sardar Patel and the Ironman of India. Sardar Patel was born on 31st October 1875 in Gujarat. He played a leading role in the independence of India. Post-Independence, he played a crucial role in the integration of more than 500 princely states in India. He was the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was greatly influenced by Gandhi’s ideology and principles. He Played major roles in the several movements initiated by Mahatma Gandhi such as Quit India Movement, Non-Violence Movement, Non-Cooperation Movement, Salt Satyagraha Movement etc. He was the first choice as the first prime minister of India but on the request of Mahatma Gandhi, he stepped down.

Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

Sardar Patel was the true follower of the Mahatma Gandhi and after the death of Mahatma Gandhi, his health also started declining. On 15th December 1950, the great soul left the world after getting the massive heart attack. He was posthumously Awarded India’s highest civilian honour i.e. Bharat Ratna, in 1991. His birthday, October 31, was also declared Rashtriya Ekta Divas in 2014.

How to reach World's Tallest Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is nearby to Narmada Dam and you can reach there by air, rail & road. Details are mentioned below.

By Air: Vadodara Airport is approximately 90 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam is the nearest airport.

By Rail: Vadodara is approximately 90 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam is the nearest railway station.

By Road:  You can reach Sardar Sarovar dam either by Taxi or Buses. These buses are available from Bharuch, Rajpipla, Chanod, and Dabhoi.

Features of the Project

The features of this project are as follows

World’s tallest Statue of Unity would become the Icon of India and height of the statue is 182 meters. There are 182 assembly constituencies in the Gujrat and this is the reason to make this statue of 182 meters.

The construction of the Statue of Unity has been taken place on the river island Sadhu Bet. It is 3.5 km away from the Narmada Dam and for the connectivity, the construction of 250 meters long bridge has been taken place.

• The construction of the Statue of Unity had been started in the year in 2013. The L&T won the contract in 2989 crores and now it has been built. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate this statue on 31 oct 2018.

The statue of unity was built on the public-private model. Most of the money of this project
has been raised by the Gujrat Government.

A Monument View & Research Centre.

Fast elevators to reduce transit time for visitors.

The three-level base of the Statue - exhibit floor, mezzanine, and roof - will contain a Memorial Garden and a large continuous museum/exhibition hall, comprising exhibits that focus on the life and contributions of Vallabhbhai Patel.

Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

The museum, Audio-Visual Gallery, Sound & Laser Light Show.

Ferry Services, Hospitality & Entertainment.

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How to use the Delhi’s Common Mobility Card?

Are you planning to visit Delhi? If yes, this service is for you.

Delhi is the capital of India. It is one of the most beautiful cities and it has numerous lovely places like Qutub Minar, Lal Quila, Lotus Temple, India gate, Mughal Garden, Rajpath, Birla Mandir, Akshardham, Jama Majid, CP and so on. Delhiites love to visit these places especially on the weekend. Not only the Delhiites but people originating from different states and outsiders as well. Whenever any foreigner visits India, he wants to visit Delhi due to its several attractions. Transportation plays a substantial role in tourism and to make the transportation hassle free, Delhi Government has launched one of the ambitious services known as “Delhi’s Common Mobility Card”.

How to use the Delhi’s Common Mobility Card

This service has been launched by the AAP Government in the city in the month of August this year. After launching this service, Delhi has become the first state in the country to launch this facility & joined the club of cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, London etc. where a single card is used across the various modes of transportation. With the launch of this service, Delhi has become the first city in India which has launched the e-Purse Travel System. Here e-Purse stands for electronic purse and it is the store of money in the card that can be used for small-scale transactions like cash.

By this facility, Delhi Citizens can pay the fare of Delhi Metro & DTC Bus through a Delhi Metro Card. It has become the common card that helps the Delhiites to interchange these two modes of transport hassle free.  

Delhi has around 3,900 DTC and over 1,600 cluster buses and the common mobility card would be valid for all buses.

How does this scheme work in DTC Bus?

The use of Delhi’s Common Mobility Card is super easy. In the DTC Bus, conductor of the bus would have to press the number 7 on the ETM (Electronic Ticketing Machine) to activate the smart card reader. Then, he will have to tap the Metro smart card on the device and the fare would be deducted automatically.

How to use the Delhi’s Common Mobility Card

Where have to go to purchase this Smart Card?

This card is available at all the metro stations.

What are the Benefits of this Service?

There are several benefits of this service and the most important are as follows:

•  Hassle free transportation.
•  This scheme promotes the cashless economy
•  Stop the corruption that occurs when the conductor resells the same ticket again & again.


I would like to recommend you to use Delhi’s Common Mobility Card and take a small stride towards a cashless economy. I have personally used this facility and hardly take 2 min to get out the printed ticket.

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Who can apply online for Ayushman Bharat Scheme?

Health is the root of all the happiness and there is a very famous statement “Health is Wealth” and we keep on listening to this statement since childhood. The literal meaning of this statement is that if you are not healthy, there is no meaning of unlimited wealth. You are able to enjoy your wealth only when you are healthy.  

India is a developing country and we are one of the fastest growing economies. To continue with this pace, healthy India is required. Healthy India would make Prosperous India. The Indian Government is also focusing on the health of our country’s citizen.

Who can apply online for Ayushman Bharat Scheme

It is an important cornerstone to the government vision of development “Swasth Bharat, Samriddha Bharat” (Healthy India, Prosperous India). To fulfill the vision of Health for all, our honorable prime minister launched a very ambitious scheme known as Áyushman Bharat. The “Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana” is one of the components of Ayushman Bharat & it is the pioneering initiative for the health coverage of all.

What is Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Under this scheme, more than 10 crore poor households are identified on the basis of census 2011.   These families would be eligible to take the reimbursement of up to Rs. 5 lakh per year towards the hospitalization expenses of their family members. This scheme also covers the pre-& post hospitalization costs to some extent. The main aim of this scheme is to deliver comprehensive need-based health care services. Ayushman Bharat aims to undertake path-breaking interventions to holistically address health (covering prevention, promotion and ambulatory care), at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Who can apply online for Ayushman Bharat Scheme

There are two main components of this scheme. Both the components are defined below.

·        First component is the creation of close to 150K Health & Wellness center that bring health closer to the homes of the people. The first Health & Wellness Centre was launched by our prime minister in 2018 at Jangla, Bijapur in Chhatisgarh.

·        The 2nd component is the health protection to the poor and vulnerable families under the health scheme known as Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana.

Who is Eligible for this Scheme?

As per the Social-Economic Caste Census (SECC) conducted by the government in 2011, this scheme is applicable to all the persons deprived of other health insurance schemes and there is no cap on family size as well to ensure that nobody is left out especially the women, children and the old age persons. The beneficiaries are identified based on the deprivation categories (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, and D7) identified under the SECC database for rural areas. For the urban areas, the 11 occupational criteria will determine the entitlement.

What is the Hospitalisation Process?

In this scheme, hospitalization expenses would be taken care of by the government and beneficiaries would not be required to pay any premium. The benefit also includes the pre and post-hospital expenses.

There would be an “Ayushman Mitra” at every hospital to assist the beneficiaries.

Who can apply online for Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Key Features of The Scheme

The various key features of this scheme are as follows

·        This scheme will be implemented in all parts of the Nation.

·        There is no Restriction on family Size, Age or Gender. All members of eligible families are automatically covered.

·        This scheme would be cashless and paperless at public hospitals and private empanelled private hospitals.

Who can apply online for Ayushman Bharat Scheme


The biggest challenge of this scheme is the nationwide implementation.  Other challenges are the requirement of doctors in large number, lack of infrastructure etc. 


The thought process behind this scheme is very ambitious and we hope that this scheme would get the results that we all are hoping for. It is very significant to implement the scheme properly and also proper mechanism is required to ensure the success of this scheme.

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What are the Tips for Personal Financial Planning?

Personal financial planning is the roadmap to the financial strategies for maintaining the financial health and accomplishes the financial goals. Today, in this post, we will discuss the tips for personal financial planning & the right approach to do the financial planning properly?

Everyone has few objectives in his life and I have listed a few examples of these goals are as follows:

•  Few are looking for the home.

•  Few are looking for the marriage of their children.
•  Few are looking for the education of their children.

To achieve these goals, proper planning of finance is required to meet the requirement of life and complete the objectives of life as per the decided target.

In this post, we will discuss the few tips to do the proper financial planning.

What are the Tips for Personal Financial Planning

Rules of Personal Financial Planning

There are two main rules of personal financial planning.

•  The first rule is 50:30:20. It means, 50% of your income should go towards your regular expenses like the household, 30% for your vacations, traveling, food etc. The remaining 20% would be your savings only.

•  The 2nd rule of personal financing is to pay yourself.

The formula is Income-savings = expenditure.
Make a target of saving and plan your expenditures accordingly.

 Process of Financial Planning

There are several steps involved in financial planning and we have listed all these steps below. These steps are the key tips of doing financial planning in the best manner.

•  The first step is to identify your financial condition. What are the assets and liabilities that you carry? It will help you in doing your financial planning in a proper manner.

•  Identify your goals. This is the second steps of your financial planning. Divide your goals into the short-term and long-term goals. If the duration of your goal is up to 5 years, consider it short-term goals. Any goal with duration of more than 5 years would be considered into the long-term goals.

Tips for Personal Financial Planning

•  The 3rd step is the formation of your financial plan. In the previous step, you have decided your objectives and in the same step, you also got the information related to the amount required to meet your financial goals.

•  The 4th step of financial planning is to implement the plan.  There are several options available and among all the options, few financial components are useful for everyone. I have made the list of these components below.

•  Timely review your financial plan and the implementation of the financial plan. If any deviation occurs, modify your plans accordingly.

Must have financial components of every individual

The personal financial planning of any person can be divided into parts. First part is insurance and the second part is the investment. Make your investment separate from your insurance and it is one of the main steps of personal financial planning.  

In this post, we will discuss the insurance part only and read our other post on investment.

  • Term Insurance

Term Insurance has become the need of all those persons where his entire family is dependent upon him. Life is uncertain, and anything could be happened while traveling on the road. So, it is our recommendation to take the term insurance to support your family when you were not with them. It is a type of life insurance offered by the insurance company which offers the financial coverage to the policyholder for a specific period.  If any mis-happening happens to the insured person during the policy term, the insurance company will pay the amount of insurance to the beneficiaries of the family. Among all the life insurance, Term Insurance provides the maximum return at the lowest premium during the period of the plan. It will help your family to meet the financial requirement in your absence and make them financially independent.

Tips for Personal Financial Planning

  • Health Insurance


In the post, we have discussed the insurance product that is the first tip of doing proper financial planning. In the next few posts, we will discuss the investment and the components in which we can invest to get maximum returns at the retirement.

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Whose must we respect in our life?

Respect is a very common word and we all know the meaning of this word.

But Do we understand the importance of this word?

Do we know the power of this word?

Believe on me guys if you start understanding the importance of this world “RESPECT”, we could easily solve several problems pertaining in our society. In this post, I am going to remind you 6 most valuable parts of our life and it must be respected.

Whatever I am writing in this post is well-known fact and everyone knows about it.

But are we following it?

This is the main question and through this post, I just want to remind you again to show respect. We should respect several things in our life and let’s discuss the top most priorities for every individual.

•  Respect for Parents

The most valuable word of the English dictionary is the “Parents” in my opinion. There is the very common line that we often listen from our surroundings that God was not able to reach everywhere that’s why the God created parents. If we consider, then parents are the incarnation of God but are we doing justice with our God. If yes, then why does the requirement of old age home occur? We must respect our parents and there are several reasons supporting this fact. The most important is the love and care that we all get from our parents. There love, and care is also unconditional. Parents give their precious time in nurturing us and they are with us to face any unseen situation. Whatever they give us is very precious and it is our moral responsibility to respect our parents 24*7*365.

Whose must we respect in our life

Respect for Country

In my opinion, respect for the country must be from the heart and we must be patriotic for our country. There are several reasons that encourage us to respect our great nation. It has given us various fundamental rights, place to live, provide an opportunity to earn, and live life with dignity. Apart from these things, it gives us the identity globally and whenever we go outside from our country, we call ourselves as Indian. This is our global identity.

Whose must we respect in our life

Respect for National Anthem, Song & National Flag

Develop a deep sense of patriotism towards national anthem, national song, & national flag. Never say single wrong words for our country. Nation flag is the identity of the independent nation and it is the symbol of pride and honor.  No one will tell you to respect these symbols, but it should be from the heart.

Whose must we respect in our life

Respect for Army

Armies are the real heroes of our country.  We should respect our soldiers as they work for us. They keep our interests safe, our enemies at bay and the people of our country secure and free. If we can take breathe freely then it is only because of our soldiers. They are our real heroes and they stand on the borders day and night to save our country from the enemy.

Whose must we respect in our life

Respect for Women

A Woman brought you into this world, so you have no right to disrespect one. She has the power to take a civilization to new heights and we often listen a very common dictum, “Behind every great man, there is a woman smiling”.   Ask any man randomly that who is responsible for your success, the answer would be mother only.

A real man never hurts a woman. Be a real man and respect women.

Whose must we respect in our life

Respect for Food

Food is the necessity of everyone’s life. After oxygen and water, food is the most valuable component of our life. It is the only cure of your hunger. It means if you are hungry it is the food that helps you in that situation. The source of energy for human beings is the food. There are several people struggling to get food and they work throughout the day to get the food in the night. If you are getting food, please respect it and don’t waste it at all. If you have extra food, then share with those persons who are in actual need of that food.

Whose must we respect in our life


There are many more things to respect such as books, religion, humanity, kindness etc. but I have taken the most impactful things in our life. I hope you all respect parents, country, army, food, & women. If not, then start from today.

Whose should we respect in our life? Please share your opinion with our readers in the comment box.

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What are the Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is the beautiful and exciting time in the life of every couple. There is no words to describe the happiness when the female got to know that she is expecting.  In these nine months, she faces several types of situations like feeling fear, looking to have sweets or on the other hand looking for salty food, stress, feeling low, demotivated, vomiting, severe pain sometimes, headache, blood pressure problem etc.  Feelings several types of situations require the extra precaution for this period to have healthy baby. It is equally important for both mother and growing baby.

Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby

Here in this Post, we are sharing few Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby.

What must mother do during Pregnancy

Selecting doctor & place of birth (Hospital)

The moment you find out pregnancy, you need to select the right doctor. Early organizing the care helps you to get good advice for healthy pregnancy from the start itself.

Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby

Go for the normal delivery

Normal delivery must be preferred over cesarean delivery as the mother would take less recovery time in normal delivery and there are no side effects.  On the other hand, recovery time is more and there are few side effects as well in cesarean delivery.

Good Diet

Diet plays a very important role during pregnancy. A healthy diet is important for both mother and baby. Fresh fruits, green vegetables, dry fruits etc. are necessary to include in the diet to get all necessary nutrients like vitamins, calcium etc.


Doctor recommends several medicines and few supplements during pregnancy. The most common are folic acid, iron, calcium etc. Please take all these medicines properly as per instructions issued by the doctors for the healthy growth of the baby.

Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby


Exercise is very important for the health of the mother. It helps in controlling weight, improving blood circulation etc. At least 1 hour in the morning and 1 hours in the evening is good enough for the health of the mother. Yoga would be the good option. It is mandatory to take the advice from the doctors before practicing any exercise or Yoga so start only after consulting the doctor.

Regular Check-Up

It is highly advisable to go for regular check up to ensure the safety of growing baby and mother. Visit the doctors after every 4 weeks (I am telling this from my personal experience) until 28 weeks of pregnancy and after this visit the doctors in every 2 weeks to ensure everything is going well.

Enough Sleep

Having good sleep during pregnancy is important. Enough sleep makes feel the mother better and it also helps in the proper development of the baby. Try to go to the bed early in the night to get good sleep. Sleep either on the left or right hand as shown in the picture. Left is recommendable as it relieves pressure from the back. Don’t take any sleeping pills during pregnancy unless it is recommended by the doctors.

Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby

What are Don’t during Pregnancy

Try to avoid caffeine

Don’t take too much tea, coffee, soft drinks etc. Taking too much caffeine is one of the major causes of miscarriage, birth complications, low baby weight etc.

Avoid alcohol and quit smoking

Smoking & drinking alcohol is very dangerous for the pregnant women. It may increase the miscarriage, birth complications etc. It is always advisable to stop such things during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tips to have a Healthy Baby

Avoid Few Activities

It is highly recommendable to avoid few activities like climbing stairs frequently, lifting heavy weights, standing long period of time etc. Apart from this, don’t take any medicine without consulting the doctors. You may face some health issues during pregnancy but consult your doctors before taking any medicine. It is beneficial for both mother and baby.

Avoid Stress

Don’t take stress during pregnancy. It will impact the mother and her child.


Every couple is wishing for the healthy child. These pregnancy tips are very useful to have a healthy baby and it will help you in getting a healthy baby. Apart from these tips, I would like to share two more tips i.e. take blessing from the god every day and motivate yourself to make yourself fit during pregnancy.


Whatever I wrote in this post in my own opinion. I have visited some ladies to understand their situation when they were pregnant. Based on their opinions, I compiled this post and sharing with you guys. Don’t follow these steps blindly. These tips are very helpful during pregnancy but at the same time, it is recommendable to consult with the doctors while following anything.


How can we celebrate eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi?

Social Posts wishes you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi & in this post, we will discuss the right way to celebrate the eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi. Before going to start the discussion, let's sing a famous line of Lord Ganesha.

"Ganpati Bappa Morya Mangal Murti Morya"

celebrate environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

I believe God is the biggest power present in this universe and having believe in GOD and celebrating God festivals is essential in our life. God gives everything to us and nature is one of them. Being a Hindu Brahmin, we have more than 33 crores Devi Devta and respecting everyone is our moral, social and religious duty. Do you know? for whom I am talking about here. The answer is Jal Devta (Water in God form), Vaau Devta (Air in God form) and many more.

On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, we bring idols of Lord Ganesha at home. We do worship, listening spiritual songs, offering flowers & modak to Lord Ganesha for 10 days and on the 11th day, the biggest day of this festival known as Anant Chaturdashi put these idols into the river. Putting Idols into the rives causes the water pollution as well as disturb the life cycle of marine species.

celebrate environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

Impact on Marine Species & its Solutions

The ritual of Ganesh Visarjan during Ganesh Chaturthi is a very huge event where the huge idol of Lord Ganesha put into water. Let’s discuss how the Visarjan effects the marine life.

•  Usually, these idols are made of plaster of Paris (POP) which is very harmful to the water. These idols take several years to completely dissolve into the water and till that time, these particles move freely in the water bodies. The marine species eat these particles that eventually kill them.

celebrate environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

•  Along with the idols, other materials like flowers, decoration materials, polythene bags, plastic etc. put into the river as well. It only increases the water pollution and impacts the marine life.

•  These idols are made of several chemicals and these chemicals reduce the oxygen level of water. Due to this, marine species are unable to breathe causing them to die.

Here now our question is “What is the Right way to celebrate environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi”? Here, we are suggesting a few solutions so that we could protect the water from pollution.

•  Start making idols of Lord Ganesha from eco-friendly materials. If you immersed eco-friendly idols into water, harmful impact would be very less.

•  Make a small pond at your home and dip the Lord Ganesha in that water only.

celebrate environment friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

•  Metal or brass can be used to make the idols of Lord Ganesha and it can be used repeatedly.


It is our nature and protecting our nature is our prime responsibility. It is the precious gift given by the God. Now it is up to us, how do we take care of our mother earth.

Whatever I wrote in this post is my own opinion. If due to this post, you feel hurt then please forgive me.

Thanks for reading our article. Please share it with your friends, family etc.  through several social media platforms.  Also, share your thoughts with us in the comment box section.


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