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Who is the Viral Youtuber ‘African Kumar Sanu’?

Who does not recognize Popular Bollywood musician Kumar Sanu? But there is a guy nowadays called African Kumar Sanu. He has no resemblance in appearance to the real Kumar Sanu. Then why he is being called Kumar Sanu.

Yes, this guy named ‘African Kumar Sanu’ has gone viral. His YouTube channel recently also called 'Young Kumar Sanu'.

African Kumar Sanu sings his songs just like the real Kumar Sanu who does a lot of facial expressions while singing which the audience enjoys a lot about him.

He posted the popular Bollywood song 'Tip Tip Barsha' on his YouTube channel. The song has already been watched by more than 5 million people. A girl named Pooja Sarkar is seen singing with him in the song.

Meanwhile, the real identity of African Kumar Sanu has been revealed on social media. He has completed his studies in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. He lives in Pune, India.

Many are questioning why this person calls himself Kumar Sanu of Africa if he is a real resident of Pune in the comment box, He has revealed in an interview with Vishal Chaubey who is popular for his show Filmy Pathshala that his Parents came to India in 1914 since then they are settled in India, African Kumar Sanu is the 5th generation of his family living in India.  He has appeared in Indian Idol 10 and Zing Tv Yamaha Mission XPD. 


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