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Coronavirus or the most prominent word of 2020 i.e. Covid-19 has brought several unseen conditions in the world and the whole world is suffering from the economic crisis, the death of their citizens, lockdown, and many more. India is also suffered a lot due to this Virus. We already discussed or read so much about the impact of Coronavirus across the globe and in recent days, one more study came where it addressed two more problems that happened in the world due to Coronavirus.

It is:

➨Child Marriage


This post is shared by one of our readers (Mansi Sharma). She is a very well-known writer continuously writing content on social issues. In the coming blog, we would love to cover the stats related to childbirth as well.

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Nowadays, India is confronting several problems that emerge either due to the Coronavirus created by China or due to the bad neighbour of India such as China, Pakistan & these days Nepal as well.

This blog is restricted to find out the reason for the increase in child marriage during COVID-19.
Out of nowhere, we ran over a news feature that till June 27 the administration had mediated to stop 5,584 child marriages in India. It is still in continuation where numerous episodes are unreported because of less instruction among individuals and casualty needs more access to police protection and now and again even need strength.

What is Child Marriage

As per the Indian Law, A marriage is called child marriage if the age of the girl is less than 18 years or the age of the boy is less than 21. As per the report published by UNICEF, here are some insights related to the girl’s marriage.

➨27% of the Indian girls are married before their 18th birthday.

➨7% of the Indian girls are married before their 15th birthday.

Why there is an increase in child marriages in this Covid-19?

The idea of child marriage isn't new in India. There is a tremendous spike in child marriages in India during this pandemic and it is increasing at a rapid pace is the direct result of neediness.

This pandemic has shaken the nation's economy troubling individuals and needy individuals at most. As per the report published in the Indian newspapers, mainly girls become the victim of child marriage, and out of 100% child marriage cases, underage girls are found in 93% cases while in 7% cases, underage boys are found. If we further bifurcate the girl’s percentage, we found, 39% of young ladies are age 11 to 15 years of age, and 60% are 16 to 18 years of age.

Unemployment, relocation, and soar in poverty are the significant highlights adding to the ongoing spike in child marriage. States like West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, and Manipur are with the most noteworthy the pace of child marriage followed by Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, and numerous different states too where pandemic, as well as another catastrophe, is drumming them at an antagonistic rate.

What will happen if it continues at the same pace

If child marriage keeps on being thriving at that point, it will put more than 4,000,000 young ladies in danger of being hitched at an early age. India's populace involves 27% urban populace where these things are less likely to occur while the rural populace of India is 73% where poverty, employment, etc. are the major factors responsible for child marriage.


What will be the impacts of child marriage?

Young girls are mainly affected by child marriages in comparison to young boys as they move from their house to a new house at a very early age of their life. They must compromise their wishes and as newlywed girls, they stay inside the house and are not able to enjoy their childhood. In most cases, they are not ready to take the family responsibilities or even not aware of the family responsibilities

Read about the case study:


Here in this post, we have covered some impacts of child marriage on girls. If you like this post and want more blogs on the same topic, please write to us in the comment box. We would bring more insights related to this topic.

➦Stress/pressure on young girls

When the young ladies are being hitched, they are not aware of their family responsibilities in most cases. They even don’t know what they need to do as a bride. They are unable to handle the family pressure post-marriage and thus resultant as an unnecessary stress

Early pregnancies

Child marriage forces young ladies to start sex at a very early stage where their bodies are not ready to accept it at all. At this stage, they are unaware of their privileges of sexual rights and conceptive well bring. Due to early marriage, young ladies must face social strain and they can’t even speak about their desires specifically related to safe sexual practices and family planning. Therefore, they are bound to conceive early pregnancies where they are not even aware of pregnancy-related wounds, for example, obstetric fistula. Early pregnancies are also the major reason for higher chances of miscarriage and even sometimes cause the death of a mother.

➦Prone to despondency and other psychological wellness issues

These young ladies regularly face viciousness, for example, aggressive behaviour at home and sexual maltreatment leaving them frightened. With nobody sharing their sentiments they adjust a few emotional well-being issues like PTSD which inconvenience if they can remember.

➦Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is another negative drawback of child marriage. When the young girl is forced to marriage even when she is not crossed 18 could become the reason for violence. What happens, when she is not mature, she is not able to handle the family pressure and sometimes not able to perform her duty in a proper manner.

Author details-:

Author name-: Mansi Sharma

 1. --Child marriage
 2. --- domestic violence

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