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What is the WHO Global Public Health Days?

Diseases are the major cause responsible for the death of millions of human beings. There are so many dangerous diseases like Malaria, Aids, Dengue, Swine Flu, Tuberculosis, etc. exist in society. Among all the diseases, the World Health Organization has identified 7 diseases and for the awareness of these diseases, one day for each disease has been reserved by the WHO.  These days are collectively called as WHO Global Public Health Days.

WHO Global Public Health Days 2020

These 7 WHO global public health days are as follows:

1.            World Tuberculosis (TB) Day
2.            World Health Day
3.            World No Tobacco Day
4.            World Blood Donor Day
5.            World Hepatitis Day
6.            World Malaria Day
7.            World AIDS Day

The main purposes of these days are to raise awareness among the public from the support of the local community to the international stage. There are many more days reserved throughout the year related to specific health issues however WHO has focused particular attention on the above mentioned 7 diseases and the member states of WHO have mandated as official WHO Global Public Health Days.

Let us have the brief understanding of all these days & diseases and in the upcoming days, we will share the posts related to symptoms, causes, first things to do under such situations, & many more, so keep visiting our blog and share your feedback in the comment box. 

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day (24th March)

Tuberculosis is a very serious infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs.  The date observed by the WHO for World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is 24 march and on the same day in 1882, Dr. Robert Koch found the bacterium that causes TB.

WHO Global Public Health Days List

The main objective of this day is to raise public awareness about the consequences of TB.  It is the world’s deadliest infections killer causing the death of so many life's and in the year 2015 alone, approximately 1.8 million have died from this disease. 

By the global efforts and from the support of all WHO member countries since 2000, more than 54 million (as per estimation) lives have been saved and reduced the mortality rate by 42%. 
The theme of World TB Day 2019 - ‘It’s Time’ – puts the accent on the urgency to act on the commitments made by global leaders to:

World TB Day 2020

In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a joint initiative “Find. Treat. All. #EndTB” & call on governments, affected communities, civil society organizations, health-care providers, and national/international partners to unite forces under the banner “Find. Treat. All. #EndTB” to ensure no one is left behind.

It’s time for action! It’s time to End TB.

World Health Day (7th April)

The World Health Day is organized by the WHO every year on 7th of April and universal health coverage is the number one goal of the WHO.  The main objective to observe this day is to ensure that every person living on this earth must have access to all the health needs.

Global Public Health Days 2020 List

World Health Organization appeals all the global leaders to come forward and take necessary initiatives to provide easy access of health needs to all.

World Malaria Day 2019 (25th April)

World Malaria Day is the next observed WHO global public health Day & it is observed on 25th April.  The main purpose of this day is to highlight the need for the prevention, control & elimination of Malaria.

2020 WHO Global Public Health Days List

The theme of 2019 world Malaria Day was “Zero malaria starts with me”.

The WHO puts continuous efforts to eliminate malaria, still the desirable results are far away. There was no significant improvement made in the last 2~3 years & as per the estimation, more than 435,000 were died in 2017 due to Malaria. Urgent & continuous efforts are needed especially from the countries affected most by Malaria.

World No Tobacco Day (31st May)

The World No Tobacco Day is observed by the WHO on 31st May. This day was observed in the year 1987 and the main purpose of this day was to raise awareness of the harmful effects of Tobacco and discourage the use of all forms of tobacco.

Official 2020 WHO Global Public Health Days List

As you know, tobacco is very injurious to your health and badly affects your lungs.  The focus of the 2019 world no Tobacco day was on "tobacco and lung health." The 2019 campaign raise the awareness on:

1. The negative impact of tobacco on the human’s lung health leading from cancer to chronic respiratory disease.

2. The importance of lungs for the health & wellbeing of human beings.

The campaign also serves as a call to action, advocating for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption and engaging stakeholders across multiple sectors in the fight for tobacco control.

World Blood Donor Day (14th June)

The world Blood Donor Day has been observed by the WHO around the world on 14th June.  The main objective of this day is to thanks to all those unpaid volunteers donating their blood in the hospital, or the campaign conducted by the government organization. Addition to this, WHO also promotes the need for regular blood donations to ensure that all the communities have access to the affordable & timely supply of blood.  The safe and quality assured blood & its products are an integral part of health coverage & key components of effective health systems.

What is the official List of WHO Global Public Health Days 2020

World Hepatitis Day (28th July)

The next diseases listed in the global public health Days is Hepatitis and this is the most dangerous disease after tuberculous.  Hepatitis refers to the inflammation of liver cells and damage to the liver. Hepatitis Day has been observed by the WHO on 28th July every year and the main objective of this day is to encourage the prevention & treatment of Hepatitis.  There are 5 types of hepatitis namely A, B, C, D, & E. Hepatitis C is curable while others can be prevented. As per the estimate of WHO, more than 1.5 million deaths occur due to hepatitis worldwide due to lack of knowledge & information. 

Global Public Health Days List 2020

The theme of 2019 world hepatitis is “Find the Missing Millions”. Millions of human beings are unaware of the fact of whether they are infected with Hepatitis or not. The main objective of this theme is to find out all the human beings infected by the Hepatitis and provide them the treatment.

World AIDS Day

Every Year on 1st December, WHO along with the Global partners organize World AIDS Day. This day was initiated by the WHO in the year 1988, and since then they are promoting various precautionary methods to avoid HIV/AIDS.

Official List of WHO Global Public Health Days 2020

The main aim of the WHO is to achieve the following objectives:
WHO Global Public Health Days

The theme of 2019 World AIDS Day is yet to be decided and we will publish a detailed post on the same. So, subscribe to our newsletters to get the notifications of our newly published posts.


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