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Prevention is better than cure and I'm sure you must have heard this. It means if one is able to detect the symptoms of any illness in its early stage then, in that case, such illness can be stopped with minimum damage. In this blog, we are about to see the symptoms of dengue in a child. In addition to this, we will see the FAQ asked questions related to dengue fever symptoms for babies.  

What are the FAQs on Dengue Symptoms in Child?

1. What is the first sign of dengue fever?

2. What is dengue & how does it spread?

3. What are the signs & symptoms of dengue in a child?

4. What is the diagnosis of dengue in children?

5. How can you save your infants from dengue?

6. What are the preventions to stop dengue?

Tropical areas are more prone to epidemic diseases like dengue, yellow fever, zika virus, malaria, chikungunya, etc., especially in the monsoon. The main reasons behind all these diseases are mosquito. More than 700 million people have been affected by these mosquitos borne illnesses and many of them have been died due to these illnesses. 

Symptoms For Dengue In Child

Do you know about dengue and how it spreads? What are the warning signs & dengue symptoms in the child? What are the causes & precautions that must be followed to get a cure from the dengue?

To get the answer to all your queries, read this post and hopefully, you will get the answer to all the questions you are looking for.

What is Dengue and how does it spread?

The number of cases where kids suffering from dengue fever is continuously increasing throughout the world and it is caused by a virus carried by a Mosquito name Aedes Aegypti. Dengue fever is also called break-bone fever as people experiencing extreme pain in their body while suffering from dengue. This mosquito species can be identified very easily as you can see the white spots pattern on its abdomen. 

Symptoms For Dengue In Child

It is important to note that, this disease does not spread directly from one to another. When a mosquito bites a person infected with dengue then that virus enters into the mosquito and when the infected mosquito bites another person, then the virus enters into that person and thereafter person suffers from the dengue virus. Here in this disease, a mosquito is just acting as a carrier who transfers the dengue from one person to another person.

It means the cause of dengue in children or even an adult is not the mosquito itself but a viral pathogen known as the dengue virus. There are five types/Strains of the dengue virus and any one of them can cause the disease. However, dengue caused by one type of virus will give the individual total immunity to that type of virus but that individual could be infected by other types of virus. An individual can overcome these viruses in 2~10 days most of the time as the body set off the immune response to kills all these viruses. However, in some cases, a more dangerous version of dengue fever occurs known as Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Immediate treatment & special care required to get a cure for this dangerous version of the dengue virus.

Symptoms For Dengue In Child

The common signs & dengue symptoms in the child are as follows.

1. Very High Fever (Around 104 degrees Fahrenheit)

2. A very sharp drop in the platelets. Platelets are cells in the blood that helps to stop bleeding.

3. Severe pain in the body, stomach Joints, muscles, bones, etc.

4. A severe Headache & Vomiting.

5. Rashes all over the body.

6. Mild bleeding from the nose or gums and pain behind the eyes.

Facts related to the Aedes Aegypti (Name of the mosquito) 

In the last section, we have seen common symptoms of dengue in a child and in this section let’s talk about the main reason behind this disease. It is very dangerous for all human beings & various facts related to this breed of mosquitos is as follows.

Symptoms For Dengue In Child

1. It resides either near to the human residence or the dark places.

2. The female mosquitoes put their eggs in the water containers in and around the homes and these eggs become adult in a period of 10 days.

3. It is found in tropical & humid climates and thrives in the presence of stagnant water so the production of these breeds mostly occurs in monsoon season.

4. The chances of dengue occurrence are more in the monsoon season.

5. It breeds in clean water and has a flight range of only 100-200 meters.

6. The mosquito gets the dengue virus after biting a human being infected with the dengue virus.

7. These mosquito bites usually in the early morning and the evening right before sunset. This is unlike behaviour in comparison to other diseases carrying mosquitoes.

What are the warning signs & dengue symptoms in the child?

The symptoms of dengue in a child are asymptomatic in about 80% of all the cases, even infants and little youngsters. However, the younger the child, the more severe the symptoms, and normally takes 3~4 days to appear after the infection. Here is a list of symptoms in kids you should keep an eye for.

Dengue Symptoms In Child

Flu-like illness

In most cases, the symptoms of dengue in a child start with the side effects related to viral flu, for example, high-temperature fever, runny nose, hack, and weariness. At times, there can be an intense drop-in temperature also.

Dengue Symptoms In Child

Bleeding from the Nose & Gum

Whenever a child suffers from the dengue virus, then there are a sudden drop in the platelets counts and such a situation slows down the clotting rate of blood making blood loss easier resulting in the bleeding in the gums & nose.

Skin Problems

This is a common dengue symptom in child and you will find rashes all over the body.

Change in behaviour of the child

If a child infected with dengue, then there must be a change in the behaviour of a child. They will often cry and show irritation mostly, reduce in their sleeping time & appetite as well.
These are common dengue symptoms in the child. In the next section, let us what should we do in such situations.

How to diagnose the dengue of the children?

If you see any symptoms of dengue in a child as described above, visit the paediatrician and take his advice as soon as possible.  The Doctor will do the examination of your child to check whether your toddler is infected from the dengue virus or not.  He will take the blood sample and will send it to the diagnosis lab to verify the status of the dengue virus and start the treatment accordingly. 

Prevention is always better than cure so if you want to protect yourself and your near & dear one, use these tips. These tips are helpful in shielding you & your family from dengue. Read about WHO Global Public Health Days.

1. These mosquitos are very active in the early morning and the evening right before sunset. Sleep your babies in the nets especially at these times to minimize the risk of dengue.

Symptoms For Dengue In Child

2. Cover the body of infants from full sleeves shirt, paints, shocks, shoes, etc.

3. Mosquito repellent creams are a very good option to avoid mosquitoes from children. Put these creams on the uncovered bodies and ensure that these creams are safe for your children.

4. Reduce the outdoors times of your children especially in the rainy season and educate them with various preventive measures to avoid the risk of dengue.

5. To keep away the mosquitoes from your houses, it is advisable to burn coconut shells and neem leaves.

6. Don’t put any containers filled with fresh water near to your kids as these mosquitoes thrive quickly in fresh and stagnant water. It is recommended to discard or empty the containers placed close to the child.

Is there any Treatment for Dengue?

There is no particular treatment for dengue and still, research is going on to find out the best cure for this dangerous disease. However, dengue has a very low mortality rate and it is get resolved in most cases in a few days to a month. 

Here are the healthy tips that would help your toddler to fight dengue.

1. Give enough water and fluid to your baby especially the milk from the goat and the gloy leaves.

Symptoms For Dengue In Child

2. These are very helpful in curing him sooner. Healthy meals are equally important for your child.

3. Consistent sleeping is required to make a proper schedule of sleeping.

These steps are one of the most important to follow in fighting dengue as they will help strengthen their immune system to destroy the virus.

Useful information related to Dengue Virus & its prevention

In the above sections, we have discussed symptoms of dengue in child and various methods for the prevention of dengue. Apart from these, please have a look at various useful information related to the dengue virus and the carrier of the dengue virus are as follows:

Symptoms For Dengue In Babies

What are the four types of Dengue Virus?

There are 4 types of dengue virus that cause dengue fever and all these viruses are spread by the same types of mosquito. It is possible to suffer from dengue more than one and a person suffer from dengue 2nd, 3rd time, or more, the chances of a severe form of dengue would be very high.

What are the high risks prone areas of Dengue?

Dengue fever is mostly found in tropical and subtropical areas especially in central & South America, parts of Africa & Asia, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

What is the first sign of Dengue Fever?

High-temperature fever is the first dengue symptom in the child.

How to stop the production of these mosquitoes?

As we are aware of the production of these mosquitoes takes place in clean & stagnant water so, in order to stop the production of these mosquitoes, it is recommended to discard all the containers in which water collects or drain out the water from the buckets or any other containers when not in use. For standing water that can be removed, add a small amount of kerosene. It will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water as kerosene is toxic to them.

How can we stop the dengue virus from spreading from one person to others?

Dengue isn't exchanging starting with one individual then onto the next individual. It is only possible when a mosquito infected by dengue bite a person. The main thing that should be considered, if a person suffers from dengue, then he must take all the precautions to stop himself from the bite of mosquitoes. The mosquito will be infected by the dengue virus only when they bite a person infected with dengue. 

Final Words

As mentioned above, there is no definite way to cure dengue and still, researchers are trying to develop some vaccination or medicine to cure this disease. Illness can never be good and it becomes worse if we come to know, no medicine is available. It is better to protect yourself and your near and dear ones.


This post on the topic of symptoms of dengue in a child is only for awareness so don’t trust it blindly. Visit the doctor once you spot the symptoms of dengue in a child. Take the advice before obeying anything.
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