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How to do SWOT analysis of a person with examples

Are you depressed in your life? Are you fearing to take any new challenges? Have you become habitual of continuous failure? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. Here, we will tell you how the SWOT analysis of a person could become the blessing for anyone and we will also see the few examples of SWOT analysis.

Swot Of A Person

Before talking about SWOT Analysis, first, let me share one story with you guys. It is a motivational story and you will get a ray of hope after reading this story. This story is related to me and here the story begins.

5 Years before

I was sitting in the dark house, lights were switched off, feeling depressed, cried from last 3 hours and now planning to commit suicide.

Swot Analysis of a person Examples

I got the results of my government exams today. Unfortunately, I got failed again. It was my 2nd attempt and I could not make it. I studied a lot and was burning the midnight oil from last 1 year but could not make it. I love my father and he wanted to see me in the government job. I wanted to fulfill his desires but my luck was not with me. It was his dreams and he worked a lot along with me in chasing that dreams but in the end, we were unable to make it. My hard work of last one year ruined and there was no way of any hope. I did not want to face my depressed father and the only solution left with me was to commit suicide. These thoughts were disturbing me. 

Suddenly someone knocked on my door. That person came inside and I was unable to recognize him due to complete darkness in my room. Lights were switched on & I got to know, he was Pankaj, one of my friends. He came to me & asked, “What Happened?”. I told him the story and he shared his story as well. He said he was in the same situation last year when he was searching for the job.  While searching for the solution, he got to know about SWOT analysis. He said, it is the ladder and if you use this ladder properly, then success is in your hands. Let us see, how the SWOT analysis of the person can benefit him in the next section.

Swot Analysis of a person Examples

Frequently asked questions on the SWOT analysis of the person

Before knowing swot analysis in details, let us see what are the frequently asked questions related to SWOT analysis of the person:

1. What is the SWOT analysis?

2. What are the benefits of swot analysis of a person?

3. Is SWOT analysis also called personal analysis?

4. How to do a SWOT analysis of a person?

What is the meaning of SWOT analysis?

SWOT is an acronym stands for strength, weakness, opportunities & threats. It is a common tool used in the corporates till now to evaluate the past, present & future. The tool has become equally important to the individual in the pursuit of their goals. An individual takes several decisions throughout his career and sometimes suffers only due to inability to take the right decisions at the right time. This tool helps them to evaluate their capabilities and take the decision based on their strength & weakness.

How to conduct a personal swot analysis

The first step is to make clear goals & objectives before conducting a SWOT analysis of any person. Once you are clear with your goals, the next step is to understand more about yourself & your external environment. It is where SWOT analysis is helpful. Once you complete your SWOT analysis, you will get to know your strength, weakness, & what are the possible opportunities & threats.

Swot Analysis Of A Person

Let us see what are possible questions that you can ask from yourselves to get the answer of four pillars of SWOT.

What are the strengths of a person

This is the first step of swot analysis of a person & start your SWOT analysis by finding your strength. These are the traits or skills that will make you different from others. By knowing your strength, you can easily achieve your target or surpass to those, who are competing with you. To get the answer to your strength, ask below-listed questions from you:

1. What advantages do you have that others don't have?

2. What do you do better than anyone else?

3. What do other people see as your strengths?

4. What are your achievements in your career/life?

5. Do you feel proud of any of your achievements?

What is the weakness of a person

The next step is to find out your weaknesses. It will help you to find out the areas where you need to improve and give to chance to yourself to become better than your competitor. Questions to consider while finding weakness include:

1. What would other people see as your weaknesses?

2. Do you avoid tasks like public speaking, writing, speaking in front of your boss, etc. as you don’t feel confident while doing them?

3. Do you have confidence in your skills and knowledge?  Are you lacking somewhere in your skills?

4. What are your negative work habits?

5. Do you have personality traits that hold you back in your field?

What are the opportunities for a person

This is the 3rd phase of your SWOT analysis of a person and the first two were related to you but opportunities are mostly external related to the environment or the peoples surrounded you. Questions to consider while finding opportunities include:

1. Is the industry sector, you are looking for are growing? If so, how can you take advantage of the current market?

2. What are the possible opportunities coming to your industry sector?

3. What are the latest technologies coming into your industry sector?

What are the threats for a person

It is the final step of SWOT analysis of a person and again this step is not related to you. It is again related to external events or the environment that will make you worry in the future. Ask the questions listed below and find the possible threats. Try to overcome them & achieve your goals. Questions to consider while finding threats include:

1. What is the level of competition for the types of jobs for which you are best suited?

2. What is the biggest external danger to your goals?

3. What obstacles do you currently face at work?

4. Does changing technology threatening your position?

Example of SWOT analysis of a person

Let us take an example to understand the importance of SWOTanalysis in the life of every individual and what are the benefits of SWOT analysis if you adopt this tool in your life. In India, eCommerce companies are growing with very fast speed and here, your objective to get a job in eCommerce company while currently, you are working in the manufacturing sector.

Let us see how to respond to the answer to this question.  Here, I would like to start the SWOT analysis in a different manner.

First, I would like to talk about opportunities. 

To get the answer to this question, ask questions like what are the different department in the eCommerce companies? which department is best suited to you? What are the skills required to get a job? What is the minimum qualification required to get a job?

See yourself and find the answers to the questions asked above. Are you qualified enough to meet the qualification criteria? Are you possessing the skills eCommerce companies are looking for? If the answers of all these questions are yes, it means, you have the required strength but if the answer of any of these questions is No, it means, it is the area of your weakness. You should start working on your weakness and make your weakness your strengths.

how to do a swot analysis of a person

The next step is to find out the threats. 

Try comparing yourself with the possible candidates you are likely to compete to get the job. Try to find out the possible threats and then determine the possible ways to overcome them.

Benefits of SWOT analysis

There might have numerous benefits of adopting SWOT analysis in your life but the one I liked the most to know about our capability for any project. It tells us “are we eligible for this project?”. What to do next if you want to make yourself capable of the same project.

Swot Analysis Examples

Final Words

After reading the complete blog, I consider that you have understood the importance of SWOT analysis in the life of every person. Start implementing this in your life and make your life successful.

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