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What are the effects of the Air Conditioner?

Do you have air conditioners at your home? Off course, you must have if you want to beat sun scorching summer and I do have the same. We don’t have any other choice except to install air conditioners at home and get a relax from the summer.

The important thing to understand here, for getting this comfortable life, we are paying a very huge cost.

Here in this post, I want to put light on the undesirable effects of AC on human health & the environment.

Prior to going further, let me pose one inquiry from all of you?  Do you know the harmful effects of air conditioners?

Side effects of air conditioner on Environment

Prior, the air conditioner was considered the part of luxurious life but nowadays, it becomes the necessity. Air conditioners are all over the place and now it has become part of our life. If you remain in the AC room for a longer period of time, it will not only become your enemy but turned out to become responsible for various health issues. 

1. What are the side effects of the air conditioner?

2. Why air conditioning is bad for you?

3. What are the disadvantages of air conditioning?

4. Is air conditioner gas harmful?

5. Is air conditioning bad for humans?

6. Is air conditioning bad for the environment?

What are Harmful effects of the Air Conditioner on Human Health?

Relaxing in the AC room gives a comfortable life through you are getting this comfortable life at the cost of health. Staying in the AC room for prolong time period causes several health diseases and here are the lists of undesirable effects of AC on Human health. 


When you sit in the AC room for a longer period, there is a high probability to become dehydrated. It is known that when AC works in the room, it sucks the humidity and leave the room dry & cold. You will not take due water due to this cold and you ultimately suffer from dehydration.

Side effects of air conditioner on Human Health

Severe Headache & Migraine Problems

Staying in an ac room for a longer period is a major factor responsible for severe headache & migraine. Dehydration is another factor for severe headache and as mentioned in the above point, if you stay in AC for a longer period of time, you must be suffered from dehydration.

Harmful effects of air conditioner on Environment


AC may become the cause of skin allergies when you start negating the cleaning of the AC. There is a requirement to clean the AC once in a week, otherwise, it will increase the indoor air pollution causing skin allergies, skin redness, and skin itchiness. If your AC is not cleaned properly, the indoor air of your room gets polluted and when you inhale that polluted air for a longer period of time, then you will suffer from several health problems. This could also become the main factors of asthma.

Skin Dryness

The air conditioner sucks all the moisture of the environment and makes your skin as well as leaving your skin dry and cause itching problems.

Illness and constant tiredness

The regular exposure of cold air coming out from the air conditioner is also responsible for the lethargic body. You feel continuous pain in your body and even after taking proper rest, your body looks tired every time.
Harmful effects of air conditioner on the environment

The inability to handle hot summer

Peoples who spent a long time in an air-conditioned the environment are unable to tolerate hot summer temperatures. This intolerance has become a factor of death especially due to heat waves in summer times.

Viral Infections

One very common harmful health impact of air conditioning is the acquisition of viral infections that are as a result of weak immunity. In a room with a functional air conditioner, the old air circulates in the room without permitting any fresh air inside. The old air will flow and transmit cold and flu viruses, as well as other bacteria, from person to person. You are therefore prone to contacting a viral infection in a room that is air-conditioned than one that is not.

Negative consequences of air conditioner on human health

What are the harmful effects of the Air Conditioner on the environment?

Till now, we have talked about the harmful effects of AC on human health and now we are going to discuss the undesirable effects of AC on the environment. One of the greatest disadvantages of using air conditioners is most likely the fact that they are power-hungry home appliances. They consume huge powers in its operation.  This electricity comes from power plants after burning fossil fuels in huge quantity and burning of this fossil fuels release pollutants in the environment.  In addition to this, the cooling agents of AC are chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) & hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) are also responsible for global warming. These gases are the part of greenhouse gases and leakage of these gases into the environment trap the heats that lead to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Point to mention here, AC is also playing its part in increasing the temperature of the earth thereby forcing human beings to use more & more ACs.

Do we have solutions to get rid of these harmful effects of AC?

We have seen the harmful effects of AC on both human wellbeing and the environment. It is the enemy for both of them but if we consider the current situation, so we can’t get rid of this enemy. There is a proverb “Prevention is better than cure” and here I would like to suggest you few ways via which we could minimize the risk of AC.

1. The first proposal is to utilize your AC at a temperature of in excess of 23 degrees. By picking this, you may maintain a strategic distance from issues identified with fatigue.

2. Clean your AC regularly and buy energy efficient AC only.

3. Please call the technician immediately in case of any leakage in the AC.

4. An Air cooler is a decent alternative for your well being and nature also. Switch off for some time and sit in the water cooler. 

Negative consequences of air conditioner on the environment

5. If your rooms expose to sunlight, cover that area with curtain and would like to advise you to use the fans along the AC. Running fan simultaneously bring down the temperature faster.

6. Buy latest technology AC as they come with eco-friendly gases. As per the latest updates, R290 & R600 are going to be used in new ACs.

Last Words

It is all about the harmful effects of AC and a few solutions to overcome the problem occurring due to the AC. Thanks for reading our Post. If you have any suggestions related to this blog, write to us in the comment box.



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