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What are the advantages of small families?

Advantages Of Small Family

We keep on saying that a small family is a happy family and there are several advantages of having small families but a few questions strike my mind and questions are like

1. A small family is always a happy family. Is it true? 

2. Can we measure happiness on the basis of the size of the family?

3. If it is true that a small family is a happy family, then how?

4. What are the advantages of having a small family?

If you are also searching for answers to these questions then let us start together to figure out the answer to all these questions one by one. Read more about what is a nuclear family?

What is a small family?

A family is a group of persons living together.  It is classified as a joint family, undivided family, nuclear family, small family, etc. We can say a family is a small family if there are only one or two kids.

Small Family

What is the small family norms?

There are no strict norms in India but in the year 1952, the government of India had started the concept of family planning in India. The Indian Government gave the slogan of “We two, our two” (Hum Do Hamare Do) to promote the idea of small families and also shared various advantages of having small families.

Small Family Images

The growth of any country depends upon its citizens. The sharp growth of population or the population explosion comes with many negativities like penury, malnutrition, epidemics, and so forth if the country does not have unlimited resources. A country is made of a group of families and the prosperity of any country depends upon the conditions of the families. A country with a large population requires greater resources to survive and it is a well-known fact that every country has limited resources and that’s why the concept of the small family gain popularity today.

Advantages of small families

There is a notion in the poor families that if they have big families then indirectly, they will have extra hands to earn money and it could be the panacea for their poverty. But the reality is not the same my dear friend. Large families bring several untold maladies like children are often undernourished and fall victim to numerous diseases. If there is no suitable gap between the birth of two children, not only the health of the mother but also the health of the child falls. The entire circle ruins the entire family.

The concept of large families is dying out in the big cities and It is a common observation that can be noticed very easily. Due to the modernization or to match the living standards & rate of inflation, a concept of a small family could be the best option and advantageous for all.

Is Happiness related to the size of the family?

No, it is not correct to measure the happiness of any family through the size of the family but at the same time, point to consider that in the small family, parents can provide quality education, good quality food, healthy lifestyle and can give more love, affection, and attention to their kids. In a small family, parents are able to inspire the children and they have ample chance to imbibe good qualities.

What are the advantages of small families?

There was a time when individuals were proud of having large families but things have been changed in recent times. People now start to understand the importance of small families. There are numerous advantages of having small families and here we are listing some of the advantages of it.

1. The financial condition of any family is directly proportional to the financial budget of the family. If there is a large family of 6~8 members or more, the living cost would be higher than the comparison of families having 4 or fewer members. It means, large families will spend more money on food, education, clothes, routine expenses and many more.

2. In small families, a child receives more attention and support from the parents to the comparison of a large family. Parents can give their best support if they have one or two kids only. The same is not possible in large families. This could be one of the best benefits of having small families.

3. The size of the family also affects the health especially that of the mother & the child. Frequent pregnancies can become the cause of illness for both mother and children and also affects the health of the women.

4. Parents can fulfil the dreams or the necessities of one or two kids very easily. It is possible for the parents to provide them with quality education and look after them in a very good manner. Parents are also able to give due attention to their upbringing and needs. On the other end, if there are 3~4 kids in the family, parents can’t satisfy even the fundamental needs of the kids. As a result, the child suffers and subsequently the parents.


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