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What is Adulteration of food in India?

Food is one of the basic necessities for the survival of life. No one can imagine life without food. A pure & good healthy diet is most essential for the health of the people. It is no wonder to say that the health of the community is equivalent to the country’s wealth. The moment we hear the word “Food”, all the delicious dishes comes to our mind.

But have you ever thought about the food that all we are eating?

Have you ever thought about the quality of the food?

Is it matching the quality standards describe by the several organizations?

In today’s time, Adulteration of food in India has become a very serious problem and whatever you eat, chances are very high that it has been adulterated. Adulteration is the process or the act that lowers the quality of Food. In this process, either the inferior products are added or extraction of valuable ingredient take place.  It is very dangerous for your health.

Types of Food Adulteration

The different types of food adulteration are as follows

•  Intentional adulteration: An adulteration is called intentional adulteration if inferior products are added deliberately with the intention to increase the profit. Materials like sand, marble chips, stones, chalk powder, etc. are used in intentional adulteration.

•  Incidental Adulteration: Adulterants are found in food due to negligence, ignorance or lack of proper facilities. Example Packaging hazards like larvae of insects, droppings, pesticide residues, etc.

•  Metallic adulteration: When the metallic substances are added intentionally or accidentally. Example arsenic, pesticides, lead from water, mercury from effluents, tins from cans, etc.

Facts & Figures of Adulteration

•  Overall 23.28% (14130 out of 60671) of all samples analyzed in 2016-17 were found adulterated/ misbranded and legal cases have been filed in 75% of cases.

•  More than 68 percent of the milk and milk products sold in our country is not as per the standards defined by the FSSAI.

•  Punjab and Uttar Pradesh topped the food adulteration list with 55% and 42% of their analyzed samples found to be adulterated/misbranded respectively.

Why Adulteration is happening?

Shopkeeper always tries to maximize his profit and in order to get high profits, he lowers the quality of the products. It is one of the main reasons for the adulteration of food in India.

Examples of Adulteration in India

•  Milk is adulterated using water, chalk, caustic soda, etc. Some dairies make synthesis milk using urea, sodium sulphate, glucose, Vanaspati ghee, detergent powder, etc. In the same way, Khoya is adulterated with paper, refined oil, skimmed milk powder, etc.

•  Spices are also adulterated like turmeric powder is adulterated by mixing with metanil yellow chemical. Papaya seeds are mixed with black pepper and brick powder is added in the chilli powder. Coriander powder is also used to adulterated wood powder.

•  Vegetables are often bleached to look fresh and bright. Some vegetables are artificially coloured with green colour to look bright green and fresh.

Prevention of Adulteration of Food in India

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) is an autonomous body established under the ministry of health & family welfare responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety. In 2006, the food safety & standards act has been passed in the parliament which includes all the rules & regulations related to food safety in India.

One of the main tips to stop the food adulteration is to Choose better. Whenever you are going to buy any food, please check to ensure that it must have an FSSAI validated label. It includes various details like FSSAI license number, detailed list of ingredients and clear expiration date.


Thanks for reading our article. Kindly share your feedback in the comment box. Keep visiting us and give your support to make our nation healthy & wealthy.


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