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Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

The World’s Tallest Statue of Unity is a monument dedicated to one of great freedom fighter of India i.e. Shri Vallabhbhai Patel. He is also known as the Iron Man of India. The statue of unity is 182 meters tall monument located in the Gujrat. It is the world’s tallest statue & facing to the Narmada Dam (Sardar Sarovar Dam).

This Statue will remind every individual about the struggle of our nation in getting the freedom and inspire us to include the ideologies of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in our Life. The visionary ideologies of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel are Unity in Nation, Patriotism towards Country, Inclusive Growth and Good Governance.

Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

The project had been started in the year 2013 and would be completed in October 2018. It would be inaugurated by the prime minister of India Shri Narender Modi on 31 October 2018, the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

Who is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is the well-known name in the Indian Politics and freedom movement of India. He was a great political and social leader of India. He is also known as Sardar Patel and the Ironman of India. Sardar Patel was born on 31st October 1875 in Gujarat. He played a leading role in the independence of India. Post-Independence, he played a crucial role in the integration of more than 500 princely states in India. He was the first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was greatly influenced by Gandhi’s ideology and principles. He Played major roles in the several movements initiated by Mahatma Gandhi such as Quit India Movement, Non-Violence Movement, Non-Cooperation Movement, Salt Satyagraha Movement, etc. He was the first choice as the first prime minister of India but on the request of Mahatma Gandhi, he stepped down.

Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

Sardar Patel was the true follower of the Mahatma Gandhi and after the death of Mahatma Gandhi, his health also started declining. On 15th December 1950, the great soul left the world after getting a massive heart attack. He was posthumously Awarded India’s highest civilian honor i.e. Bharat Ratna, in 1991. His birthday, October 31, was also declared Rashtriya Ekta Divas in 2014.

How to reach World's Tallest Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is nearby to Narmada Dam and you can reach there by air, rail & road. Details are mentioned below.

By Air: Vadodara Airport is approximately 90 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam is the nearest airport.

By Rail: Vadodara is approximately 90 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam is the nearest railway station.

By Road:  You can reach the Sardar Sarovar dam either by Taxi or Buses. These buses are available from Bharuch, Rajpipla, Chanod, and Dabhoi.

Features of the Project

The features of this project are as follows

World’s tallest Statue of Unity would become the Icon of India and the height of the statue is 182 meters. There are 182 assembly constituencies in the Gujrat and this is the reason to make this statue of 182 meters.

The construction of the Statue of Unity has been taken place on the river island Sadhu Bet. It is 3.5 km away from the Narmada Dam and for the connectivity, the construction of 250 meters long bridge has been taken place.

• The construction of the Statue of Unity had been started in the year in 2013. The L&T won the contract in 2989 crores and now it has been built. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate this statue on 31 Oct 2018.

The statue of unity was built on the public-private model. Most of the money of this project
has been raised by the Gujrat Government.

A Monument View & Research Centre.

Fast elevators to reduce transit time for visitors.

The three-level base of the Statue - exhibit floor, mezzanine, and roof - will contain a Memorial Garden and a large continuous museum/exhibition hall, comprising exhibits that focus on the life and contributions of Vallabhbhai Patel.

Information about World's Tallest Statue of Unity

The museum, Audio-Visual Gallery, Sound & Laser Light Show.

Ferry Services, Hospitality & Entertainment.

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