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What is the National Nelson Mandela Day?

This blog will cover the story of one of the great fighters, social activists and influencing leaders of South African. His name is Nelson Mandela. To remember him & his contribution to society, we celebrate National Nelson Mandela Day on 18th July, on the birth date of Nelson Mandela. This day is also known as Mandela Day, Nelson Mandela Day, International Nelson Mandela Day. Sub-topics that will be covered in this post are

> Brief biography of Nelson Mandela
> National Nelson Mandela Day
> What can we learn from Nelson Day
> Why do we celebrate National Mandela Day?
> Why do we give 67 mins on International Mandela Day
> Nelson Mandela summary for the long walk of freedom


Nelson Mandela was born in the small village of South Africa on 18 July 1918. He was the first black president of South Africa and well known as the anti-apartheid activist in South Africa.  He served as president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.  He went to fort hare University College after taking early education from Methodist church school. He was leading a student strike and due to this, he expelled from fort hare University College and thereafter he moved to Witwatersrand University and obtained the degree. In 1942, He received a degree in law from the University of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela

The political career of Nelson Mandela was started in 1940 when he joined the American national congress party. The main goal of the American national congress party is to fight against the racial discrimination policies of the South African government. In South Africa, black people were not allowed to go to certain places like white people. Black peoples were also not allowed to cast votes. In 1962, Mandela was sent to jail for protesting against poverty, inequality, and racism in South Africa. He became the face of the antiapartheid movement both within his country and internationally. He stayed in prison for 27 years and released in 1990. Read more about WHAT IS THE THEME OF WORLD AIDS DAY 2020?

Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 and he was elected as the first black South African president in 1994.  He made a mixed government to oversee the country’s transition. In 1995, he has started the Nelson Mandela children fund where he denoted lots of money received after becoming South African president. In 1999, he retired from politics but he was working in the nation and around the world for peace and social justice. Due to illness, he also stopped attending public events and interviews since 2004.

He died on 5 December 2013 at the age of 95 but he always remains in our hearts for the contribution he made to society.

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What is Mandela international day?

Mandela international day is an annual international day celebrated in the honor of Nelson Mandela. It is celebrated on the occasion of Mandela’s birthday i.e. 18th July. This international day was officially declared by the united nation in 2009 and the first international Nelson Mandela Day was celebrated on 18 July 2010.  On this famous day, the whole world remembers him for his achievements in working towards human rights, peace, democracy, conflict resolution, addressing racial issues, etc. Read about  WHY DO WE CELEBRATE VIJAY DIWAS?

What can we learn from Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela is a great personality and he is the inspiration for all. He fought against discrimination for his entire life. We can learn several things from him and we are explaining a few learnings below. Read about WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 2021 THEME

•    The first lesson that we can learn from Mandela is to never give up. He fought against discrimination and finally achieved what he wanted to achieve.

•    Please treat all human beings equal. There would be no discrimination based on colour, caste, gender, etc. Every human being on this earth deserves respect and dignity.

•    We can also learn patience, forgiveness, and kindness from Mandela.  He showed the power of forgiveness, kindness, and patience to the entire world.

•    Violence is not the answer to any problem. He started violence against the South African government to get justice but he got to jail. After coming out of jail, he discussed racial discrimination with the South African president and got success after 4 years approximately.

•    Don’t afraid of difficulties. There is a very famous quote given by Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it is done.” He fought for close to 30 years to get justice on racial discrimination.


Nelson Mandela is the role model and inspiration for all. He has given his entire life for the welfare of human beings and society. Now it is our turn to take inspiration and start working for our society, for our nation and even for the world as well.

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