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Social Posts is the website dedicated to create the awareness of different responsibilities associated with every citizens of our country. There are several responsibilities such as moral, social, economical, personal etc. are associated with each individual and it is mandatory to perform all these duties properly for the betterment of our nation.

We at social posts have a team of young professionals encouraging the peoples to understand their responsibility & work accordingly. We encourage that every youth should widen up their idea about their role regarding the abolition of social tribulations and inspire others to become helping hand for the society. Point to remember, we all are the brand ambassador of our country and our perspective must be to form a society where every citizen should understand their responsibilities towards the society and work hand in hand for the betterment of our country.

We believe that all sections of the society must understand the importance & protect national wealth and resources. We believe that if we create awareness among the peoples, then people would be able to take a stand on issues that could impact us both in the short term and in long term. Seeking to the need of the hour as a citizen of India, we should follow some small steps in right direction, which would not only change our perspective towards our responsibility but also will benefit us in the long run.

As the quote given by the great Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”... So let us change ourselves first...

Vision of Social Posts

We at Social Posts are dedicated to the elimination of current issues in the society and uplifting the thoughts of every citizen of India. We are looking forward to bring a change in the thought process of the people so that they can "Be the Change in the Changing of India".

Our vision is to make our country free from issues related to different fields such as environmental issues, social issues, political issues, moral issues, economical issues etc.

The several missions of Social Posts are as follows

•  Education for all.

•  Promoting the importance of planet & creating the awareness related to green good deeds for making the environment healthy.

•  Encourage the peoples to get the objectives of the life and ways to achieve them.

•  Motivating the peoples individually & encourage every individual to take small steps for the betterment of the nation.

•  Share the feelings that we experience first time in the life. It could be anything like getting a first job, become the parents first time, get first close friends etc.

•  Raising the awareness through several campaigns for a healthy lifestyle, clean India, different rules related to our judiciary system, conservation of resources etc.

•  Awareness of the social evils of the society like corruption, child abuse, child labour, violence against women etc.

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