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Maintaining a healthy midsection serves more purposes than just making you look beautiful; it can also help you live longer. People who have a larger waistline are more prone to suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer. Losing weight, particularly abdominal fat, improves the functioning of blood vessels and makes it easier to sleep.


Weight classification and risk prediction for metabolic disease are both based on the body mass index (BMI), which is used by many health organizations. Contrary to popular belief, people with excessive abdominal fat are at greater risk of developing heart disease, even if they appear to be in good health. There are a few things you may do to get rid of excess belly fat, despite the fact that it can be difficult to do so in this area. Here are 10 effective methods for losing abdominal fat that have been scientifically proven.

1. High Protein Diet

plant protein is a very important nutrient for keeping your weight down. When you eat a lot of protein, your body makes more of the hormone PYY, which makes you feel full and reduces your appetite.  Protein also helps you maintain muscle mass while losing weight since it increases your metabolism and increases your energy expenditure. Research shows that persons who consume more protein are likely to have less belly fat than people who eat less protein. Incorporate a high-quality supply of plant protein into each meal, such as meats and fish, eggs, vegan protein powder, dairy products and beans.

2. Track your calories

There are a variety of approaches to losing weight and belly fat, but the most crucial is to consume fewer calories than your body requires to maintain your current weight. It is possible to keep track of how many calories you consume by maintaining a food diary or by utilizing an online meal tracker or an application. It has been demonstrated that this strategy can aid in weight loss. Food-tracking software can also assist you in keeping track of how much protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and micronutrients you consume. Many of them also allow you to keep track of how much exercise and movement you get in.

3. Reduce Stress Level

The stress hormone cortisol, which is released by the adrenal glands in reaction to stress, has been shown to contribute to the buildup of belly fat. Researchers have discovered that having a high cortisol level makes you feel hungry more often and causes your stomach to retain fat.

Additionally, when women are stressed, their bodies produce extra cortisol, especially if they already have a large waistline. A higher level of cortisol in your body causes you to develop even more fat around your midsection than usual. Doing things you enjoy that also help you relax will aid in the reduction of tummy fat. Yoga and meditation are two techniques that can be used to aid.

4. Avoid Sugary Foods

Several long-term problems have been connected to the fructose present in sugar, which has been linked to excessive consumption in the long term. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and fatty liver disease are only a few examples. A rise in belly fat is linked to an increased intake of sugar, according to observational research. It's important to know that refined sugar isn't the only thing that can make you gain belly fat. Even sugars that are better for you, like real honey, should be used in small amounts.

5. Do Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic activity (cardio) is an excellent way to improve your health while simultaneously burning calories. Studies have also shown that it is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat. But the research is not clear on whether moderate or high intensity exercise is better. In any case, the frequency and duration of your workouts are more significant than the intensity with which you exercise.

6. Avoid Drink Alcohol

Small amounts of alcohol can be beneficial to your health, but consuming too much can be quite harmful. In addition, excessive alcohol use has been shown to increase weight gain around the midsection. Observational studies show that drinking a lot of alcohol makes you much more likely to get central obesity, which is when you store too much fat around your waist. If you drink less, you might be able to lose weight around your waist. You don't have to stop drinking it completely, but cutting back on how much you drink each day can help.

7. Cut Down Carbs

Reducing your carbohydrate intake can assist you in losing weight, particularly around your stomach.  People who are overweight, at risk for type 2 diabetes, and women with polycystic ovary syndrome lose belly fat when they eat less than 50 grams of carbs per day. You are not required to consume exclusively low-carbohydrate foods. According to some research, substituting unprocessed starchy carbohydrates for refined carbohydrates may enhance metabolic health while also reducing belly fat.

8. Get Proper Sleep

A good night's sleep is beneficial to your health in a variety of ways, including how much weight you have. When people don't get enough sleep, they tend to gain weight. Stomach fat is one example. If you only get a few hours of sleep each night, you'll have more time to snack and make other unhealthy choices that could stop you from losing weight. How much sleep you need to be most effective (and therefore make progress toward your weight loss goals) will vary from person to person, but the best number is usually seven or eight hours.

9. No Processed Food

The consumption of processed foods and sugar can both make losing weight more difficult, as they might induce you to consume an excessive amount of calories. It has been demonstrated that a large number of processed foods produce inflammation in the body, which is a significant contributor to belly fat. Make an effort to consume as few processed foods as possible while consuming as many whole foods as feasible.

10. Change Lifestyle

Doing just one of these things won't make a big difference on its own. If you want good results, you need to combine different methods that have been shown to work. Many of these ways are interesting because they are things that are usually associated with healthy eating and living in general. So, the best way to lose belly fat and keep it off is to make long-term changes to the way you live. When you do healthy things and eat real food, fat loss usually happens on its own.

Bottom Line

There is no secret pill that will magically eliminate belly fat. Work, dedication, and perseverance on your side are always required when it comes to losing weight. The additional weight around your waist will be lost if you are able to effectively implement some or all of the strategies and lifestyle modifications discussed in this article.

Author Bio:

I am Meera Sharma, a post-graduate in Health and Nutrition, and an inquisitive person who loves writing. I’m working for veganway and my forte is digital marketing and everything that has to do with phones and screens. My belief is that one person can make a difference, and that's why I've taken up writing, which is the best means to communicate these days. I have a decade of experience in writing and marketing, and I still find myself learning new things about it, which I want to share with my readers.


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Actor Sapan Krishna Says: "Nepotism Debate Is Overrated, Its High Time We Let Talent Speak For Itself"

After delivering the blockbuster song Bedard opposite Hina Khan last year, actor Sapan Krishna is all geared up for his new music video Tera Hi Naam which brings a fresh perspective to the old world notion of Love at First Sight. In an exclusive conversation with #SocialPost, the actor talks about his upcoming projects and his thoughts on the controversial topic ‘Nepotism in Bollywood’.

Sapan considers himself as a ‘fortunate outsider’ to the film industry who has been able to pave a way up for himself at his own pace in the last five years. After few years of struggle in Mumbai and some initial projects, he bagged the lead role in bilingual movie Deadly Affair in 2020 which released in theatres just before COVID hit the country. The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime for international audience. People further took note of him in a primary character in the hard hitting film Mooso based on John Steinbeck’s novel ‘Of Men and Mice’ which was premiered at the prestigious Kolkata International Film Festival along with numerous other national and international screenings and recognitions. He says that ‘For star kids, the pressure must be immense to stand up to their illustrious parents. But for someone like me, nobody kept a track of my work in the initial years and I had the freedom to try and fail before I delivered. Not being judged is a big cushion for any new actor’. 

Sapan was also seen opposite Hina Khan in Stebin Ben’s music video Bedard which went on to become one of the most viewed songs with more than 50Millions views till date. He further says ‘I feel it’s high time we stop the debate on Nepotism and targeted abuse on actors with privilege. It’s a no brainer that children would want to follow the footsteps of parents in most professions and parents would push for opportunities. Bollywood is no different and we should be at peace with it. Nature has its own way of ensuring fairness. Where there is no talent, it soon shows irrespective of their family name or backing from bigwigs’.

Right now, Sapan is eagerly waiting for the audience’s response to ‘Tera Hi Naam’ by Big Shots Music where actress Preyal Shah plays the lead opposite him in the music video directed by Deepak Chaudhary. Sapan is also looking forward to the thriller Mathadi, a web show by RV Series that talks about the life of daily wage labours in a metropolitan city. The shoot of his satirical film Bhaakcination is also complete which shows the difficulties of driving COVID vaccination drives in rural India. He is thrilled at both the projects gearing up for release on leading OTTs this summer.

To sum up, Sapan tells us that good work comes your way if you know your true worth and if you are able to identify the right opportunities. One’s success won’t be defined by pulling down people with privileges or godfathers. Peace and Love!


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