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Jyoti Jha’s book ‘Aanandi’ depicts the convergence of Literature and Cinema ~ Social Posts

Jyoti Jha’s book ‘Aanandi’ depicts the convergence of Literature and Cinema

 In a live session ‘Impact of Literature on Bollywood’, Jyoti Jha, an HR-turned-Author discussed various aspects of literature and its influence on Bollywood. The panel consisted of famous TV actor Rahul Tomar and the session was hosted by RJ Jyoti Singh at the prestigious platform of Literia Insight.

In the ever-evolving and changing society where women are found holding high positions and ranks in various organizations and establishments; on the other hand, even today they are in a constant struggle towards finding their rightful place in the societal setup. Be it for their independence, self-reliance, education, or safety, there is a continuous battle against the resident evils of society. Standing against the patriarchal system which has been going on for centuries, and grappling through shameful acts of violence, dowry system, torture, inequality, etc., the scenario has not changed much over the decades for women.

In such a situation, trying to bring positive changes in society through writing seems a challenging effort. However, literature has always played a pivotal role in bringing fresh perspectives to thinking, conveying newer viewpoints to people, and connecting people with the untouched links of the society through literary landscapes and contributions of litterateurs. One such story ‘Aanandi’, by author Jyoti Jha, promises positivity in terms of women empowerment, education, and finding opportunity amidst adversity. The story emerges from a rural environment and shows the potential to bring a positive message to people in society.

While the literature has the power to convey positivity to society, the confluence of literature in cinema cannot be ignored. Be it Cinema, Television, or OTT Platforms, these mediums are always on the lookout for good stories and scripts that showcase the potential to impact society and be a guiding force in bringing necessary changes. The story of ‘Aanandi’ is suited for cinema and in the coming days, the book may be seen being adapted to the big screen.

In the session ‘Impact of Literature on Bollywood’, the panellists expressed their views on various aspects of literature, cinema, and their amalgamation. A multifaceted TV Actor, Rahul Tomar who has been associated with TV series like ‘Hamari Wali Good News’, ‘Krishna Chali London’, and ‘Crime Petrol’, conveyed the impact of stories picked up from the grassroots levels and portrayed on big screens. The actor hails from Katni, Madhya Pradesh.

Growing up in Bihar, Jyoti Jha’s childhood has been enriched with literature, and writing for her is a spiritual reflection of her contemplations and self-expression. Jyoti has been associated with the corporates like Infosys and Whirlpool and has contributed to English Literature through her books. Through ‘Aanandi’, the author endeavours to present a positive direction to society. The book is being published by PR Publications.

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