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Prevention is better than cure and I am sure you are aware of this. In this blog, we are about to see the symptoms of dengue on babies, preventive measures & healthy tips for a speedy recovery.

Dengue is a viral disease that occurs due to the bite of a mosquito known as Aedes Aegypti. It is also called break-bone fever as the one who suffers from it feel severe pain in the body. It mainly spreads in monsoon season & in the tropical & sub-tropical areas that are more prone to this viral disease. It is mostly found in central & south America, parts of Africa & Asia, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.


Warning signs & dengue symptoms on babies

The dengue symptoms on babies are primarily asymptomatic in nature in almost 80% of cases and it normally takes 3~5 days to appear after the infection. Early detection is very important and here is the symptoms list that can help everyone for the early detection of dengue.


➦ Flu-like illness

In most cases, the dengue symptoms on babies begin with the negative effects linked to virus-related flu, for example, high-temperature fever, running nose tiredness, etc.


➦ Change in behaviour of the child

If a child infected with dengue, then there is a change in the body language of the baby. They will often weep and show irritation mostly, reduce in their sleeping time & appetite as well.


➦ Skin Problems

It is a very common symptom of dengue in babies that you will find rashes all over the body.


➦ Bleeding from the Nose & Gum

Whenever a toddler suffers from dengue, then there is a sudden drop in the platelets count and owing to this, there is a drop in the blood clotting rate resulting in bleeding in the gums & nose. Read about complete oral health here.


Preventive measures to minimize the risk of dengue

Here are some preventive measures that can help to avoid dengue illness.

➦ If you notice any dengue symptoms on babies as defined above, go to the paediatrician, and take his recommendation as quickly as possible.

➦ These mosquitos are very active in the early morning & in the evening right before sunset. Ensure to put your infants inside the nets for sleeping in these times to avoid the risk of dengue infection.

➦ It is always advisable to cover the whole body of the babies and put on full sleeve shirt, paints, shocks, shoes, etc.

➦ Mosquito repellent lotions are a superb choice to keep away the mosquitoes from kids. Put these lotions at the uncover body parts and before applying this on your toddler, kindly take all precautionary measures.

➦ Do not keep any filled storage container of fresh water at your home because dengue mosquitoes produce very fast in the fresh and still water. 

➦ Reduce the outdoor playtime of your children in the high-risk dengue time particularly in monsoon and train them with diverse preventive measures to keep away from the threat of dengue.

➦ To keep dengue mosquitoes away from your house, it is recommended to burn coconut shells and neem leaves.


Healthy Tips for babies to fight Dengue

Here are some healthy tips that would help your babies to fight dengue.

➦ Give sufficient water and fluid to your child particularly the milk of goat, and gloy leaves.

➦ Healthy meals are equally important for your child.

➦ Proper sleeping is also required.


Final Words

As discussed above, there is no particular way to remedy dengue and still, researchers are seeking to develop some vaccine or medicinal drug to remedy this disease. Illness can never be good, and it will become even worse if a cure is not available. Preventive measures & the right information related to symptoms, safety measures, etc. could be only the solution for such diseases. Read about WHO Global Public Health Days

Stay healthy stay safe! Take care of yourself and near & dear ones.



Whatever we have written in this post, our team have tried to do deep research and share all the relevant information here only for awareness. it is highly advisable to consult the doctor and take proper advice before opting some cure.


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