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What Is A Nuclear Family

Hi readers! We are here again with another episode on different types of the family system in India. In this series, we are going to cover different family systems in India i.e., small family, big family, nuclear family, joint family etc. We have already covered two topics among the topics mentioned above and it has been seen by more than 1 lakh+ viewers. If you are interested to read those blogs, here I am sharing the links of those two blogs as well.

In this blog, we are going to discuss, what is a nuclear family? its advantages & disadvantages and what is our thought on the concept of the nuclear family.

These days, the concept of the nuclear family is more prevalent in society and now the families prefer the nuclear family over the joint family. The next question is “what is the meaning of nuclear family”, so according to sociology & anthropology, the simplest meaning of the nuclear family is the parents’ child relationship consists of an adult couple and their children. Through these couples are usually male & female but now the definition of the nuclear family further expanded and added same-sex marriage as well. The child of the nuclear family not only includes their socially recognized children but also via biological offspring or adopted by a couple.

Benefits of Nuclear Family

Here are the benefits of the nuclear family.


> Financial Stability

Having a nuclear family reduces the family expenditure substantially giving more financial stability which further creates more opportunities. Such families can afford more expenses on child education, healthy food & lifestyle, etc. According to the survey conducted, 57% of nuclear families are above the poverty line, and in that case, they can enjoy much more in their life and can opt for a good lifestyle too. In addition to this, children can uprise in their career if they get quality education & required resources that help them to crack better opportunities.

> Harmony & peace

Keeping harmony & peace in the family or within the house is very essential. It helps in promoting the optimum environment for human potential to flourish in all situations be it personal, social & economical. Conflict can arise in any family at any time, but it is necessary to be solved at the earliest to maintain the healthiest atmosphere in the family. Fewer members in the family mean fewer chances of conflict, thereby fewer chances of disturbance.

> Is it give better opportunity for them to have a good lifestyle?

The obvious answer to this question is yes. The possibility to achieve financial freedom is more in the nuclear family in comparison to joint family thereby enabling them to expense more on their lifestyle, food, child education, extracurricular activities, vacation, health, etc.

> More time & space for Women

In nuclear families, females have more time & space to enjoy their life. They can enjoy their spare time post performing their household duties. As the number of members in the nuclear family is fewer requiring fewer tasks to do, means more free time.

> Small Family Happy family

The concept of a small family works well in nuclear families. As the parents have to bear all the responsibilities & expenses of raising children enabling them to have one or two children maximum.

What Is A Nuclear Family


Disadvantages of Nuclear Family

Here are the disadvantages of the nuclear family.


> No Helping Hands

As we discussed earlier a nuclear family means adults & their children only, so the adults have to take care of everything. They are responsible for the nurturing of the child plus jobs, and household work too. They do not have much personal time and sometimes, they also become annoyed and irritate with their daily life routine.

> Hire Maid to take care their child

The next disadvantage of having a nuclear family is when to hire a maid for taking care of the children or leave them in the church if both parents work. In such situations, parents cannot be sure whether the nurturing of their kids happening properly or not.

> Insecurity at the Old Age

There is always insecurity in the nuclear family. As the parents grow older, and as they have followed the nuclear family concept indirectly teaching their children to opt for a nuclear family as well. If the parents do not have a retirement amount, they have to face problems in their 2nd innings (old age).   

> Child Insecurity in the nuclear family

As in nuclear families, parents have to take care of everything, so in such cases, they both work to uplift the living standards and in doing so, they are unable to give attention to their children. Owing to this, a child starts feeling abandon, socially isolated & alone and unknowingly sometimes they also join the company of wrong people that leads them to the wrong path.  

> Economical Losses

If you are part of a joint family, then there are several breadwinners or helping hands in the family that support each other and by their collective efforts, the family income rises upwards. Division of joint family into the nuclear family leads to the property division followed by the increase in the expenditure such as they have to buy all the resources individually for their livelihood be it the fridge, washing machine, TV, and many more.

> Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflicts are the part of parcel of each family, and it is inevitable. You cannot stop them completely whether you stay in the joint family or the nuclear family. There is an advantage of having a nuclear family as the fewer members in the family leads to fewer chances of misunderstanding but at the same time, there is a disadvantage too. When you have a joint family, then different persons bring different opinions & ideas that help in solving conflicts which is not possible in the nuclear family.

> No Support in the emergency time

Life is full of ups & downs, and we cannot predict “what is going to happen next”? It seems perfect in the nuclear family if everything goes in the right direction but sometimes one obstacle breaks the foundation of the nuclear family and put them into crisis.  

> Nuclear Family Crisis

Another disadvantage of nuclear families is the increasing number of divorces which is less likely to happen in a joint family. The future of a child is in a great dilemma if divorce occurs in the nuclear family. 

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So far, we have seen about the nuclear family definition & its benefits & drawback. We will come with another post on joint family, and we will also compare joint family vs nuclear family, small family vs big family, etc. Post doing the research on all types of the family system in India, we will draw our conclusion.

That is all for this blog, we will see you soon in the next blog. Till then, goodbye & take care.


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