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Pollution is the introduction of any harmful substance in the environment that is harmful to the existence of human being, animals, and various species. Various types of pollution affect the natural environment and quality of living. Different types of pollution are causing various types of environmental issues. There are various types of pollution which can be broadly classified as follows.

👉Air pollution

👉Water pollution

👉Soil pollution

👉Noise pollution

👉Plastic pollution

👉Radioactive contamination

👉Light pollution

👉Thermal pollution

👉Visual pollution



Air pollution is the presence of harmful matter or gases in the environment that change the natural composition or natural environment causing a detrimental effect on human health and various living species. When we talk about air pollution, there are various activities contributing to the increasing pollution primarily classified into natural & man-made activities. Various harmful gases to name a few are ammonia, carbon monoxide, methane, CFC, and other air pollutants which are either organic or inorganic.



Water pollution simply means contaminating the natural water bodies by various human activities. Water contamination happens when destructive/harmful substances such as frequently synthetic compounds (substance formed by any chemical reaction) or microorganisms taint a stream, lake, sea, spring, or other waterways, contaminating water quality. Water contamination mainly occurs because of untreated factory chemicals & untreated domestic sewage directly disposing of in the nearby river or other water bodies.


Soil contamination is characterized as the presence of poisonous synthetics (toxins or pollutants) in soil, insufficiently high fixations to represent a danger to human wellbeing or potentially the environment. Because of foreign substances which happen normally in soil, in any event, when their levels are not sufficiently high to represent a danger, soil contamination is yet said to happen if the levels of the toxins in soil surpass the levels that ought to normally be available.

Soil contamination refers to whatever causes pollution of soil and degrade the dirt quality.  soil contamination can happen either because of human exercises or on account of regular cycles. In any case, for the most part, it is because of human exercises. The dirt defilement can happen because of the presence of synthetic compounds like pesticides, herbicides, alkali, petrol hydrocarbons, lead, nitrate, mercury, naphthalene, and so on in an abundance amount.



In simple terms, noise pollution means the undesirable or exaggerated sound that can adversely affect human ears, natural life, and ecological quality. Sound is measured in dB and if it is below 70dB, then it is not harmful to human being and living organisms. Continuous excessive sound pollution can cause hearing loss.



Plastic contamination is the collection of plastic items and particles (for example plastic jugs, sacks) on the Earth's surface that adversely influences natural life, natural life territory, and people. According to the classifications by sizes, Plastics that go about as contaminations are arranged into miniature, meso, or large-scale trash. Plastics are easy for carrying for transportation and owing to numerous usages across, human produces lots of plastic in their lifetime. There are 7 different types of plastic such as PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PS, PP and others. In the next blog, we will share all the details related to different types of plastics.


Radioactive contamination can be classified into natural and man-made because radioactive pollution includes nuclear accidents from nuclear generations plants, the use of nuclear weapons, use of radioisotopes. Radioisotopes are utilized to make locators and in other modern exercises. Isotopes, for example, uranium have high groupings of radiation in them. Then again, regular Isotopes, for example, carbon-containing radioactive material are effortlessly found in streams through sewage lines.

Since the greater part of the crude sewage is untreated before discharge, when delivered, the isotope consolidates with different mixtures and components present in water.



Light pollution is the presence of fake light regardless of dull conditions. Light pollution competes with starlight in the night sky for metropolitan tenants, intrudes with galactic (milky way galaxy) observatories, and, like some other kind of pollution, disturbs organic frameworks and has threatening prosperity impacts.

Light pollution is a consequence of present-day human advancement. Its sources join structure outside and inside lighting, publicizing, outdoors locale lighting, (for instance, the vehicle leaves), working environments, creation lines, streetlights, and illuminated displaying settings.


The simple meaning of thermal pollution is the degradation of water quality by any process that changes surrounding water temperature. Thermal pollution is typically connected with an increase of water temperatures in a stream, lake, or sea because of the release of warmed water from modern cycles, like the generation of power.



Visual pollution is a new concern between the existing excess of environmental pollution. It refers to the pollution that reduces one’s ability to enjoy a pleasant view. Excess of overhead wires, advertising boards, billboards, buildings affect a person’s ability to enjoy the natural view.


Kindly note, this is the first post on Pollution, and we are going to cover each & every aspect of pollution in the coming blogs. We will discuss how these different types of pollution impacting our environment, our day-to-day life & also what are the measures to be taken to solve the problem.

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