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Before going to start this blog, I would like to say whatever I am going to share in this post is not enough to explain the contribution of women in our life. It is next to impossible to describe the contribution of women in words. There are several forms of women i.e. mother, aunt, wife, sister, friend, etc. Whatever we do in our life, we get support from women in one or many forms. They always back us and encourage us to fulfil the life objectives.

We don’t get enough opportunity where we thank them for their contribution, but we all get at least a day in a year to tell them that you have a very special place in our life. I know that a mere day is not enough to celebrate the contribution of women in our lives, but it gives us the opportunity to appreciate all the efforts they regularly put to maintain a billion families across the globe.

This post is dedicated to discuss international women day, the theme of 2021 international women day, history, colours used for this day and many more.


Women’s day is an international global event marked annually on 8th March and it acts as a symbol of collective acknowledgement of the importance of gender equality.  It is a global event that celebrates worldwide to achieve women's social, political, economic & cultural achievements across the globe.

International women day marked annually on 8th march is one of the most important days of the year to

✅ Celebrate women’s achievements.

✅ Raise awareness about women’s equality.

✅ Lobby for Accelerated for gender parity.

✅ Fundraise for female-focused charities.

The need for this day arose due to the continuous exploitation of women both in the workforce, by seniors, and at home, by family members. In the next section, we are going to share the whole idea behind the origination of this day. 


The idea of women day started in early 1900 when women started raising their voice against gender inequality & unbiased predominant in society. In 1908, 15000 women started protesting in New York City and were demanding better wages, shorter working hours & voting rights. In 1909, the socialist party of America declared the first international women day on 28th February.  Women continued to celebrate the IWD on 28th Feb till 1913. In 1913, the date of international women day transferred to 8th March and since then, the whole world has been celebrating this day annually on 8th March. We will cover the whole story behind the change of this date in some other blog.


3 colours i.e. purple, green & white are used as a symbol for international women day. Purple colour denotes justice & dignity, Green colour denotes hope & white colour denotes purity.



The theme of 2021 international women day is “ #ChooseToChallenge”. The main motto of this theme is

✅ To challenge society wherever you see gender bias, discrimination, inequality, etc.

✅ Celebrate or praise the achievements of women.

✅ When you challenge the prevailing rituals or culture of the society, it forces society to change.  Changes come in society due to challenges so let’s start challenging.



As shared above, the idea of IWD started in the US in the early 1900 when females were treated unequally. They were getting lesser salaries while working equal numbers of hours like males. Also, their contribution was not recognized. Due to these inequalities, they started protesting and demanded to bring down working hours and provide fair wages. Due to their continuous protest, IWD came into the picture and since 1909, we have been celebrating the IWD.  Another goal was to bring down gender-based discrimination.  It is more than 100 years and we still find gender-based discrimination in society but the positive aspect is that the whole world is moving forward and day by day, the discrimination is decreasing. Several initiatives have been taken at every level whether it is parents, family, government or nation. I stay in India, & I would like to share some initiatives taken across.

✅ The government has taken several initiatives for the study, nurturing, marriages of the girls. Owing to this, the gender ratio has been improved across the country.

✅ The government has made a legitimate age for marriages.

✅ In India, you may see women in the topmost positions in both government & private organizations. Certain seats in elections are also reserved only for females.

✅ Parents or family start giving preference to girls' career, dreams, or education over marriage or household work.

Your thought on this: Why the education of women is important?


In a typical Indian household, from the first cup of tea for the day to the last meal, women of the house have a role to play. It is ironic how we have a mother, daughter, sister, wife, at home and still needs a day to honour their contributions. There are still many patriarchs who consider manhood to be the most superior thing, but the change is coming. Society is evolving and with the new generation growing up with an open mind, the day is not far when we would recognise people by their names and not by their genders. Resources like the internet, social media, electronic media, etc. have only further progress.

I’m hoping that you surely like the post. Put your views, opinions, statement, feedback, etc. in the comment box. Share this post with your friends & family, put it on your Facebook walls, WhatsApp status, anywhere you want.

That’s it for today. We will meet you soon with the next blog, till then goodbye & take care. Don’t miss sharing this post.


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