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What is Advertisement

Advertisement is a marketing communication that helps in the promotion of products & services of the company. The ultimate purpose of the advertising is to increase the sales of the products. In the laymen terms, it simply means marketing.

As you are aware of a phasal verb: “Jo Dikhta Hai Wahi Bikta Hai (What is seen is sold)

Why Advertisement is important

There are several advantages of advertisement and most importantly, it is directly proportional to the sales of the company. The advisement helps the company

➤ To increase the sales of the product.

➤ To increase the market visibility of the product.

➤ To increase the brand recognition.

➤ To increase the brand loyalty among the audience.

➤ To increase the customer retention rate. 

How Digital marketing is different from Traditional Marketing

Marketing can be done in a variety of ways. You can put holding on the roads, distribution of brand banner, stickers, point of sale materials (POSM), advertising in the newspapers, magazines, books, etc. All these methods were the part of traditional marketing and now one more dynamic add in the way marketing occurs. 

The new dynamic is known as Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing means the marketing of product/services/idea over the internet. In the last few years, the number of internet users has become multifold. Owing to this, the impact of digital marketing has increased, and brand/companies move toward digital marketing and giving it preference over traditional marketing. 

The various ways of doing digital marketing are search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, social media marketing, YouTube marketing, and many more.

How Digital Marketing is better than traditional marketing

There are several advantages of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing.

Here, we are sharing some prominent advantages.

➤ By digital marketing, it becomes very easy to calculate return on investment (ROI).

➤ By digital marketing, you may target a large audience at an economical price.

➤ By digital marketing, you may target anyone sitting anywhere in the whole world.

Why should you do Advertisement with Social Posts?

Social Posts could become the right platform for the marketing of your brands. There are several advantages of doing marketing with Social Posts. The audience size of social posts is as follows.

➤ Facebook: Audience size 3,000,000+ (A network of 15+ pages managed by social posts).

Here check the audience of our main Facebook page @SchoolLife

➤ Instagram: Audience Size 2,50,000+ (A network of 5+ profiles managed by social posts)

Here check the audience of our main Instagram page @SchoolLife

➤ Blogs:  Blog Impressions 4,000,000+ in last 6 months. (A network of 5+ blogs managed by social posts)

Check out our main blog:

➤ YouTube Channel: Subscriber 1,50,000+ (A network of 3+ Youtube managed by social posts).

Check out our main YouTube channel @africankumarsanu


How do Social Posts do marketing?

We have several kinds of customized plans as per the need of the customer. 

For more details, feel free to drop a mail to us


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