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What is World Food Day?

World Food Day is an international event celebrated worldwide to honour the date of the founding of Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO). It was founded by the United Nation in 1945. The main objective of the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) is to address the issues of hunger worldwide. 

It is observed every year on 16th October and celebrated by all the national & international organizations involved in the world food program.


The theme of World Food Day 2020

The theme of world food day 2020 is “grow, nourish, sustain, together.”


This year’s world food day is even more important as we all are witnessing the undesirable effects of COVID-19. We have seen the scarcity of food make the livelihood even more difficult, responsible for malnutrition and lead to death. After seeing such disaster, we believe, we must have an ample reserve of food stock to tackle such undesirable incidents. Being a part of society, we have been watching natural disasters like flood, tsunami, drought, etc. every year and to handle all such situations, we must have food in stock. 
Food is essential for everyone and it is very important for the society to understand the necessity. If you belong to the privileged section of the society, your responsibility is even higher in comparison to poor and vulnerable communities. One area that I would like to highlight here, we should stop wastage of food and take a pledge for #zerofoodwastage.  If you have more than required food in your plate due to any reason, kindly share your plate with the needy ones.

Before wasting food, you should remember: “The food you waste can satisfy the hunger of a poor person”. It is also the high time to cherish and recognize our food heroes who ensure the adherence of complete supply chain starting from farmers till the end consumers. We should salute them for their endeavour.

How your everyday actions can make an impact!

From the learnings of recent times, it is very easy to comprehend, that every human who is the part of this earth need to play a crucial role. The role is different is for every individual and you need to play your part.

➤ For example, if you are a farmer, then your key role is to produce food.

➤ If you are a part of the supply chain, then you need to ensure the smooth supply chain from producer to consumer.

➤ If you are the part of the government, you need to ensure the plenty of food for everyone.

➤ If you are consumer, then you need to stop wastage of food.

➤ If you are a consumer and if you have food for every day and also you can afford the feed of one or two families, then start doing it.

What needs to be addressed to achieve #ZeroHunger

In recent decades, the world has made prominent progress and now we are able to produce more food than required as per the report published by the UN, but our existing food system is out of balance. The major issues responsible for this imbalance are:

⧭ Hunger

⧭ Obesity,

⧭ Environmental Degradation,

⧭ Loss of agro-biological diversity,

⧭ Food loss and waste and

⧭ A lack of security for food chain workers

Time has come to address all these issues and solve it with the help of technology without impacting the earth’s natural resources, our health and the climate. Here we believe, digital technologies could play a key role in the transformation, the way we produce food, process, transport, and consume.

New technologies like satellite imaging, remote sensing, mobile & blockchain apps promise revolutionary change for the farmers producing 80% of the world’s food with the potential to optimize food chains, increase access to nutritious food, reduce food loss and waste, improve water management, fight against pests and diseases, and prepare farmers for disasters such as flood, drought, etc.


Top 10 Slogans on World Food Day 2020Theme

⧭ You are indirectly helping the poor and impoverished by conserving food

⧭ Conserve food, save this world from facing a food crisis.

⧭ You are lucky to get food every day.

⧭ The food that means nothing to you can mean a lot to others.

⧭ Say goodbye to the habit of wasting food.

⧭ Food is one of the basic things we require to survive on this Earth, why waste it?

⧭ You are not only wasting food, but you are also depriving someone else of having it.

⧭ Every bit of food is costly, preserve it.

⧭ Say no to food waste.

⧭ Think for those who are hungry before throwing your food into the dustbin.

⧭ Remember that people are dying for the food that you are throwing away.

⧭ If you can’t finish it off then share it with someone who is hungry.

Thanks for reading our post. I would appreciate if you comment your views, share with your friends & family and spread the concept of #ZeroWastage. If you have any story, views, suggestions or anything you would like to share with us, write to us

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This is all for today and will see you soon in the next blog of SocialPosts. Till then, Good Bye & Peace Out. 


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