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Intelligence Defination

Most of you may not have a clue about me. I am just an ordinary XY Homosapien among billions aspiring for my dreams to come true.

I have grown up watching people speaking things such as intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and so on. But my question is Are all these things inherited? Is it by birth? Is it impossible to achieve these things?

The series of questions just do not end here.

1. How much does intelligence level differ?

2. How to check someone’s intelligence?

If you are searching for these answers, then keep on reading.

As per my knowledge, there are two kinds of people: - 

*Genius types

*Effort types.

Genius Types

Since we can’t deny the fact that intelligence is inherited to some degree. They are called Geniuses.

In this advanced era, he/ she is god gifted still stands true. At a very small age, I understood that we aren’t created equal.

Most of the researchers have also found that the IQ of children at birth is strongly related to their biological parents. They state that 50% of the difference in intelligence is due to genetics.

But Genes are not Destiny

Moving to the second category i.e. Effort types. They are the ones who have ruled over the world with their sheer hard work and perseverance.

Effort Types

The environmental factors are also strongly responsible for IQ. You can surely increase intelligence. 

The various techniques involved are: -

➨ Deep thinking: - One should think about the things as deep as possible. It helps to learn things from the root, polishes our analysing skills, and margin of error becomes negligible.

➨ Learn from the past: - It involves learning from not only your mistakes but also from the experience of others.

➨ Develop a skill: - A skill such as painting, writing, singing or any other activity can be helpful because these activities involve both sides of the brain (left and right part).  

➨ Practice: - This is the most important factor. Revision and practice are the fundamentals to memorize things for a longer period.

But putting the efforts in the right direction is important. You can’t ask fish to climb the tree. You need to search the best and right things for you. Introspect and try to know your abilities. Try to gather knowledge and apply it until you succeed.

“Hard work never deceives”. No matter which family or clan you are from. Hard work can always unleash the dormant potential within you.

Yes, you heard it right.

“Hard work can beat Genius”

Because intelligence is not about scoring perfect 100 in exams or answering first in the class.
Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

No matter how many times you fail. Don’t give it up. Keep it up. Turn it upside down.

In the next blog, there will be a detailed discussion about intelligence. Thank you for reading.

Signing off, Ankit Dubey here.

About the Author

Ankit Dubey is a university student pursuing Engineering. He loves to interact and share his experience through various platforms. He has the ambition to know the secrets of human life.


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