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Hi guys, I welcome you again on my website and I bring one more blog related to the special train ticket booking online. This blog is very useful, so I request you to share this blog with your friends & family members. 

In this blog, I am going to share very useful tips that will help you with ticket booking. I assure if you follow these steps, you can easily book your special train tickets.

Book Special Train Tickets Online

To use these tips, first, you need to ensure two things

➨Download the IRCTC App and create your login.

➨You should have good speed on the internet.

What are the Tips to be followed to book Special Train Tickets?

I would like to give you 4 tips that would help you in booking special train tickets online.

➨As you may know, the ticket booking of the special train starts at 8 a.m. so it is highly advisable to log in your irctc account around 7:57 am and wait there for 2~3 minutes.

➨Create your master list of all the passengers looking to travel on a special train.

➨While online booking tickets of the special train, IRCTC/the government is asking for some additional details related to your address such as house number, post office, pin code, city, state, etc. Keep these details handy with you when you are going to book tickets.

➨Payment processing is the most crucial step in special train ticket booking. I advise you to select multiple payment options and then select the Razorpay option. Copy your card number before login Irctc account and just paste. Remember your card expiry and CVV and fill quickly. You will get the OTP after filling all these details. Just enter your OTP and get your confirmed tickets.

What are the precautions to be followed while traveling in Special Train?

Here are some tips that you can follow while traveling via train, bus, or any other way. Please ensure to follow these steps to avoid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

How to Book Special Train Tickets Online

➨Read all the government guidelines and follow them. Download Arogya Setu App

➨Use Mask to cover your nose & mouth. Also, use googles to cover your eyes.

➨Follow the rules of Social Distancing.

➨Carry hand wash and sanitizer with you and wash your hands frequently.

➨Carry food, water, & linen with you.

➨Stay at your seat and don’t travel inside the train without any reason.

➨Don’t gather near to the washroom. 

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