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Hi Readers, I hope you are safe and staying at home due to global lockdown. I stay in India and I am writing this blog on 30th March, 6th day of the lockdown. In India, there is a lockdown of 21 days. I am a social activist and working towards environment conservation from the last 3~4 years.

Are you amazed at why I am writing my introduction and telling you about global lockdown? I hope you must be, but I can see a close relationship, and, in this blog, I would love to share my thought on the relationship of global lockdown and environment protection.

2020 World Earth Day Theme

In the meantime, let’s go back to the topic of world earth day and see what is going to happen on this year of Earth Day.

World Earth Day is the global event celebrated every year on 22nd April and this year Earth day is very special for all of us who love our planet mother Earth. This year marks the 50th anniversary of world earth day. The theme of 2020 World Earth Day is Climate Change.

The first earth day was celebrated on 22nd April 1970 and it was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson. On this day in 1970, millions of Americans came out to the streets and demanded a strict method to protect the mother planet. The major purposes of the earth day were to provide clean air, clean water, and the protection of endangered species.

What is the Theme of World Earth Day 2020?

The theme of 2020 world earth day is Climate change and changing climate conditions is the biggest concern of the 21st century. It is the biggest threat to the future of humanity and the life support systems that make our world habitable. It would be a historic moment when the whole world comes together to meet our climate crisis and seize the enormous opportunities of a zero-carbon future.

World Earth Day 2020 Theme

What is the origin of World Earth Day?

The idea of earth day came into the mind of Senator Gaylord Nelson when he saw the extensive damage at Santa Barbara, California in 1969. Thousands of species like seabirds, dolphins, sea lions, etc. were died due to blowing out of 3 gallons oil. As a reaction of this disaster, several environmental activists were mobilized to create environment regulation. Nelson sensed the energy of these activists and convinced them to use this enthusiasm to raise public consciousness about air & water pollution. He met with Mr. Pete McCloskey and persuaded him to reserve a day for Earth Day. 25 years old Denis Hayes was appointed as coordinator. 

Finally, on 22nd April 1970, the first earth day observed. On this day, millions of American students collected in the streets, school & college campus, parks, auditoriums, etc. to demonstrate the importance of a healthy & sustainable environment. Thousands of universities also organized events in the school & colleges and registered their protest for the deterioration of the environment. Since then, it became the global movement and all the groups working individually for different environmental concerns came together and raise their voice in a united manner.

Since 1970, every year on 22nd April, Earth Day is celebrated and the purpose of this day is to ensure the availability of clean air, clean water and protect the endangered species. This year celebration marks the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day

What can we do to support the theme of Mother Earth Day 2020?

There are unlimited ways to serve our motherland or mother planet. We are already aware of several activities but I still sharing some common practices to follow.

*Plant a tree or if you don’t have space to plant a new tree, just adopt a new plant tree and ensure the long life of that tree.

*Avoid the use of single-use plastics and if possible, use only those materials made of recycling products only.

*Do not throw waste materials in the river, sea, canals, etc.

*Reuse the products as per the life cycle of the product.

*Avoid the use of polythene and always carry jute bag/clothes bag when you are going to buy vegetables/fruits.

*Conduct the seminars in the school/colleges/streets etc. to spread the awareness.

*Conserve the water & do the rain harvesting if possible. Also, avoid the wastage of the water.

*Use public transportation as much as possible. Don’t use vehicles when roaming/traveling in your streets for daily essentials shopping.

*Don’t throw the garbage here and there. Find out the proper place and discard it there only.

*Don’t do Loo/toilet in the open areas. Also, stop spitting here and there.

What is the meaning of Lockdown & Pros/Cons of global lockdown on the Environment?

Lockdown is basically a kind of situation where humans are not allowed to roam freely due to the emergency. It occurs due to coronavirus. Coronavirus started from China and then spread all over the world. It created a panic situation in the world and the entire world is suffering from this pandemic disease. India is also in the list of countries affected by Coronavirus and to minimize the risk of Coronavirus, the Indian prime minister announced the lockdown of 21 days last week. I know, there are many negative consequences of lockdown and it is a very difficult situation for the entire world. 

As we couldn’t avoid the lockdown, so I tried to find out some positives in it and found two positives in favor of nature. I don’t know whether you like or dislike, but I urge all my readers to share your opinions as well in the comment box or mail us.

*Due to lockdown, all humans are locked inside the house while animals are roaming freely on the streets.

*There are no vehicles on the road, so the quality of Air index has been improved.

What are the themes of previous year Earth Days?

The theme of World Earth Day 2019 was – “Protect the Species

The theme of World Earth Day 2018 was - “End Plastic Pollution Countdown to April 22”.

The theme of World Earth Day 2017 was – “Climate Literacy and Environment”

The theme of World Earth Day 2016 was - “Trees for managing the earth resources”

The theme of World Earth Day 2015 was - “Water Wonderful World” and “Clean Earth – Green Earth”.

The theme of Global Earth Day 2014 was- “Green Cities”.

The theme of Earth Day 2013 was- “The Face of Climate Change”.

The theme of 2012 World Earth Day was- “Mobilize the Earth”.

The theme of World Earth Day 2011 was- “Clear the Air”.

The theme of International Earth Day 2010 was- “Reduce”.

The theme of 2009 Mother Earth Day 2009 was- “How Do You Get Around”.

The theme of 2008 World Earth Day was- “Trees Please”.

The theme of World Earth Day 2007 was- “Be kind to the earth – starting from saving resources”.

What are the FAQs on World Earth Day 2020 Theme?

Q1: When is Earth Day 2020?
Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April.

Q2: What is the Theme of 2020 World Earth Day?
The theme of 2020 World Earth Day is Climate Change

Q3: What is the history of Earth Day?
It was started in the year 1970

Q4: What was the result of First Earth Day?
Humans started giving importance to environmental conservation.

Q5: What can I do for Earth Day 2020?

Theme Of World Earth Day 2020

Plant a tree, adopt a new plant tree, spread awareness, use less plastic, avoid private vehicles if possible, and many more.




The united nation is an international organization found in 1945 to developed peace in the world. To bring the whole world together, United Nations continuously explore the days and feature it with some objective for the welfare of the human being. If you see the calendar of international days, you will observe the international days related to human health, environment protection, women empowerment, and many more.

Here in this blog, we are going to publish UN observed international days in April 2020. So, let’s start and understand all these days one by one.

2 April - World Autism Awareness Day

4 April - International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

5 April - International Day of Conscience

6 April - International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

7 April - International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda

7 April - World Health Day


12 April - International Day of Human Space Flight
14 April - World Chagas Disease Day

20 April - Chinese Language Day

21 April - World Creativity and Innovation Day

22 April - International Mother Earth Day

23 April - World Book and Copyright Day 

23 April - English Language Day

23 April - Spanish Language Day (Spanish)

23 April (fourth Thursday of April) - International Girls in ICT Day [ITU]

24 April - International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace

25 April - International Delegate’s Day

25 April - World Malaria Day


26 April - International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day

26 April - World Intellectual Property Day

28 April - World Day for Safety and Health at Work

30 April - International Jazz Day


Among all these UN observed international days 2020, we would love to discuss some crucial days as explained below.

7 April - World Health Day (WHD 2020)

The world health day reminds us of the great efforts of all the hospital staff that play a critical role in keeping the world healthy & fit. If we consider the entire world as a family, so everyday millions of members of our family confront the numerous diseases and it is next to impossible to come out if doctors, nurses and hospital staff would not be there. The WHD reminds us to never underestimate the contribution of these medical staff.

The theme of 2020 world Health Day is to “support Nurses and Midwives”

22 April - International Mother Earth Day


Our Mother Earth is struggling in the 21st century due to several environmental problems like global warming, climate change, extinction of species, pollution, ozone layer depletion, etc. Humans and their so-called rapid developments are responsible for the severe condition of Earth. We are responsible for the death of millions of species and if we act in the same way in the future, we could not even help us for our existence in the coming time. Let us come together and help our earth in the healing.

The theme of 2020 international mother earth day is “Climate Change”.

25 April - World Malaria Day

Betterment of human health is one of the key objectives of the United Nation and the United Nation always work towards it. Among all the pandemic diseases, the UN reserved seven days for seven most dangerous and malaria is one of them. On every year on 25th April, the entire world collectively put their efforts in spreading the awareness for malaria. 

The major purposes of this day are:

  1. Raise awareness of Malaria.
  2. Raise funds for the treatment & prevention of Malaria.
  3. Highlight the need for better political intervention for malaria prevention & control.
  4. Highlight the achievements in respect of Malaria Prevention & Control. 

The theme of 2019 world Malaria day was “Zero malaria starts with me”.  


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