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Top 10 ways to save the environment at Home

Welcome, all my readers & dear friends at my Blog. Thanks for your support and continue to support us as you did in the past. Today, I come with a new post related to the 10 ways to save the environment at Home.

Social Posts believes “Charity starts from Home” and the same should apply to the environment as well. We keep talking about global warming, climate change, pollution, water scarcity and many more serious problems related to the mother earth.  I know, we all want to protect the environment but we are knowingly or unknowingly harming the environment. 

10 Ways To Protect The Environment

Here in this article, we are going to share 10 ways to save the environment when you are at home, office or roaming in the society.

Before sharing various ways (10 or more ways) to protect the environment, we would love to speak about Carbon Footprint, the major factor behind this climate change.  In this article, we would cover below-listed topics.

1.            What is Carbon Footprint & how it is related to climate change?
2.            How can we calculate the carbon footprint?

What is Carbon Footprint & how it is related to climate change?

The total emissions of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) & water vapor in the environment usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide are called Carbon Footprint.

Most of our daily life actions whether we drive a car or cooking food generate carbon emissions. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere act like a mirror and reflect heat radiation to the earth which would otherwise be lost to space. More the concertation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, more the heat energy reflected the earth. The increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere warm the earth & Sea. This is called global warming or climate change.

We will share the detailed procedure to calculate your carbon footprint in the next post.

What are the best 10 ways to save the environment at home& office?

We have now understood the concept of carbon footprint and how it leads to global warming. The next thing is to understand, how could we contribute to the conservation of our mother earth. Here in this post, we are going to share 10 simple ways yet very effective ways to save the environment.

Quit smoking

How to help the environment at home

It is needless to explain how dangerous cigarettes are for your health. Not only us but also tobacco manufacturing companies are aware of this fact and while selling tobacco products, they are saying

“Tobacco products are injurious to your health”.  
The next point is when people stub out cigarettes, most of them do not throw it into a bin causing littering in the surroundings. Social Posts advises you to stop smoking else do your duty to protect the environment. Throw the cigarette butts in dustbin only. It is mandatory to mention here; smoking is also responsible for Air Pollution.

Optimize your water usage wisely

10 ways to save the environment

We keep listening about water scarcity in India and if we continue with the same water consumption pattern, it is very likely possible the unavailability of drinking water in a few upcoming years.  The best ways to save water at your house are as follows:

1. Explore your house and examine all the water taps time to time. In case of any leakage, ask the technician to repair or replace the same with a new one.

2. Nowadays, it is very common to have water purifier (RO) at home and to get drinking water from RO, RO wastes so much water (to get 1 Ltr. Of drinking water, there is wastage of 2~3 ltr.). Collect this water and use that water for some other activities of your home like cleaning the floor, utensils, bath, and many more.

3. Optimize the usage of water while bathing, shaving, brush, etc.

4. Save every drop of water for the better tomorrow.

Put some Air Purifying Plants at the roof

Ways To Save The Environment

Sometimes, Tree plantations are not possible nearby to your house due to less space, especially in the urban cities where an individual has very less space to survive. The best way to tackle this situation is to put some air-purifying plants at your roof. It will help in a better environment.

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Optimize your electricity usage wisely

This is the next step among the top 10 ways to save the environment and very effective if we implement properly. If you navigate your house, you will find several types of electrical equipment like bulbs, television, heater, inverter, fridge, washing machine, fans, cooler, AC & many more at your home. Running all these appliances are one of the major reasons for carbon footprint generation so run appliances only in case of need. Switch off the appliances when you leave the place.

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Say No to Plastics

I know “saying no to plastic” is next to impossible these days but believe on us, you can the minimize the usage of plastics bags. Buy some cotton bags and put these bags with you when you are going for shopping.  

Do not litter your surroundings

10 ways to save the environment

Do not throw the garbage here and there and don’t use pillar or any wall to attend the nature’s call.  We are already aware of the fact and understand the importance of cleanliness in life.

Time has come to follow it as well. 

Use Public Transportation

10 ways to save the environment at Home

It is our recommendation to give preferences to public transportation over private transportation. You may skip a few days in a month if not possible to switch from private to public transportation completely.

Don’t waste food

Top 10 ways to save the environment at Home

If we think about the necessities of life, food must be one of them. Farmers put too much efforts to produce foods so it is advisable to stop throwing food.
A very emotional phrase related to food”
“Utna hi le Thali me, Taki na Jaye wo nali me” (Take only that much food in your plate, so you can avoid to throw it dustbin.

Spread Awareness

We have shared so many ways to protect the environment but we personally feel, it is the most significant method among the 10 ways to protect the environment. If you understand the importance of the planet and you want to conserve the environment then don’t keep this feeling with you only. Spread this information and add more and more persons to this campaign.
“1 se bhale 2, 2 se bhale 4 (2 is better than 1 and 4 is better than 2)”
Thanks for reading our post on top 10 ways to save the environment. If you find this post worthy and helpful for those guys who are unaware of various ways to save mother earth, please forward this post to them.

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  1. very nice post. carbon footprint is the main cause of polluted environment. awareness among people to live Eco-frindly lifestyle is very important. ways to live Eco-friendly


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