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What are the facts of World Population Day?

The population explosion has become the global problem and to address the problems caused by this fast speed population growth, the united nations organize world population day on 11th July every year. The main objective of this day is to raise the global population issues and major issues covered under this are the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health & human health. 

World Population Day Facts

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In this post, we are going to see various world population day facts in details.

World Population Day Facts related to India

The interesting facts about world population day to India on the event of the world population day are as follows:

1. India has only 2.4% of world land area and It supports approximately 17% of the world population, 2nd highest after China. Out of the 7.4 billion (roughly) individuals on the planet, India sums 1.327 billion which equivalents to 17.5 percent of the World's population. It also brings up the urgency to understand why population control is important.

2. As per the estimation, 47 % of the girls in India are married before they attain the age of 18 years while the global situation is not quite well. 46% of the girls are married before attaining the age of 18 years. In excess of 700 million girls on the planet were hitched before the age of 18 including around 15 million young girls forced into marriage in 2015 alone.

3. At present, 41% of India’s population is below the age of 20 years and if we the see the majority of the world’s young population, it accounts for 24% only.

4. As per estimation, it is expected that India will become the world’s youngest country with 64% of its population in the working age by 2020.

5. The fast speed of population growth with the limited infrastructure may create problems for the minority sector of society. In the current time, approximately 800 ladies die every day due to pregnancy-related complications & 20% of these ladies are from India only.

6. There is a decline in the maternal mortality rate both in India & globally yet a long way to go. In the year 2012, the maternal mortality rate in India is 178 deaths per 100,000 lives while in 2017, it was 212 deaths per 100,000 lives. Globally, the maternal mortality ratio has declined by 44 percent- from 385 deaths to 216 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Interesting World Populating Day Facts

The amazing facts on world population day are as follows:

1. The most common first name in the world is Mohammed for boys and the most common name for the girls is Mary.

2. If Facebook were a nation, it would be the third most crowded on the planet, with 1.39 billion "residents" signing on to the social networking site each month.

Interesting Worldwide Facts related to World Population Day

The various facts related to world on the event of world population day are as follows:

1. The world population increases by about 83 million people every year. Currently, the population of the world is approximately 7.7 billion.  If the population continue to increase as with the same speed, there will be about 10 billion people worldwide by 2050.

2. In the world, countries with the largest population are China followed by India & the United States. The next countries in the list are Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil & Nigeria. With the rapid population growth of India, it is expected to surpass China within a few years.  Additionally, the united states will lose their 3rd spot from Nigeria. Among the top 10 populous countries, Nigeria has the fastest growing population and growth rate is 2.6% per year. If Nigeria continues at the same pace, their population would become 410 million by the end of the year 2050.

3. Approximately 33% of population growth in the world is due to accidental or unwanted pregnancies. The major factors behind these accidental & unwanted pregnancies are lack of basic education, family planning, or healthcare.

4. As per the estimates, approximately 4~5 births & approximately 2 deaths take place per second which adds up to a net population gain of 2~3 people per second. Hence, the major reason behind the population explosion is not only the increased birth rate but also the decline in the death rate due to availability of better hospital facilities, medicine & advancement in the technology.

5. A child dies every 20 seconds because of poor sanitation. In fact, 1 in 10 people - or 663 million - don’t have access to safe drinking water around the world.

6. The life expectancy is increasing & improving continuously across the globe due to the availability of better hospitals, medicine, facilities, and many more advancement in technology. In 2000, the life expectancy of the world was 67 years while in 2015, it has been increased to 71.  It will be improved to 77 years in the year of 2050.  Previously, the difference in the life expectancy between the developed countries to other nations was approximately 20 years.  The North American & western Europeans enjoy the highest life expectancy while it is lowest for the sub-Saharan African nations. One more important fact to note that in the upcoming years, there will be a very less variation in the life expectancy across the globe.

7. 2.4 billion people - or 1 in 3 - don’t even have access to a toilet. Alarmingly, more people on earth today have access to a cell phone than a toilet.

8. In 1900, there were just 12 cities around the globe with more than 1 million individuals. Notwithstanding, today there are in excess of 400 urban areas worldwide with a populace of 1 million or more and 19 urban communities with populaces more than 10 million.

9. The next important amazing facts related to the world population day is related to the comparison of European & African countries. The population of Africa is increasing while the population of the European population is decreasing. Currently, Niger has the youngest population in the world.

10. With reference to the words of many experts, over-consumption & unequalities of the distribution of resources is the major cause of any problems in the world, not the overpopulation. The wealthiest 20% of the world population consumes 86% of the resources while the poorest consume approximately 2% only. Approximately, 3 billion people across the globe survive for less than 2$ a day. The situation of unequal distribution of resources is very alarming.

|| Happy World Population Day ||



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