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What is the meaning of failure in life in English?

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope, you are fine. Today, I am going to share my personal experience related to the word “Failure”.

Failure In Life

I don’t know but I have an attraction for this word. I always want to read, write and discuss more and more about this word. It gives me motivation, boost positive energy and encourage my internal soul to become stubborn for something which is close to impossible for common people like us. In the last few years, I took many initiatives in those fields which were not related to my field. I challenged myself and you don’t believe, I enjoyed a lot. Sometimes it breaks you, on the contrary, sometimes it will help you in making as well.

Two weeks back, I got the email notification for the public conference and title for that conference was “success vs failure”. I became excited once I read the title and promised myself to attend that conference anyhow. Finally, the day came and I went there to attend. I got different notions and theories related to the above-said title. I was agreeing and ready to accept a few theories while some others were very weird and difficult to accept in practical life.

Let me share my understanding of this word. In my notion, failure is the part of life and you should have a habit to overcome it. The most meaningful point to remember “Nothing is permanent in life, neither the success nor the failure”

It is one of the most overrated words in modern life. Whenever we are unable to achieve something, we start correlating it with the failure. Just think about 9~10 months old child. He is trying to stand up and walk. Whenever he stands, he falls down. He tries again & again to stand up and walk. Can we consider the continuous fall down of the child as a failure? In my opinion, it is not a failure until he tries to stand up.

The word failure is incomplete in itself and I would like to add a few prefixes to make it more meaningful such as temporary failure & permanent failure. What is my notion on these terminologies, just read here and share your opinion in the comment box?

What Is Failure

Let me share my notion of above said terminologies i.e. temporary failure & permanent failure.

If you try something and fail, then try another time, fail again and then try one more time. After getting multiple failures, you finally decide to quit that thing and move further in life. This activity can be considered permanent failure in that particular event, not in life.  Similarly, if you try something and fail, then try another time, fail again and then try one more time and finally get the success. The first 2~3 failure can be considered a temporary failure.

It means, whenever you think about the failure, always try to connect it with the event. It is possible that you will be failed in one or two events, but it is impossible that a human fail in all the events he tries. Do the experiment continuously in your life and try to find out the right list of experiments to get a successful life.

Failure Meaning

The next questions that I would like to highlight here are as follows

1. Why do we fail?

2. Is Failure required to get success?

There are several factors responsible for failure. I already wrote a few more posts where I explained various causes of failure and how to overcome these failures. If you want to read, please find the link below

What are the causes of failure in life?

What is the meaning and method of introspection?

Let us move further and talk about the next question. Is failure necessary to get success?

I would say no, not every time. Just take yourself out from the comfortable zone, push yourself hard and try to achieve your target in the very first attempt. If you are able to achieve, then nothing wrong in that except you miss the best teacher of your life.  Yes, failure is the best teacher of your life and it tells you everything and even ready to reply to all your queries in the case of failure.

Meaning of Failure in Life

I hope, you understand the meaning of failure in life. what is your opinion on this concept? Share with us in the comment box. Guys, if you like our posts, please comment. Your comments are the source of motivation that inspires me a lot.

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  1. I guess failure itself refers to a positive experience, which shows that where do you stand actually or what potential you have in reality. Each time you confront the failure, you explore yourself more. However you may blame circumstances for not having attained the success but, still you get to know which walk of life played harshness to you and which one didn't. Therefore you identify your strengths and weaknesses in the order to knowing thyself.

    In this context failure anyway helped you either you accept it and fought back or ignore it and blamed situations.


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