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What is the solution to air pollution in India?

Air pollution has become a global threat and it affects everyone i.e. human, environment, crops, forests, aquatic ecosystems and so forth.  Air is essential for the survival of human beings and human can’t stop breathing of air. Due to the degradation of air quality, life expectancy is decreasing day by day and if it is continuous, we even can’t imagine, what could be happened tomorrow.

In the last blog, we have seen the causes & undesirable effects of Air Pollution. Do you want to read the same? read it here.  In this post, we are going to talk about various solutions to reduce air pollution.

Frequently asked questions on the solutions to Air Pollution in India

In the era of globalization and development, it is quite difficult to stop air pollution completely but we can minimize the damage caused by Air Pollution. These are the frequently asked questions related to prevention methods of Air Pollution and let us try to find out the answer to all these questions one by one.

1. How can air pollution be controlled?

2. How do we stop pollution?

3. What can be done to reduce air pollution in Delhi?

4. How can we improve air quality?

Here a list of precautions that could help us in controlling the effect of pollution.  Let’s discuss the various possible solutions to air pollution pointwise in reference to environment & human health.

What are the solutions to Air Pollution for a better environment?

1. Plantation of trees

The first & foremost step is the plantation of trees. Trees are the natural source of oxygen and they have the capacity to absorb the polluted particles mixed in the air. Trees can be planted at an individual level as well but it must be in the provision of government to plant the trees at the mass level.

Best Methods to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

2. Strict rules & regulations

Make the strict rules & regulations to control air pollution. There are several examples of cities & countries which were heavily polluted once substantially attained clean air due to the standardization of anti-pollution laws.

3. Promote the use of public transport & shift to eco-friendly transportation

Promote the use of public transport & public vehicles like bus and metro can carry more commuters on one journey. The government must arrange the highly efficient fuels for vehicles and develop the infrastructure for smooth public transportation.

4. Are electric cars the best solution to air pollution?

Shifting to electric and hydrogen vehicles & promote the use of cycle & carpooling. By opting this, you may find the best feasible solution to air pollution caused by vehicles.

Are electric cars the best solution to air pollution?

5. Energy conservation and efficiency

Use the electricity wisely and switch off the appliances in case of no use. It is highly recommendable to buy high rating electronics appliances.

6. Raising awareness through campaigns

Among all the solutions, this solution is one of the most effective methods to combat air pollution. It will help peoples to understand the causes, effects & how can they contribute individually or collectively to minimize the dangerous effects of air pollution up to a certain extent.

7. Renewable fuel and clean energy production

Burning coals is one of the main sources in the production of electricity. Develop the infrastructure for renewable energies which are pollution free like solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, etc.

What are Individual Initiatives to solve the problem of Air Pollution

You must have heard a proverb called “Health is wealth” and it means your health is everything for you. Here, we are sharing a few tips that would help you in fighting air pollution.

1. Use protective masks

Wear Protective masks whenever you travel outside. It will stop the inhaling of PM2.5 & PM10 particles.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drink water in the adequate amount as it helps in flushing toxins from the body. Eat fruits that are loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, and fatty acids. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and help in boosting immunity.

Prevent Air Pollution Caused by Vehicles

3. Quit smoking

Smoking is very dangerous not only for the health of human but for the air quality as well. Stop smoking and encourage those around you to do the same.

What is the solution to air pollution in India?

4. Understand the concept of reducing, reuse & recycle

Being a responsible person, you should understand the importance of 3R (reduce, reuse & recycle). Avoid the use of use & throw plastic bags and if you still use due to some limitations, try to reuse it. For example, if you are taking vegetables in plastic polyethylene, then you can use the same polyethylene to throw the garbage of your home.  It is a very healthy solution to overcome the problem of air pollution.

Prevention methods of Air pollution

5. Conserve energy & use appliances wisely at your home

It is highly advisable to buy energy efficient devices at your home.  Also, switch off the lights, fans & appliances in case of no use. The use of air conditioners is very harmful to the environment, avoid the use of the air conditioner and use watercooler at home if possible.

How can we purify the air in my home naturally?

You may feel surprised when you will get to know that indoor air pollution is more dangerous to outdoor air pollution and the air inside your home may be 2~3 times more polluted in comparison to outdoor air that you breathe.  To combat your indoor air pollution, here are the solutions.

Simple Steps to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

1. Use of Activated Charcoal

Use activated charcoal as a natural air purifier. It is one of the best methods to filter indoor air and very effective to reduce pollution from the Air.

2. Plant some air purifying plants

Keeps some air purifying plants inside your buildings to protect yourself from the pollution. Plant more and more trees everywhere.

Simple Steps to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

3. Use of air purifier

Install the air purifier in your home & office. I know this is a temporary option and long-term viability of this option is very less until we control the problem of air pollution

Final Words

We have seen various solutions to reduce air pollution at an individual level & government level for the protection of the health of the human & environment and if we put individual efforts, we can fight against air pollution. Clean environment, Green environment should become the mantra in the life of every person and it is our social responsibility to come together in this mission.

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