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What are 10 ways to save the environment?

Do you read a newspaper or watch the news? Are you active on social media? 

Do you know why I have asked these questions at the beginning of this post? Let me tell you, if you are active on any of these media, you come across various posts concerning about of the environment. Various programs conducted by Indian government & the UN like the world environment day, world earth day, world water day, and so forth to make us aware of the importance of this planet.

10 Ways To Save The Earth

Will it force you to think about the environment? Will it force you to find out the ways to protect the environment? If answers to these questions are no, dear friends, you are landed at the wrong place so better to skip this post.

If yes, you are in the right place. Here, we will suggest you 10 simplest ways to save the environment.

The contents of this post are as follows:

1. What is Environment

2. What are the frequently asked questions on saving the environment?

4. Final Words

What is the meaning of environment?

The simplest meaning of the environment is the surroundings around you. It may be anything which we may either touch or feel or both. It can be living or non-living things. It includes physical, chemical and other natural forces. The environment is something you are very familiar with, that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the mother earth. It includes everything i.e. the air we breathe, the water that covers most of the earth's surface, the plants, and animals around us, and much more.

Frequently asked questions on 10 ways to protect the environment

Whenever we start thinking about the protection of the environment, we start thinking, what can we do for the conservation of the environment.  Several questions coming in our mind and most common questions are as follows:

1. What can we do to save the environment?

2. How can we protect our environment in everyday life?

4. Can I do anything alone for the environment?

5. What are the do's and don'ts to save the environment?


What are the 10 ways to protect the environment?

The environment is the necessity of all human beings or I would say, it is equally important for any creatures exist on this earth. Nature or the creator of nature (would say GOD) has given us many things like animals, birds, plants, trees, air, water, soil, and so forth. It is quite impossible for me to write here all the gifts have been given by God to us.

I would like to add one more thing which is beyond the scope of this topic but I feel that it is equally important so I would like to mention it here.

We have talked about the creator and let me introduce the destroyer of the environment.

Do you know who is the destroyer of the environment?

This is not a difficult question to answer and the answer is: we are the destroyer of this nature. Do you want to know the answer to “How are we destroying our nature?” then let me share some examples with you guys.

1. Are you smoking? If yes, then you are giving your contribution to Air Pollution.

2. Are you throwing garbage in the river, sea, canal, etc? If yes, you are giving your contribution to water pollution?

3. Are you buzzing horns unnecessary while driving? If yes, would like to congratulate you that you have also become a contributor to Noise Pollution.

4. Are you using a huge quantity of fertilizers for increasing production? If yes, then you have joined the group of soil pollution as well.

Is it enough to open your eyes?

I have many more examples to tell you but if you want to remain unaware and perform your duties irresponsibly, then these questions would not help you at all.  I would urge only to those peoples who understand the importance of the environment and want to make it healthier.

Let us share 10 simplest personal ways to save our environment.

Stop smoking & encourage others to stop it

Smoking is injurious to our health and not only the health but also affects the environment up to a certain extent.  Take a pledge to stop smoking and requests others as well. By opting this habit, you can reduce health issues and also protect the environment.

Best 10 Methods to Save the Environment

Buy 5-star rating home appliances & use it wisely

A huge quantity of fossil fuels is burned to produce electricity. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy and also degrade the quality of the environment. Emission from such plants also causes air pollution so it is highly recommendable to use such things in prudence manner. This battle can be won very easily and this method is very easy among all the 10 ways to save the environment.

Best 10 Methods to Protect the Environment

Minimize the use of plastics especially single-use plastics bags

Plastic bags are present in all places in the environment. Whenever we go out to do the shopping for fruits, vegetables, groceries, etc. we use plastic bags as it is very convenient to use. We are paying a very huge cost of this convenience. Plastic bags are made of polyethylene which consists chain of ethylene polymers and to derive these ethylene polymers, natural gas & petroleum are used. So, it is advisable to stop the use of plastics bags and purchase some cloth bags to do daily shopping.

Stop using your vehicle & use public transport

Do you know, pollution from the vehicle is one of the primary reason of air pollution especially from diesel vehicles? People prefer to purchase diesel vehicle due to low fuel cost but the environment is paying the huge cost due to this low-cost fuel. It is recommended to use public transport as much as possible.

10 Ways to Conserve the Environment

Plants the trees & conduct the drives of Trees plantation

This is the most effective step among all the 10 steps of protecting the environment. Trees are very beneficial and they have capabilities to maintain the ecological balance. Trees are the natural absorber of polluted particles mixed in the air so plant trees and make others aware of the importance of the planet.

10 Ways to Save the Environment

Avoid throwing the household garbage in any form of water bodies

It a very common practice in families to throw the household garbage in the river, canal and any form of water.  By following this practice, you are contributing to water pollution & indirectly affecting the habitat of marine species.  Try to find out the proper place to dump the garbage and take a small step to make a healthy environment.

Save Environment Essay

Use the material made of recycling products

Recycling products is the best way to reuse objects in different ways. It is the process of turning waste material into new and usable ones. This could be seen as an alternative for waste disposal and the processes of waste disposal like incineration and landfilling cause damage to the environment in the form of air and land pollution. By recycling, we can use the same object all over again in different forms and as a result, the production of materials like plastics could be lowered down.

Save Environment Essay

Save the water

Saving water is one of the best ways among all the 10 methods of saving the environment. Water is a renewable source yet the careless use of water would bring us in the situation of the water crisis. There are several places in our country suffering from drinking water so the need of this hour is to start taking this issue seriously and try to save water in as many ways as possible. One of the best and easiest ways to do so is by collecting rainwater in reservoirs, tanks and at a very primary level in our rooftops so that it could be used for other purposes in our houses like for watering plants, washing dishes, etc.

10 Methods to Protect the Environment

Stop throwing garbage here & there

It is recommended to everyone stop throwing garbage here & there.  Try to find the proper place and discard it in the best possible manner.

Raise the social awareness in your societies, groups & communities

Become a volunteer of the environment and do everything possible to conserve the environment. This method could become effective also the best among all the 10 methods to protect the environment.

Final Words

These are the 10 ways to conserve the environment. These steps very easy yet very effective and everyone can include these habits in their daily life.  I would like to urge all to preserve it for a better future and sustainable development.

What would we give to our upcoming generations if we destroy our nature by our own hands?

So, think twice before doing anything.

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