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Why planting of trees are important in our life?

Are you planning to cut trees? Ok, go ahead but before doing so, could you please answer my questions? Why are you cutting trees? What will you get? Are you doing it for money or anything else? Do you know the importance of trees? What roles do trees play in our life?

Importance Of Trees

Let us discuss all these questions and then decide what is more important in our life- Cutting Trees or Planting Trees.

How trees are useful to us?

Have you ever imagined the world without the existence of trees? Do you know that trees are very important and we can’t think of our existence in the absence of tress? We can consider them as part of the family. It is the natural source of oxygen and acts as a source of fruits & vegetables. Trees are a precious gift that has been given by nature. It is like a green gold and very important in everyone’s life. So, we encourage everyone to plant trees in their life.

Poster On Importance Of Trees

 What is the importance of planting trees in our life?

It is very easy to understand the importance of trees if you understand the importance of oxygen.  There are several necessities for the survival of life and among all food, water & oxygen are very crucial. Trees can serve the purpose and provide these things in abundance. This reason is more than sufficient to understand the importance of planting trees in our life.

Importance Of Tree Plantation

How Trees are useful for children?

Play is an essential activity for healthy child development. In addition to being fun, appropriate play activities enable a child to develop physical fitness, decision making, mental alertness, stress buster, confidence and many more. Play also enables them to develop suitable behaviors that will be useful to them throughout their lives.

importance of planting trees

What are the advantages of Trees?

There are several advantages to planting trees. It is not only useful for human beings but also for the animals & the environment. Let us discuss several advantages of trees in terms of social, communal, environmental & economic benefits.

importance of trees in our life

2. Trees play a key role in capturing rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides.

3. A single tree can be the home of several species. There must be some reserve places for the species as well where they can take shelter, food and raise their children. Planting trees are important in our life as they are the natural habitat of the animals and birds, as well as many endangered species.

4. By trees, a human also gets fruits & vegetables. The several types of medicines can be prepared from the roots, leaves and the bark of the trees.

5. Trees are very crucial and Providing wood, rubber and other raw materials that are used for manufacturing various goods such as furniture, doors, windows, utensils, stationary items and decorative items.

Why do we need Trees?

These are the benefits of trees and I hope, these benefits are sufficient to answer the question of “why do we need trees & why should we support the plantation of trees and how it is important in our life. If you still consider trees are useless then go and cut the trees. On the contrary, if you understand the importance of trees, then start planting.

importance of trees in our life


Here I have nothing to say except one thing that if you understand the importance of trees so start planting of trees. I would like to end my post here with a famous quote

“Take Care of Trees, they will take care of you”


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