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What are the causes of failure in life?

Hi Friends, today I am going to tell you a story and you may feel bored while reading this story but Here I would like to assure you if you read the complete story, you will get the multiple learnings for your future. If you are passionate about your future and want to get success in life, then read the post and tell us in the comment box that

“what did you learn from this post”?

factors of failure in life

So, let’s start the story.

This story belongs to one of my close friends whom I met last month. He had been trying for his goal for the last 10 years and finally got the success in the 11th attempt. I asked him about his journey and why he required 10 years for success.  He said that he wanted to quit after 2 attempts as he felt he was not made for it but he was forced to chase the goal at any cost. He tried again & again but did not get success even after 10 attempts. Now he had no hope from his future and one day he was wandering in the frustration and suddenly met with an accident. Some persons took him to the hospital and there he met with a person, fortunately. He told his story to that person and that person gave him the golden mantra to achieve success and also told him the causes of failure in life. He followed the mantra and got the success in the 11th attempt.  I asked him about the golden mantra and about the person as well. He shared his complete story with us.
what are the causes of failure in life

Are you also excited to know about the Golden Mantra and person who had given that golden mantra?

If yes, then wait for a while. Before discussing the golden mantra, let’s us first know about the possible factors responsible for the failure of my friend in his life and thereafter will try to find out the solutions to overcome the problem. 

What is Failure

The simplest definition of failure is not able to achieve the desired goals. It means if you are having some expectations or the goal and you are not able to convert those goals into reality then we could consider it as a failure.  The different persons will take this in a different manner and the definition of failure also be different for different person.

factors of failure in life

Causes or Factors of Failure in Life

The possible factors or the major causes of failure of my friend in his life are as follows:

1. Selection of the Goal

This could be the first factor of failure in life. Who has inspired you to take that goal? Is it your own passion or you are being forced to pursue some particular objective either by your parents or friends? The ideal goal could be one when you decide your goal and convince your parents for that goal as well.

major causes of failure in life

2. Duration of the Goal

Do you ever think about the duration? How much time do you require to achieve that goal? It is very important for consideration. For example, if you want to achieve something in 2 years while the actual duration required for that goal is 4 years then how could you achieve that goal in less time. On the contrary, side, if any goal requires 3 years and you are chasing the same goal from the last 5~6 years then you need to figure out the problems while chasing the same goal. This is another reason for the failure in life.

3. Being resistant to advice

Some people fail because they do not accept valuable feedback. Instead, they try to find out various reasons to argue. They are not ready to take the advice or feedback from the other even when they are unsuccessful even after several attempts.

4. Know about your strength & weakness

This is the most fundamental point that needs to be considered. Before selecting any goal, you must first analyze yourself and find the areas of strength and weakness. After this analysis, you may opt for the right objective. The selection of goal without analysis of himself could become the reason for failure in life.

what are the causes of failure in life

5. Inability to overcome distractions

A person’s inability to ignore distractions can be a prime factor for the failure of life. There are several forms of distractions and it may be due to your own thoughts, your friends, social media and so forth. if you are unable to resist the attraction of distracting yourself, your workflow will suffer from it.

6. Is it your cup of tea?

Sometimes we choose goals which are beyond our capabilities.  Here I would like to clarify one thing that everything is possible if you do the hard work, have passion and dedication towards that goal.  I do consider high-value words like confidence, motivation, hard work, dedication, passion and many more but I still consider that sometimes you make goals beyond your limits and ultimately ends with the failure. It is one of the major factors of failure in life.

How do we overcome the problem of Failures?

Introspection is the best technique that could help you in overcoming the problem of failure. Think about your past & present and then decide the goal.  We all are humans and we do commit mistakes but the important thing is to learn from those mistakes. There are multiple opportunities for every individual but who learns from his previous mistakes become more learned and clearer with his actions. However, there are few individuals who have ego issues or wrong mindset and they never learn from their mistakes which ultimately become a factor of failure in life.

What are the causes of failure in life?

The Golden Mantra is to wisely decide your goal and do an introspection of your actions. It will teach you the right path to achieve success. 

There are several famous quotes related to failure and I have picked one of the famous quotes of Jack Ma and he says

what are the causes of failure in life

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