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What are causes, types & treatment of Stammering

Stammering is a speech disorder characterized by the repetition of words, sounds, syllables, prolongation of sounds, halting speech production, an uneven rate of speech, etc. It is also called stuttering or diffluent speech.
What is stuttering? Do you suffer from stuttering? What are the causes responsible for stuttering? What are the symptoms of stuttering? How to diagnose the problem of stammering?


If such questions arise in your mind then read this post. It may help you to get the answer to these questions.

In simple terms, we can say that stammering is a communication disorder and, in such cases, facial expressions & body movements are unusual. Due to this problem, a person may be stuck while speaking and the speaking speed of that person is not normal like others. It affects the person of all ages and also affects the quality of life, interpersonal skills and communication skills of the person. The first known speech treatment clinic for stuttering started in India in 1937 by Japan-trained M. S. Rami, still functions in Mumbai.

According to NIDCD, Stuttering affects approximately 5~10 percent of the children at some point in time between the ages of 2~6 years.  Some interesting facts shared by the NIDCD (National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders) are as follows:

Causes & Types of Stammering

1. The chances of stammering are higher in the boys in comparison to girls. The ratio is around 2~3:1 (boys: girls)

2. Approximately 3 children among 4 recovers from the problem of stuttering.

3. It may take a few weeks to several years to overcome the problem of stammering.

4. 25% of the children don’t recover from stammering and continue the same in the adults.

Types & causes of Stammering

There are three types of stammering and the factors responsible for these stuttering are as follows:

1. Developmental Stammering: In this type of stammering, the speech and the language abilities of the child are unable to synchronize with the verbal demands. It is very common and normally occurs in young children. It usually solves with the treatment.

2. Neurogenic Stammering: The abnormalities between the brain and the nervous system causes this type of stammering. In this case, the brain is unable to coordinate different brain regions helpful in clear & fluent speaking.

3. Psychogenic Stammering: This type of stammering in very rare in these days and it occurs due to emotional trauma.

There are several reasons for stuttering and among all the factors, family history of stuttering is very crucial. It means if your ancestor shutter, then chances are high that child will shutter as well. Other reasons for stuttering are child development, family dynamics, and neurophysiology.

Causes & Treatment of Stammering

Cases of Stuttering in India

The problem of stuttering is also very common in India as well. According to one estimate, around 11 million peoples in India suffer. The Indian stammering association (TISA) is the organization in India that do the cure of stammering by conducting the workshop title “self-help groups”.

Causes & Treatment of Stammering

Treatments of Stuttering

Treatment is not necessary for all the persons who shutters. Sometimes the problem gets resolved over a period of time. But if you still suffer, then below mention treatments methods may help you in overcoming this problem.

Causes & Treatment of Stammering

1. Therapeutic techniques are also very useful.

2. Electronics devices are also used to treat stuttering.  One type encourages children to speak more slowly by playing back an altered recording of their voice when they speak quickly. Other devices are worn, like hearing aids, and they can create distracting background noise that’s known to help reduce stuttering.

3. Some drugs are also used for the treatment of stuttering although taking such drugs for a long duration causes negative effects on the health. Due to this reason, it is not recommended to use this method for the treatment.

4. The best method is to consult with a speech-language pathologist. The pathologist can evaluate the degree of shuttering and guide you the proper speech therapy to solve the problem. By the speech therapy, the number of interruptions would reduce to a great extent. It will boost the confidence of the stammer and encourage your child to monitor the rate of speech, breath support, and laryngeal tension.

Types & Treatment of Stammering



Speech therapy is the best treatment to overcome this problem of shuttering but, in the end, the most important thing is the self-confidence.

Thanks for reading our post on the topic of causes, types & treatment of Stammering. I hope, you got the information you are looking at the topic of stammering. If I missed anything, write to us in the comment box or email us 

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