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Here are the Information & Interesting Facts about Delhi Metro

Do you live in Delhi? If yes, then you must have been traveled in Delhi Metro. Delhi Metro is one of the most popular public transportation in India.  It Provides comfortable, air-conditioned & eco-friendly services for the first time in India and totally changed the scenario for transportation.  The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was registered under the companies act 1956 with equal equity of Government of India & Government of Delhi. The Construction of Delhi Metro has been taken place in several phases. Currently, Phase 1, Phase 2 & Phase 3 of the Delhi Metro are Operational and the 4th phase got the nod from Delhi & Central Government. The Work for the 4th Phase would be started very soon and would get completed in 2024 as per the projections are given by DMRC. 

Information & Interesting Facts about Delhi Metro

The details of various phases of the metro are as follows: 

•  In the first phase, a total of 65 Km long network had been built with 58 stations and the included routes were yellow, blue & initial parts of the red.
•  In the 2nd phase of the Delhi Metro, a total of 124 Km long network with 85 stations had been built and 3 new color-coded lines i.e. orange, violet, and green line were added in the network.

•  The 3rd phase of the Delhi Metro included several extensions into the existing line and the addition of two new color-coded lines such as pink and magenta line.
•  The 4th Phase of the Delhi Metro got the approval and click here to get the details of the 4th phase.

I hope you are commuting from Delhi Metro but here in this post, I would tell you some amazing facts about the Delhi Metro

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1.  After completing the 4th phase, the network of the Delhi Metro would become 400 Km.  It would become the 4th largest network in the world.  In the year 2014, Delhi Metro was ranked as 2nd most popular metro in the world after New York.

Map & App information of Delhi Metro Lines

2. The Planning of Delhi metro had started in the year 1984 but the DMRC was established in the year 1995 and the construction of Delhi Metro started in 1998. The first phase of the metro was completed almost 3 years ahead of schedule, which was an achievement.
3. On 24th December 2002, Delhi Metro ran first time on the red line in between Shahdara & Tis Hazari. This Line was inaugurated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Map & App information of Delhi Metro Routes

4. Delhi Metro not only serve in Delhi but also connects Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabad, & Faridabad.
5. The female & male announcers of the Delhi Metro are Rini Simon & Shammi Narang respectively. 

Map & App info of Delhi Metro Routes 2019

6. Delhi Metro is one of the best environment-friendly transport options. DMRC has been certified by the UN as the first metro that gets carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The pollution of Delhi reduced by 630,000 tonnes per year due to the Delhi Metro.
7. Delhi Metro carries on an average of more than 2.76 million passengers every day.  More than 100 crore people traveled in the year 2016~2017 by the Delhi Metro. On 4th August 2014, the highest number of passengers traveled and it was more than 27 lakhs.

Map & App of Delhi Metro Route Download

8. There are no dustbins in the metro stations but still, most of the metro stations are quite clean. Thanks to the metro team working there for administration.
9. Sari Guard Feature has been used in the escalator of Delhi Metro that stops saris from getting tangled in the Delhi Metro. This feature avoids the unexpected accident in the Delhi Metro.

Delhi metro information & interesting Facts

10. There is always an even number of coaches in the Delhi Metro such as four, six & eight. It is because the two coaches of the Delhi Metro are attached and between them, one is a driver car and another one is the motor car.
11. DMRC and ICICI bank together has launched a DMRC debit card which has an auto top-up facility and gives you a 10% discount on the metro fare.

Information & Interesting Facts of Delhi Metro

12. The Rajiv Chowk metro station was named for Rajiv Goswami, a politically active student who protested against the Mandal Commission job reservation recommendations.
Delhi Metro Map Information & Interesting Facts

13. One of the great features of Delhi Metro is its punctuality and it runs on time most of the time in spite of facing several technical glitches.
14. You probably observed power cuts at the stations, yet they are really the power shifts. The stations are the neutral zones and they supply the power to the metros as 250 KV from a single metro is not possible. The other stations act as energy suppliers for the metro.
15. The construction of the Delhi Metro has been taken place in such a manner so it becomes very friendly to disabled persons. The lift buttons are placed low for wheelchair accessibility and the yellow stripes are the corridor for visually impaired travelers. It helps them for the entry and exits.

Interesting Facts & Delhi Metro App Information

16. The first extra-dossed bridge in India was constructed under the Delhi Metro project. It lies between Pragati Maidan and Indraprastha.

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17. The Shooting of several movies has been taken place in the Delhi Metro. The famous movies are Bewefaa, Paa, DevD, Love Aaj Kal, etc.

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