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What are the common examples of food adulteration

In today’s time, Adulteration of food in India has become a very serious problem and whatever you eat, chances are very high that it has been adulterated. Adulteration is the process or the act that lowers the quality of Food. In this process, either the inferior products are added or extraction of valuable ingredient take place.  It is very dangerous for your health.

food adulteration examples in india

Here is the list of most common products adulterated by various substandard products.

1.      Milk

In 2012, the FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) conducted the survey in the various states of India and it has been found that in almost all the states, milk was adulterated with diluted water, detergent, etc. It is very dangerous for human beings and it has the highest chance of causing stomach disorders.

common examples of food adulteration

2.       Tea/Coffee

Tea & coffee are the most commonly used beverages in India. Tea Leaves are adulterated with same colored leaves. Consuming adulterated tea causes liver infection and it has been reported across the country. On the other hand, Coffee seeds are adulterated with other types of seeds like tamarind, mustard, etc. Such adulterations are responsible for diarrhoea.

3.      Vegetables

Vegetables are used on a daily basis in the Indian kitchen but do you know these vegetables are not safe for consumption. The adulteration of vegetables has also started with malachite green, a chemical dye, oxytocin, wax, etc.

examples of food adulteration in India


4.      Curd & Paneer

In India, Curd and paneer are widely used in daily food. These things are also adulterated and most commonly Vanaspati is used in the adulteration of Curd.  Paneer is get adulterated by adding starch to it.

5.      Wheat, Dal and other food grains

Wheat is adulterated by ergot containing a very harmful substance for human health. It causes very harmful effects on the human body.  Arhar dal is very common in the Indian kitchen and it is usually adulterated by the metanil yellow. Metanil yellow is principally not permitted but it is used extensively in India. It is very dangerous for the nervous system of human beings.

6.      Spices

Spices are also added in the list of adulteration. Spices are used everywhere in the food and adulteration of spices are very harmful to human health. A yellow stone soap powder is used in the adulteration of turmeric powder and brick powder or artificial colors are added in the chili powder. Papaya seeds & blackberries are the most commonly used adulterant in the black pepper.  The costliest spice of the world i.e. saffron is adulterated by colored dried tendrils of maize cob.

food adulteration with real life examples

7.      Sugar & Sweets

Sugar is adulterated most commonly by tar dye which makes it worse for the consumption and very injurious for human health. The same sugar is also used in making the sweets. Apart from Sugar, Khoya is used in making sweets which are adulterated by the starch. Silver is most commonly used for the packing of sweets and as per the regulations issued by the government, silver must be 99.9% pure for packing food ingredient. It is not following as well because silver is very expensive.

food adulteration examples


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