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What are the features of T18 Train of India?

Do You know about T18? What is T18 and why it is called T18?

Indian Railway, the 4th largest network in size are doing several things in the last few years to improve the experience of the customer. The substantial steps are the cleaning of Trains and Stations, Improved quality of Foods, Inclusion of new trains, improvement in the IRCTC website, & so on. There is one more addition in the list and it is Train T18 that is the fastest train in India till date.

What are the features of T18 Train of India

It is the fastest Train of India having more speed than Shatabdi & Rajdhani trains of India. It is one of the main features of T18 Train of India. It is India’s much-awaited program and Central Government is ready to do the trial of T18, Semi High-Speed Trains of India.  This train has been built in the integral coach factory of Chennai under Make in India Initiative. It is capable of running 160 km/hr and does not have any engine. It will run on the technology of Self Propelled on electric traction like metro trains. The manufacturing of this train took place in the year 2018 and this is the reason behind the name of the train.

What are the features of T18 Train of India

After the successful launch of Train 18, the integral coach factory plans to start work on T20. The Train T20 would be launched in the year 2020.

•  As this train would run at a speed of 160 km/hr, it will cut the travel time approximately by 12~15% in comparison of Shatabdi Trains.

•  This train is highly energy efficient and it uses the improved aerodynamic drag. It is made of Stainless-Steel car body and design of the coaches is LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch).

What are the features of T18 Train of India

•  There would be driving cabin on both ends of the train so this train does not have any requirement of engine reversal.

•  The trial of this train would take place on Delhi-Bhopal Route and hopefully, it would start on the same route. Apart from this route, other possible routes likely to be launched are Delhi-Chandigarh, Delhi-Kanpur, Delhi-Lucknow, Mumbai-Pune, Chennai-Hyderabad, etc.

•  The T18 train will be provided with free Wi-Fi and entertainment, Fitted with a CCTV camera, automatic doors, diffused lighting, bio-vacuum toilets and so on. There will also be a GPS based passenger information system.

What are the features of T18 Train of India

•  The fully AC train is designed in such a manner that passengers can see the driver's cabin.

•  It has been built in 18 months only under the Made in India Initiative of Modi Government.

•  The train T18 would be unveiled on October 29 and the trial would be conducted for a period of 3~5 days.  After the trials, it would be handed over to the RDSO (Research Design & Standards Organization) for further trials.

•  The Train will consist of 16 coaches and out of these 16 coaches, 14 would be non-executive and 2 would be executive coaches.

•  The footstep in a coach's doorway slides outward when the train stops at a station enabling passengers to alight safely with comfort. The footstep would adjust to the variation in height between a train's floor and the platform.

•  The rack for putting Luggage is bigger in the T18 train, so travellers can keep more luggage easily.


The main objective of Make in India campaign of Modi Government is to encourage the multinational & domestic companies to manufacture their products in India. It is one more milestone added in this campaign and with the help of such strides, the day will come soon when India would become the manufacturing hub in the World.

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