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How to become responsible citizens of our country?

India is a democratic country with diversity in religions, cultures, and believes that makes our country unique and we Indian can really proud of this. We all know that India is a developing country and there are several issues present in our country like pollution, corruption, poverty, unemployment, diseases, etc.  We always criticize our government for doing nothing but here the question is what are we doing for our country? Are we doing something for the development of our country? We all are the responsible citizens of our country and being a responsible citizen, we all are accountable for the development of our country.

Our Country

There is a famous phrase, “Rome was not built in one day and in a similar manner continuous efforts are required from every citizen to make our country free from problems.

In this post, we are sharing some simple tasks which we believe is not difficult and we all can perform all these tasks in our day to day life.  It is the first step to complete a thousand miles of the journey.

Here are the points as follows.

Cast Vote Wisely

Being a part of the world’s biggest democracy, casting vote is not only our right but also the responsibility to elect the right group of peoples who could work in the welfare of our country.

Respect our country and national symbols

Develop a deep sense of patriotism towards the country, national anthem, national song, national flag, etc. Never say single wrong words for our country.

Say no to Plastic

Plastic is very harmful to all the living organisms and the environment. Plastic is the major cause of land, water, and air pollution. Plastic is banned in entire India. Being a responsible citizen, let us take an oath to stop the use of plastic.

Responsible Citizen

•  Clean your nearby area

Clean India is the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and every citizen of our country. There is a very famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi Ji “So long as you do not take the broom and the bucket in your hands, you-cannot make your towns and cities clean.”  Let’s take the oath to make our country clean and from today onwards neither throw nor lets other throws garbage on the roadside.

How Should a Responsible Indian Citizen Be

•  Save the environment by tree plantation

Trees are very helpful for the environment as it provides fresh oxygen that makes our environment free from pollution. If we all of us start planting trees, we will be able to make India Green with a clean environment to breathe.

Respect our army and Help to Martyr Soldier’s Family

We should respect our soldiers as they work for us. They keep our interests safe, our enemies at bay and the people of our country secure and free. If we are able to take breathe freely then it is only because of our soldiers. They are our real heroes and they stand on the borders day and night to save our country from the enemy.

Follow the government rules and laws

It is always advisable to follow the rules whether it is traffic rules or any other rules.

Responsible Citizens

Protect National Property at any cost

Huge investment incurs in the making of infrastructure and purchase of public properties like Bus, Train, and Metro, etc. If you damage these properties, it would be a great loss of money in our country only.

Respect and educate women

Women’s are an integral part of society.  It is our moral duty to respect the women and give them equal opportunity so that they can fly in the sky. It is always advisable to stop violence against women.

responsible citizens of our country

These steps are very easy and being a responsible citizen of our country, now it is our duty to perform these tasks every day.

Do you have any other suggestions? Write to us in the comment box.


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