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Why Delhi is most polluted city in the world?

Delhi is the capital city of India. It is one of the most beautiful cities and it has several attraction sites like Qutub Minar, Lal Quila, Lotus Temple, India gate, Mughal Garden, Rajpath, and CP, etc. In these days, Delhi is facing one of the serious problems of all time i.e. Air Pollution.  According to WHO, Delhi is the most polluted city in the world in 2014. In the last few Years, the particulate matter (PM) is increasing continuously and it causes several health problems for the residents of Delhi.

Delhi is most polluted city in the world

As per global standards, two types of PM are measured such as PM2.5 and PM10. Between the two, PM2.5 is very dangerous as it causes several types of health problems such as irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, coughing, sneezing and shortness of breath, asthma, heart disease, etc. 

The toxic level of air pollution around Delhi creates the danger for the breathing of human beings and for the climate as well. The average maximum temperature of Delhi in the winter season is notably decreasing from the last few years due to the rising level of air pollution. According to one estimate, more than 10,000 persons died in Delhi due to air pollution only.

Major reasons for Air pollution

There are several reasons responsible for air pollution in Delhi. Few of them are briefly explained below.

•  Delhi is surrounded by two states i.e. Haryana from the 3 sides and Uttar Pradesh from one side. One of the prime reasons for bad air quality in Delhi is the burning of crops residue in these states by the farmers. 

Delhi is most polluted city in the world

•  The 2nd reason for Delhi Air pollution is the over-population. Delhi is the most crowded city after Mumbai.  The over-population causes more vehicles on the road and due to more running vehicles on the road, pollution has been increased.

•  The dumping of industrial wastes here and there and thereafter burning of these wastes also causes air pollution. 

Delhi is most polluted city in the world

•  Large-scale construction in Delhi NCR also causes dust and pollution in the air.

Solutions for pollution in Delhi

There are numerous solutions to fight air pollution. We are listed a few easy solutions mentioned below.

•  Drink adequate amount of water as it helps in flushing toxins from the body. Eat fruits that are loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, and fatty acids. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and help in boosting immunity.

•  Keeps some air purifying plants inside your buildings to protect yourself from the pollution. Plant more and more trees everywhere.

Delhi is most polluted city in the world

•  More and more people should use public vehicles like bus and metro instead of private vehicles like cars and scooters, as they can carry a lot more people in one journey. A carpool is also a good option.

•  Increase fines on vehicles not meeting pollution norms. Fine them as high as possible to create the fear of traffic police among all the peoples.

•  An anti-smog gun is very useful to control air pollution. It acts like rain sprays water into the atmosphere and helps in settling the dust and other suspended particles.

Delhi is most polluted city in the world


The air quality is very poor in Delhi and it is disheartening to hear that Delhi is included in the list of most polluted cities in the world. We have suggested a few solutions to curb air pollution but at the same time, every individual resides in Delhi should take a few small steps to help the government in fighting against air pollution. Few small steps are plant trees in your locality; properly check your vehicles pollution, efficient use of electricity, use public transport and many more. Like we always say charity begins at home, we must take a pledge to do what we can do for our environment and protect it in the best possible manner.

Thanks for reading our article and I hope, all the residents should start doing their best to make our Delhi beautiful again.


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