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What are the social responsibilities of every individual?

The Republic of India is a great country located in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country in the world by area and most populated country after China. India is known in the world for its diversity in religions, cultures, and traditions and it is the only country in the world that has very rich diversity and we Indian can really proud of this.  India is the developing economy and all the citizens of our country are socially responsible for the development of our country.

Social responsibility is the duty of every individual and it is to be performed in such a manner so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems. The main purpose of social responsibility is to sustain the equilibrium between them. Social responsibility is associated with every individual of our country and it is the moral principle of every citizen to act towards the betterment of society at large.

Individual Social Responsibility

What is Individual Social Responsibility?

Individual social responsibility includes all the activities of an individual that impact communities or the society in the surrounding of the individual. India is the developing country and being a developing country, several issues are present in the ecosystem of our country such as corruption, pollution, unemployment, poverty, etc. Government is planning, implementing and fighting with these issues to solve the problems of our country and being the responsible citizens of our country, “what are we doing for our country?”  In most of the cases, we criticize the government rather than trying to solve the issue by ourselves.

It is important to remember that all citizens of our country are the caretaker of our society and we all are solely responsible for the development of our society. Being a responsible citizen of our country, we all have several social responsibilities and we all are accountable towards the obligation of these responsibilities.

 Let’s look at a few points that make us a good & responsible citizen of our country.

• Civic and social duties must be performed. Use the power to vote intelligently and pay taxes properly. Also, use acts like RTI, RTE, etc. for the wellness of the society.

• Obey the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities. Don’t break the rules and also share your knowledge with other citizens to make them aware of social responsibilities.

• Develop a deep sense of patriotism towards our country and always respect our country’s social and economic policies. It is always recommended that every citizen must contribute to the welfare of our country.

• It is our prime responsibility to teach the moral and social values to our children so that they must show respect and love towards the country.

• Help the poor and needy peoples and also support NGO for the betterment of our country.

• Keep your surroundings clean and use the dustbins placed in society. Also, take care of public property.

social responsibilities of every individual

• It is advisable to show great hospitality to both foreign and local tourist.

• We all are the brand ambassador of our country, so never speak wrong for our country especially when you are going outside India.

Thanks for reading our article and we hope that you liked the article. Please share your views and also comment if I have missed out anything.


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