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Why the education of women is important?

Education plays a very important role in the social and economic development of any country. Every citizen of our country has some fundamental rights and the right to education is one of them. Unfortunately, a larger section of our society is ignored from this fundamental right especially the girls or the women. The education of women is very important and it is the first step of women empowerment.

There is a famous proverb ” if you educate a boy then a single-family is benefited and if you educate a girl then two families will be benefited”

Importance Of Right To Education

The literacy rate of women in India is a very low and major reason behind this low literacy rate is biased behavior in Indian society.  There are several perceptions of Indian society behind the low literacy rate of females. Few of them are listed below.

•    In Indian society, females or girls are considered as the liability so spending on girl’s education is useless.

•    Females are responsible only for  managing household works only

•    Females can’t support the financial needs of the family as they will go to some other family after marriage.

What are the Benefits of Women education

When we refer to the entire population, the percentage of the educated female is very less in comparison to male. A nation can be educated in the real sense only when the entire population of our country has access to education irrespective of gender. The education of every girl is important and we have summarized briefly the advantages of women education.

Right To Education For Womens

Better education for children: An educated woman can give better education to her children as the education of every child starts with its mother only.

Economic development and prosperity: An educated woman will take one step forward and contributes to the development and prosperity of the country.

Economic empowerment: The education of females makes them independent. They can earn and make their own status in society.

•  A healthy life of the family: An educated woman understands the importance of health and hygiene. She can better take care of herself and her family.

Quick skills learning: An educated female can learn things quickly and easily. So, even though a woman will be becoming a housewife in the future, education will help her in her daily tasks.

Improve poverty: The education of women is important to lighten poverty. Women need to take equal responsibility for the massive task of eliminating poverty and it is not possible unless girls and women are given their rights for education.

Fight for justice: The education of women helps in the understanding of various rights and the right for justice is one of them. It eventually declines the instances of violence and injustice against women such as dowry, forced-prostitution, child-marriage, female foeticide, etc.

Government Initiatives for Female Education

The literacy rate of India has been improved many times in the last several years. At the time of independence, the literacy rate of India was approximately 12% only and as per the census of 2011, it is close to 74%. The literacy rate of females is less in comparison of males and it is close to 65% as per census 2011. The Government understands the importance of education for woman and they have launched several schemes for the educations of girls such as CBSE scholarship scheme 2016, Sukanya Samridhi Yojana, Balika samridhi yojana, Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojna, Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojna, Mukhyamantri Laadli Yojna, Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme, Nanda Devi Kanya Yojna, etc.

Importance Of Education For Girl Child



The education is the ladder of the success and the development of our nation. Women education is vital for the growth of each house as well as for the progress of the country and economy. The education of woman helps them in gaining confidence, self-empowerment; develop the self-image and understanding of several rights etc. Hence, we can easily conclude that the education of the girl is very important for the success of the country.

Thanks for reading our article and we hope that you will like the article. Please share your views and also comment if I have missed out anything.


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