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Why public transport system is important in India ?

Public transport in India is very vital and it is acting as one of the key pillars for the development of our country.  The public transportation system is basically a type of travel where the group of peoples traveling together along the designated routes. The network of public transport in India is very huge and it is connected to the entire length and breadth of India.  Public transport is protecting the environment as it helps the country to avoid several problems occurring due to the private carrier on the road. The most common problems due to private carriers are a traffic jam, air pollution, more accidents on road, burning of fuels, etc.

There are several modes of public transport available in our country such as trains, buses, autos, metro in the cities, etc.

Importance of transport in India

In these days especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Metro train has become the perfect choice for the commuters for their daily traveling. There are several factors supporting the metro train as the preferred choice. The most obvious reasons are as follows

  • The cost of traveling is very less.
  • It takes less time for traveling.
  • Frequencies of trains are very good especially in peak hours.
  • Metro trains are eco-friendly.
  • Traveling is very comfortable and safe.

Transport System In India 

A network of Public Transportation System

Rail & road network of India is widely spread and connected all the majors’ parts of the country. The rail network is very important for public transportation in India. The rail network of India is operated by Ministry of Railways and it is the world 3rd largest after the United States and China.
India’s road network is the world 2nd largest network after the United States and it is close to 56 Lakhs km. The national highway of India is an authority responsible for the building and maintenance of national highways. State governments are responsible for the building of state highways.  

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana” is a very famous program launched in 2000 by the Indian government for the development of roads in the rural areas. These roads are managed by the gram panchayats.

What is Private transport & disadvantages of private transport

Private transport is the dominant way of transportation in our country. It includes traveling by car, bikes, scooter, etc.  There are several advantages of private transport like it is safe, saves time, comfortable, etc.  But we still believe the losses occurring due to the disadvantages of private transport are much higher than the advantages received from them. 

We have summarized a few disadvantages of private transport as mentioned below.
  • Traffic jam is the main problem from the private carrier. It also costs the loss of precious time of the persons when they are heading towards their work. Fuel is also getting wasted due to the traffic jam as more traffic jams cause the burning of more fuels on the road.
  • The number of road accidents increases continuously due to the high numbers of vehicles on the road. Road rages also frequently occur on road due to accidents
  • Parking has also become a major concern for our country as the parking space is shrinking continuously due to a large number of vehicles on the road.
  • Multiple types of pollution such as air pollution, noise pollution are caused by this huge traffic. Several types of diseases such as suffering from ear, nose or throat problem, burning eyes, dizziness, lung infection, etc. are very common in human beings due to pollution.    
  • The rise in the number of vehicles on the road is also responsible for global warming.   


Advantages of the Public transport system

There are several factors that support the importance of public transport. We have summarized a few important factors below.
  • Public transportation produces significantly less air pollution per passenger. Public transportation is much more fuel efficient per passenger in comparison of private transportation.
  • By doing the maximum usage of public transport, the burden of the road can be reduced up to some extent.  
  • It also helps in minimizing the traffic jam as one single public vehicle may carry multiple passengers. 
Importance Of Transport System In India


The contribution of the public transportation system in India is enormous for the individual from both the perspectives i.e. economical and physical health. It provides monetary benefits to societies and creates not only jobs in the industry, but also a key component of a healthy business ecosystem by increasing mobility options for both job travelers and customers.

After a discussion on both types of transportation, we can conclude that if we opt for public transportation, we all can contribute to the development of our country.



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